EasyWorkApp.com – Is EasyWorkApp.com Scam or Legit Job Offer Online?

By | October 25, 2018

What Is EasyWorkApp.com – Big Money for Easy Work?

This article is going to give you a reality check regarding EasyWorkApp.com (www.easyworkapp.com)! Is EasyWorkApp com fake, fraudulent, filled with malware, crooked, scam or is EasyWorkApp genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This Easy Work App Review is going to make sure you know why it is a scam site and there are many of them as well. We will begin to prove this by showing you the founder, if there are legit details available, and how the scam works. EasyWorkApp links are absolutely SPLATTERED all over Twitter! They are either the scammers or people who just don’t know they are promoting a scam site.

Due to many people in the comments asking me how to find legit work online, then I do know a few good and trusted online companies, that you can start up for free. There are Premium Options and that is normal to invest something in your own online business. Those wishing to invest in themselves for a long term financial future may want to check out my #1 Recommendation. That company can show anyone how to build a website and how to make that website(s) generate revenue. Not for lazy people and not for people who think they will be paid $1000’s for hardly any work. Those who think like that have been successfully brain washed by scammers too many times, as that is simply not real.




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EasyWorkApp.com Websites Tale of Lies.

First off, no one is getting paid a penny from EasyWorkApp.com so stop sharing that scam link all over Twitter! They are only using you and others to increase their memberships to scam further people. Let us begin to find out who owns this site, like I said, if there are any legit details submitted at their sites registration.

Their site was registered in 2018/09/08. There is no Founder Name listed and also there is no real work address listed for their company. That is a common sign of a scam and one I see all the time. Looking to their website and I also there are no identifying legit details. There is an email address but I would not waste my time using it. It is more than likely only a phishing form to steal your personal info so they can sell it on.

So when we see a site has hidden all of their information, a site that offers work home paid work, then we can say they are only doing this so they can run off with all the money. Their site can collapse at anytime and is purely dependent on reeling in new people. 


I mean, who works for others when you don’t even know their names! Anyways, that is a huge fail for online ID.




What They Offer And How The Scam Works.

People are lured in by the money on offer for simple, easy tasks, that anyone can do. Their work offer is about $200 a day and up to $5000 a month just for sharing your referral link. I don’t see any other work than just sharing your link. When others click on then you are given money. Nonsense! If their site was real then I’d be on there instead of building my online business.

Anyways, the crucial mistake people keep on making is that they are not looking for information about the site, outside of what the site says! Time we all start doing some research before falling for these too good to be true work offers.


www.easyworkapp.com – DON’T LOGIN!


There are other copies of this site online that you also need to look out for. When the site starts to see a drop in their numbers then they will simply change its name, URL of course, and then start a new one. They are all identical and each one pulls their own level of very popular traffic. Again, stop sharing your link and please share this article instead to help warn your networks where you did share your link – or just let others be scammed because of you! Up to you, do whatever you can live with.

They are earning money by various underhanded means. The following could be some simple tasks required of you to cash out:-

Fill Out  a Survey.

Complete an Offer.


Doing surveys is definitely a waste of everyone’s time, and where you see survey sites saying they offer up to $5 per survey – just know – its a cold day in hell before you ACTUALLY get and qualify for that kind of payout!!

Anyways, sites like the one being reviewed may ask you to complete a legit survey, but then, you maybe asked to PAY MONEY tocomplete the survey! So, when the company gets that money, then they will pay sites like EasyWorkApp some money for that. However, PAYING TO COMPLETE A SURVEY IS INSANE AND MAKES NO SENSE!

Not only are you adding research market value to an unknown company you are now expected to pay for that? I haven’t the words to express how stupid that even sounds to me.

Completing An Offer in order to cash out is actually the most dangerous part of their scam! So, they may re-direct you to an unknown site. This site, which could be another scam site and probably will be, will require you to sign up to some kind of special trial offer. They will be asking for your legit bank details for verfication but will probably say that they won’t charge you. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of things online seldom work out well. You could be charged full whack well before the trail period is due to close. Also, this could happen multiple times. You need to ring your bank and get those transactions cancelled and get a charge back on monies stolen. It may also be worth your while to get your card cancelled and replaced.

Upgrade! This is an old trick of scam sites where they will require you to upgrade to release your earnings. This in essence is paying someone a fee for your money. Only scam sites do this and should always be an indicator that you are dealing with cyber-crooks. While there are transaction fee’s to your payment processors it won’t be a lot. These sites could ask for any amount of cash (probably $20 though) to finish that final task.

OR, perhaps nothing will happen, which has been reported on this site regarding their other sites.











Final Thoughts.

I have reported on some of these sites before, and so when I landed on the site being reviewed now, then I knew straight away that they are fake and out to do some damage online. Watch out for You-Tube videos that are passionately showing you how to cash out – they are the scammers! Report them to You-Tube for wasting your time etc. There are legit ways to work online, that require work, but unfortunately most people are too bone-idle to ever make any real money online. And so, when the scammers release a site saying they are going to make you rich for next to no work – they end up getting tons of people to their sites! This is the tragedy of most people online who then think everything is a scam because they keep on getting scammed. Well, do look for reviews on such sites before handing over any info – not a lot of work, but yes, it is some work. Time we stop being lazy and at least do some research before falling for a $200 a day pay out scam!

Those that have questions on EasyWorkApp.com are welcome to ask below. Those that feel I am too hard on those that have fallen for this scam, are also welcome to express their opinions below. Ultimately, I am seriously trying to affect a mind-set change with the populace online as they are actively funding online criminality. One site, dis-related to the one just exposed, were running another scam network called SwisCoin. Those founders were arrested and the cops also found guns in their possession. So, this is the dangerous kinds of people that could be running any scam site online. Be careful! Don’t forget about my #1 Recommendation for those that want to build up their own online business for long term legal financial success. Good luck guys and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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