What Is EarnBall.com – Is EarnBall.com Scam or Legit PTC Website?

By | October 12, 2018

What Is EarnBall. com and Can You Earn Good Money With Them?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

At this moment, I am more worried that they are a scam site, never mind making any money from them! Lets find out for sure What Is EarnBall. com? Is EarnBall com fake, fraudulent, dishonest, scam or is EarnBall good, genuine, real, legit and paying out? This Earn Ball Review is going to answer these questions. For fear of it being a scam site, I did not join them, and so I have sourced my info elsewhere to help better inform this websites readers. Let’s continue.

Regarding PTC sites in general, its almost impossible to earn anything substantial. That is not an exaggeration but something that has turned out to be true in my own extensive experience with such sites. I can see, that if they be not a scam site, you could spend many hours a day clicking ads for no more than monthly pocket money. You’d be better off getting a paper round then clicking ads for money  anywhere online. Those looking for a real way to earn online can click the image below for this websites #1 Recommendation.



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What Is EarnBall .com  and What Do They Offer? Potential PTC SCAM ALERT!

Right now, I am actively researching while writing this review on What Is EarnBall. com. Therefore, you can see first hand how to determine if a site is genuine or real. We first begin with website credentials like Founder Name etc. 

All websites, when they register online, have the option of declaring who they are. Should they be offering work from home paid work, then its considered tacitly mandatory to do so. However, Registrars are not making sure this happens. They are taking fee’s for registering sites and then its nothing to do with them, unless they get hounded by whois.icann.org. At which point, a ‘WHOIS VERIFICATION PENDING’ notice will be seen where registration details were found.


EarnBall.com Website

Go to www.earnball. com to login – not recommended.



This is not good enough! Anyways, scammers can copy and paste the old sites source code and just change URL and and site name and they are ready to scam some more.

The founder for Earn Ball has not been declared at WHOIS (where sites are registered online) nor on EarnBalls website. This is a classic scam sign and one to remember in your own research. Bloggers, who inform others online, need not go through this process as we are just ordinary people (not companies) informing people.

Their website launch and registration dates don’t match either, and to think I thought these guys were legit when I first landed on their site, is now quickly changing into sharp suspicion. There is no reason to have so many things that don’t match up unless you are dealing with a deceptive site.




Work On Offer?

Your typical Paid to Click ads for money online website. There is also the referral commissions as well. Below is all they offer and how much you get paid.

Get Paid up to $00.002 per ad click. Earn more if you invest some money.

Investment Plans for Members.


Upgrade for $8.

Pay Per Click $1.50 <<<- WAY TOO HIGH! Even after upgrading, no one that is not certified as insane is paying $1.50 JUST for 1 click‘. This is site is not looking good to me already. What if you get 1000 ‘CLICKS’ – you think these guys are really paying out $1000 to anyone for such easy work?!

$1 for referrals.

Click and view 10 Ads a Day.

Potential Earnings:- $15.00.


Upgrade for $30.

Pay Per Click is $6.00 (LOL!) – average pay out per click is fractions of a cent, as they clearly say on their site. That really is all sites like this can afford to really pay you. These potential earnings can NOT be generated by this kind of work because advertisers are NOT going to make a loss, just because, some site says so. Not real.

Referral Upgrade – $3.00.

Click and view 10 ads a day.

Potential Earnings:- $60.


Upgrade for $80.

Pay Per Click is $19

Referral Upgrade Commissions is $5.00.

View 10 Ads  Daily.

Potential Earnings:- $190!

Ball. <<- whatever that is suppose to mean

Upgrade for $200!!!! OK! Everyone stop reading now and thank you for coming by. This PTC SITE is off its rocker completely and so you must know by now no low paying work offer website can afford these returns – NOT ONE! Not even if Bill Gates made it himself would he be paying out $60 PER CLICK ON THIS FAKE PLAN OR GIVING ANYONE $600 FOR ‘CLICKS!



I am NOW convinced we are dealing with a fraudulent Paid To Click Site called ‘EarnBall’. Below is a quick rundown of further SCAM SIGNS…





Per their website, and through sheer lack of information, Founders Name appears to be called ‘Admin‘ – 🙂 . Clearly, I am joking, but there is no other ‘name’ on their connected to it. So, I hope ‘Admin’ comes forward sometime and tells this website, and others, how they can afford to pay out $600 to all members who upgrade on a Paid to Click site – which are notoriously hard to earn anything from usually.

Tasteless Displays of Cash, in this case, a manic lady waving fists full of money.


ZERO business address details.

Payment Proof shows $14 paid out to someone called ‘SUPER’. We have no way of knowing if that payment is to one of the owners of EarnBall.

Their Forum is all but empty – never a good sign.

No Privacy Policy Page.

No Cookie Policy Page or Cookie Consent <<- No Cookie Policy for EU MEMBERS IS NOW ILLEGAL! General Data Protection Regulation, article 17 and 18, requests all sites to get consent to handle and process all personal details of EU Traffic.











Final Thoughts.

$200 To Upgrade For Only 1 Day!! Give me a break, please… that is not right, and even for a scam site, that is too obvious to call dishonest and fake. Only matter of time before reports will pour in online about people not being paid and being scammed. Perhaps they will pay for a while. Perhaps they won’t pay at all. For me, they have too many things that just don’t add up and are consistent with dishonest and deceptive sites. Its up to you, and if they did pay you, you are welcome to say so below in the comments.

Any questions on What Is EarnBall. com? All are welcome to ask me below where I will answer you. Those who see any unanswered comments are most welcome to chime in and provide additional data. I would be paritcularly interested to hear the experiences and opinions of members. Don’t forget check my #1 Recommendation Below by Clicking the Image to find out how to earn online and for the long term. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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