What Is ElectronicsBazaarn.Shop – Scam or Legit? Customer Reviews Here!

By | May 18, 2019

ElectronicsBazaarn.Shop ‘BODGQ’ and Exposed.

Tempted by the prices at ElectronicsBazaarn.Shop (BODGQ)? They are not real! Cyber-crooks also operate a site called CCXBV.com and that too is attempting to defraud people. So you know now What Is Electronics Bazaarn Shop and below is our reasons for saying ‘scam’. They are not legit and those that gave payment information need to make contact with your payment providers to safe guard your personal funds.

People who may have been duped into making purchases on either site are welcome to report them in the comments section provided. This will go along way in hurting these websites illegal revenue by saving others their hard earned cash. Where many reviews exist then people can spot fake sites, and also, where sites are legit then we can spot those as well.






ElectronicsBazaarn.Shop Review.

  • 1000’s of fake sites are being generated daily by those who appear to be making a full time income from scamming others. It is a bit like wack-a-mole and no one can keep up reporting them all, not even the scam spotting algorithms. We begin now to dismantle the ElectronicsBazaarn.Shop by saying there are copies of this site online. Any site that looks like that one you should avoid.
  • CCXBV.com we only exposed yesterday and the 1st article we write today we see that they are owned by the same people. We start off now by looking up when they registered that website. Then founder name, business address and also contact information. Fake sites will usually hide all of this info, or steal others or it be false.
  • WHOIS shows us that their site began in 2019/05/0/5 and already several bloggers have come out and called them a fraudulent site. Not everyone can be wrong in their estimations of a website. So, in this instance, our research was easy to do, and since I have personally come across copies of this site before, I knew on first sight they were not good.
  • 1 year is their registration time and that is another thing that goes against them. What business sets up for just a year? Typically, hit-and-run sites do. But we have to generate room to consider that there are e-store entrepreneurs that are legit and honest. They maybe working from home trying to generate a full time income.
  • When they are new to all of this then they may just register for little time to see if it is worth their while. In this case we advise that such founders state this on their site as then we understand if they have a virtual address, or no address and phone number etc, as they can not very well give out their personal details. It would really save a lot of confusion.
  • But we are not confused in this instance. We see that when they registered their site they failed to leave a founders name and they are based in Hong Kong. That is all they have left for us. On their sites content it is no better. No founder name or business address. They have a measly contact form for customer support and an email address.
  • support@jdonline.info you should definitely Google for yourself. That email is being used on other sites. The reason why scammers make money with fake stores is people do not think to Google these kinds of information. support@jdonline.info is also being used by the other website we have mentioned our article i.e. CCXBV.com. You can simply go to that site and see for yourself.
  • So, this begs the question, how can all of these companies be using the same personal email address? This is impossible to fathom unless we use common sense and say that it is the same cyber-crooks running this scam network.
  • Given my own personal time exposing online scams then I have come across these sites, and many same email addresses, over and over. These are fine points to always Google, and also, addresses and phone numbers may yield you scam reports thus saving you your cash.




Electronics Bazaar N Shop Scam Signs – What To Watch Out For After Payment.

We will list off a few scam signs that leave us in no doubt that they are not real. Then we will list of the key-points that you may observe after paying for your order. If too many points crop up after you paid for your goods then you should probably put in for a refund, where you are not sure if an e-store is legit or not.

Scam Signs.

  • The prices for their high quality goods is too-good-to-be-true. This would only put any business either into debt and most certainly out of business. What is stopping people from buying these products at these ridiculous discount prices and selling them on for a profit?
  • No founder name.
  • No customer support phone number.
  • Sections of their site appear elsewhere online. How can other companies, if we are to believe they are legit and honest, have the same word-for-word sections as each other? This is only possible if set up by the same people.
  • There are copies of this site online with scam reports about them. Cyber-crooks also run other sites that do not look anything like the one we are discussing. They appear to be operating in several niches.
  • Business address is absent and there is no brand name endorsements from the brand name owners. The quickest way to know if an e-store is honest, is simply to contact the brand name owners, and they will set you straight.
  • Ergo, in this instance, these cyber-crooks are breaking the law by stealing the images of others and passing them off as their own, or with out permission to sell, for illegal earnings.
  • Their site is shoddy and looks like it was made in a rush. That is typical of scam sites and it seems cyber-crooks have other sites they want to make and or maintain and so time is of the essence.
  • Multiple sources online declaring this site to be fake and not trustworthy. That is always a very bad sign. Always look for reviews, from more than one spot and if they agree, you should probably stay clear if they are saying ‘scam’.
  • They do not possess Trust Seals Like MacAffee. Even if they did it would not make a blind bit of difference for them as we already know the truth. I have personally witnessed scam sites get those seals to confuse their visitors into thinking they were legit.
  • So, having one does not necessarily mean they are safe. Look to the points being mentioned here, and elsewhere online, to have a clearer picture.




