What Is EarnFXPRO.ICU – Is EarnFXPRO.Fun Scam or Legit Investment Website?

By | October 12, 2018

The Full Report on What Is EarnFXPRO.ICU and What Is EarnFXPRO.Fun.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Welcome and here you will find out exactly What Is EarnFXPRO.ICU and What Is EarnFXPRO.FUN. Which ever one you bumped into , this review can be considered a review of them both. Is EarnFXPROF ICU real, genuine, legit, good or is EarnFXPRO.ICU fake, fraudulent, scam, crooked, dishonest, can you make a full time income online and are they are not paying out? This Earn FXPRO ICU Review is going to answer all of your questions on both of those sites. Right now, you do think they are real investment sites? With those returns in such a short of time?!!

I am convinced they are not legit and only will harm your wallet. There are many other good and trusted ways to earn online that don’t ask you to risk your money for unreal returns. SURE! You could get lucky and earn some money, unfortunately, these sites are set up to just rip-off most of their members. Those looking to earn online for the long term can check out my #1 Reviewed Recommendation Below by clicking the image below. There you can find out if you are interested in running your own website that generates consistent cash without an investment fee.





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What Is EarnFXPRO.ICU and Let Us See What Is EarnFXPRO.Fun As Well.

We already know, or at least you know my opinion, on What Is EarnFXPRO.ICU and also What Is EarnFXPRO.Fun. Clearly. their names are the same, except for their URL extensions. But also, what got me further suspicious, is that both sites put the same fake address and started EXACTLY the same date. That is not a coincidence at all. This could be the start of a new scam network online. Time will tell.

Have You Found Any Other EarnFXPRO’s Online? 

You are welcome to report them in the comments area to be exposed online.


EarnFXPRO.ICU Website

Go to www.earnfxpro.icu to login – not recommended though.



Lets try to find out the owner of this highly suspicious looking website called Earn FX PRO first. That site’s registration online occurred 01/10/2018 and registered for 1 year. A quick note on this, scam sites are typically the kind of sites that will register for just 1 year online. Its a little rare they will go for 2 years. Rarer still anywhere up to ten years, which lately, I did see one scam site do.

The founders name is hidden! Now, This site is meant to be a legit investment site. Legit investment sites take real money off of people, invest it or show them how to for a fee and because of that, they usually have their names clearly displayed. Why the registrar is allowing identity cover up on these kinds of sites is pure laziness and actually they need to be fined into the millions to stop this practice, when you consider, they could be host millions and millions and millions of scam sites on their servers.

They are taking no responsibility for placing a hood of these scammers faces and something has to be done. At the end of the day, these registrar companies are complicit in a multi million dollar online fraud virus and no one seems to care – even though its a well known FACT!. Anyways, that is my preaching done, and if you were wondering how the scammers can do this – then go to WHOIS – see the registrars name, and contact their SUPPORT and give them HELL!!! Tell them I sent you – I would love to have a chat 🙂 .

UGGG, 0/100 for Identity! SURE SIGN SOMETHING IS ‘UP’.


What Is Their Offer to Make Money Online?

Like all the other Ponzi Schemes this website has exposed, their investment offer and how it makes its returns in reality, is very vague. So is EarnFXPRO.Fun’s description of such as well. 

Earn FX PRO ICU are telling us they are doing investments. They are saying you can earnGUARANTEED RETURNS‘ on their investments. No legit investment site can ‘GUARANTEE’ returns, that is not how that works. Honest investment sites can only ever offer you a 50/50 chance of making earnings no matter how flash or successful they are saying they are.

There are no guarantees when it comes to investments, and actually, there are no guarantees in live in general. Statements like ‘Guaranteed Returns‘, ‘Instant Cash‘, ‘Instant Cash Out‘, ‘Easy Money‘ etc should be considered a confession by a site that they are a scam site. Nothing online that is honest fits into those description when it comes to earning online. Its pure nonsense! ALSO:- Would You Like To Earn $850 a Dollar Just For Typing?

Well, would you?

Who wouldn’t, but unfortunately, statements like that are bogus as well as no one is dumb enough to pay you that kind of money just for typing – NO ONE! They are scam sites trying to get your cash and that is all there is to stupid advertisement statements like that online. 

SO these Earn FXPRO guys are investing in ‘something or ‘other’ but I can tell you they are not. Its just a ‘story’ to give you confidence in them and feel easier about parting with your cash…

What Is  A Ponzi Scheme?

It is where an investment ‘opportunity’ has no real product or service. You pay money with the ‘story’ you will get back unreal high returns over a predetermined time period. Where the money comes is from other members. The new investors money is then given to the older investors. Now the new wave of investors must wait for more people to invest. This cycle continues until the ‘opportunity’ can not pull in more people. At this point the site will just crumble and collapse. This collapse can occur at any moment in without notice, and is why, their business model is unstable and completely illegal.

OK, But Can We Still Earn Money With Them?

The answer is yes you can! They will be (or maybe) paying out for 1 or two weeks, if you are lucky. Most of these sites will not pay out after about 6 days or 7 days. It is very rare that these sites will be paying out months or years down the line, but of course, it is all about how many people they can attract over and over.

The Founder will always keep most of the money, and the longer the site exists, the more unlikely most people will receive any returns. Actually, historical data suggests from other Ponzi Schemes that over 90% of people lose all of their investments – that is not a good stat to have as a business structure type.






Ponzi Scheme Reviews

  1. .Their Websites Registration Address is ‘PANAMA‘. That is a commonly used ‘address’ by scammers. Their address located on their website is 20-22 WENLOCK ROAD, N1 7GU, LONDON. These guys are not from London and overseas scam sites will commonly declare that they are, what could be considered, the business capital of the world – or at least one of the main ones. So, the addresses needlessly don’t match and further sign of a scam site.

2).Their Companies House Certificate (that big green picture so prominently displayed), well, that is also fake. It clicks to nowhere. There is no companies registration number either. All good signs of a scam site.

3). Their ROI is ridiculously too high and 83% returns in just 4 HOURS is just not possible as proven time and time again by all the crashes in my lifetime – its a ‘bubble’ waiting to pop.

4). No Founder Name.

5). No Transparency on their ACTUAL PRODUCT OR SERVICE!

6). Means of of revenue generation is not clear.

7). They have no evidence that they are into Forex or any kind of investment products of that nature or any other way.

8). INCREDIBLY, THEY CALL THEMSELVES A HYIP!! ->>> High Yield Investment Program. That is another term for a Ponzi Scheme, just a different kind is all. That is pretty much the first thing I look for, and when I find it, that all uncertainty is erased about their legitimacy. These kinds of sites are not legal.

7). Their Facebook Social Share Icon does not Link to any Facebook Group or Page connected to themselves. Fake!













Final Thoughts.

No product defined. No transparency on how earnings are made. No proof of ANYTHING they say they are doing to generate revenue. All info is face value. Zero owner information. Its just another Ponzi Investment Scam – stay clear.

Have questions on What Is EarnFXPRO.ICU? Perhaps you have questions on What Is EarnFXPRO.Fun? You are welcome to ask in the comments below where I will be happy to try to answer them. Those looking for a real way online to earn, without handing over your hard earned cash to unknowna assailient online, are welcome to click the image below for my #1 Work From Home Recommendation Below. All the best for now and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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