What Is EdicaMall.xyz – Is EdicaMall.xyz Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | March 16, 2019

Find Out What Is EdicaMall.xyz – The ‘EdicaMall’ Review.

Welcome to our review on What Is EdicaMall.xyz located at www.edicamall.xyz. Is EdicaMall xyz a scam, fraud, deceptive, bogus, fake or Is ‘EdicaMall’ legit, safe, real, trustworthy and genuine? This www EdicaMall xyz Review is going to look into their site swiftly to find out if they are safe or not or even recommendable.

Those that may have handed over payment information to any fake e-store should contact your payment provider. Where it is clear you were duped out of your hard earned cash then you probably should apply for a refund and get your card cancelled. Cancelling your card should stop any random charges to your card by cyber-crooks. 



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What Is EdicaMall.xyz About – Lets Find Out!

So we have to be able to find out basic information about any selling site online. Founders name, where they are based as a physical business, contact data and when they put their site online. Where this information is not available then that is our first sign that something may not be right here.




www.edicamall.xyz scam alert?



Registration date was in 2018/08/13 and 1 year is all they have registered for. That is a very short time to go into business for. Of course they can renew and so that is possible where founders just want to see how things go. However it is also a sign that they could be a hit-and-run-site.

In WHOIS we see, under ‘ORGANIZATION NAME’, there is a name called Tena Henley. Texas US is the address. That is an incomplete address and also something that we should have concern over. Legit and honest businesses do not have a problem to declare this basic information. 

There is no founder name on their site and nor is there a real business address. So now it seems we could be handing over payment information to people whom we do no know or even where they are exactly from. That is very bad news because where are you going to turn to should something go wrong with your order?

There is not even an email address and only a contact form for customer support.



EdicaMall.xyz Scam Signs.

  • So all owner information and business location is covered up! No phone number either and only a contact form to fill out for support. That is a very low customer support oriented website it seems and a bad sign.
  • Social Icons do not point to any real webpage per each social medias icon. They are only linking to the platforms. That is not right and legit sites would not have them there if they have no social media pages/groups to link to.
  • Their prices do seem cheap, but I do not know anything about making toys and how much various materiel’s would be worth, and so can not decide if they are too cheap or not.
  • There is one website online that is calling ‘EdicaMall’ a fake shop and so you must continue your research before taking our word, or anyone else’s, about any site online. However, to already see a site declaring this is something that you must consider before purchasing from their site.




Final Thoughts.

All information about the owners is completely blanked out! ‘Tena Henley’ does not yield any results on Google except for a ladies product. No name on their site and even there is no phone number for customers.

We are not recommending them at this time. Should we receive reports clearly indicating they are a scam then we will put them into our List of Internet Scammers.

That is all on What Is EdicaMall.xyz and looking forward to hearing from all whom have had contact with the aforementioned site. Thank you for coming by.

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