Purchase Payment Aftermath.

Here are the a few key points to watch out for after you pay for anything online for new sites, or sites you do not know, that may indicate a fraudulent site.


Why have they not supplied you with a confirmation purchase order receipt after payment? This is very common and a sure sign something may be wrong. Insist on one. If none forth coming just put in for a refund. Legit operations do not behave like this.

We received a comment recently whereby scammers were allowed to keep the payment because the unwary customer did not receive an E-Receipt. IF this sounds like you, ring your payment provider sharpish to see what they can do. 

Sometimes payment providers may have received multiple complaints about such companies and may agree with you on the spot. 

Paid Your Taxes For Goods?

Curiously, and another big scam sign, fake sites will not or forget to charge you the various taxes and additional charges for purchased goods. You can question this and see what they say. 

Tracking Information Is Wrong Or Fake!

Here is another fine point for detecting a scam after payment. Tracking Information clearly is going to tell you where your package currently is. Beware of light packages when you know your order is heavier than detailed. In this case they could be sending you out something worthless as a defense later for a refund.

Take images of everything – N.B.! This will come in handy later on when you have to prove what you paid for with your payment provider.

Delivery Taking Too Long?

Typically, we have received reports people waiting up to 4 months to receive their goods in extreme cases. Watch out for the old Chinese Holiday excuse, ‘busy period’ excuse’, ‘technical issues’, ‘logistics problems’, ‘hurricanes’, ‘packaged destroyed en transit’ and really they may say anything illogical to stall for time.

Why are they stalling?

Some people who paid by card have only 60 days to put in for a refund. If they can stall you this level of time it is likely they will be allowed to keep your cash. So, always look for reviews to save you a headache of this order.

Support Unresponsive or Nonsensical?

Where you find that you are being ignored then you should be on high alert for a scammer site. Any time too long over their promised delivery time, without a response from ‘support’, is an extremely bad sign.

Watch out for broken English and rude customer service or statements that simply make little sense like ‘you did not order that’, is one being currently used by some cyber-crooks.

Watch Your Card!

Be mindful that cyber-crooks are very determined to get your cash. There maybe small amounts coming out of your account at random times. Check your statements as often as you can. Where you do not recognize whom the payments are going to then you should ring your bank.

To stop this situation occurring, for those that gave over your personal banking info, then you should probably just cancel your card and order a new one.

Quality Of Goods – If Anything Shows Up.

Fake sites may indeed send you out something for your cash. But where we see high quality goods be flogged at half price, a third of their price, then we see free shipping and other savings depending on minimum spend, surely we are dealing with scammers? 

If not, how are they making any profits being so cheap? 

Too many times reports say that fake sites have sent them out a cheaper version of the advertised products, wrong sizes, colors, poor quality made, wrong goods or nothing at all. In this even you were still scammed.

Remarkably, some people do be happy with their goods. I guess, they are happy with what they have paid for. What about you?


Final Thoughts.

Enough has been said that clearly justifies where we wholeheartedly believe they are not a real site. Ring your bank, contact PayPal, and dispute those charges. I doubt you will receive anything, but if you do, we would love to know what and if you were happy with that.

Your customer reviews, as said, can go along way to helping others. It is doubtful most will read all of the above and typically may scan to comments. If you see none, then why not be the first to let the site in question have-it.

That is all on What Is ElectronisBazaarn.Shop, and if this article has saved you some cash (or you just want to say ‘hi’ in the comments) then we would be very happy to hear from you 🙂 . They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites for good as there is no doubt they are 100% Fraudulent. Good bye for now and hope to hear from you and others in the comments section.




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