What Is ‘EcoGora’ Really About – EcoGora.com Review

By | May 14, 2019

Heads-Up On EcoGora.com – What Is ‘EcoGora’ / Safe or Dishonest?

Nice work indeed on looking up reviews on sites like Ecogora.com. What Is ‘EcoGora’ and should be cautious of them? This is going to be a very quick review of this site. We will cover their business information, and see if that checks out, contact info, founder name and when their site was registered. Scam Signs will be listed as well.

Those with customer reviews are welcome and are a valued contribution to online safety of others. The more reviews gathering in one forum like this one could save so many people from disappointment. We have viewed their site and we are pretty confident it is a scam site. How can we be sure? Well, 70% discounts is a very alarming scam sign and so we have to wonder how the founder is earning from their site with such generosity.







‘Ecogora’ Exposed.

Registration for ‘EcoGora’ was only for just one year. Generally speaking, e-stores that register for such little time can easily be perceived as a hit-and-run site. So, if you are running an e-store please do keep this in mind, as one year is nothing regarding an investment to make any business successful.

No founder name and their address is No. 18, Dongchong Street, Taichung, Pomegranate Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. That address is very interesting, because when we Google it, we can see that a site called Gracly.com is using it also. How is it possible for two different online companies be claiming the same address as their very own.

Clearly that is not possible and so we see that there are cyber-crooks using the same business information for at least two sites. There could be more. Always Google addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, to see if there are any scam reports attached to them. This many times, where sites are fake, will really save you a lot of headache with scam sites.

service@ecogora.com seems to be the only form of contact and that is not a good sign. Where is their business phone number? So limited contact information is another sign that you would not expect from a real and legit online company.




Final Thoughts.

70% OFF is something that has me most suspicious! They are a new site and how can they be giving away most of their profits anyways? No customer support number and it is a mystery as well as to the owner of this website.

We are not only not recommending them but making the claim they are a scam site. Your customer reviews below will establish the truth, beyond my opinion, if they are trustworthy or not. So do please speak up and shout out loud below if you are a victim of their site. Conversely, if you recommend them and why.

That is it on What Is EcoGora and hope this article helps you out. Looking forward to your reports below.




2 thoughts on “What Is ‘EcoGora’ Really About – EcoGora.com Review

  1. Raquel Logronio

    Ecogora is a scam. I ordered 2 jackets, one arrived but the other one never did. The quality is not even worth the price. I sent them an email and they said they would refund but until now (almost a month already) I never received such refund. Made a lot of follow-ups but they just ignored me and never even answered back anymore. A big SCAM!


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