What Is Earn Venture – Scam or Legit?

By | August 5, 2018

Earn Venture Survey Site

What Is Earn Venture and are they Honest and Paying?

We have just stumbled across a new program that offers V-Tokens that converts to redemption codes and PayPal payments. Those questions like:- what is Earn Venture? Is EarnVenture.com fake? Is EarnVenture a fun and real way to earn money online? In this non-member Earn Venture Review we shall see if they are OK to join and safe to participate in. They are a new company and have swiftly grown in popularity as many are querying them. We have some concerns but none too alarming as yet. Let us find out more. This info was sourced online and collated here to inform our readers of potentially safe ways to earn online, due to many requests for such.

Company:- https:-earnventure.com

Created:- 13/05/2018 – Registered for only 1 year online.

Founder:- Not Shown.

Affiliate Program:- Does not appear to run one.

Scam/Legit:- See End of Post under ‘Final Thoughts’.

Lastly:- Farewell Note plus Recommendation.


What you will get from this article:-

If it is safe and trusted to join EarnVenture.




What Is Earn Venture and Can We Know if it is a Scam or Not so Early in its Life?

EarnVenture Currency

The quick answer to What Is Earn Venture is it is a new and seemingly exciting, highly engaging way, to make some money online via:-

  • Surveys – some go as high as 40 questions.
  • Videos to watch with ads in them.

Ultimately, it is a Survey Offers Site and Ad Viewing Website.

You must pay close attention to the requirements when doing Surveys to ensure you do them right for payment. That is really all this site is about.

We believe it maybe possible to earn with them but it will/may prove to be time-consuming. There is a way to Earn by Blogging that you maybe interested in to earn a full time income from. You my have access to your Free Account Here.


In order to know if we can trust them we must first find out a few things.

Such things are:-

Who’s the Founder? <<- N.B.

Are there scam reports on them?

Are they currently paying out?


The Founder is not listed! This is biggie and really no reason why they should not have their founder listed. Honest sites will be very proud to show off their creator and so its baffling why this info is missing on their website, and WHOIS (where new websites give details of their ID connected to their websites) shows that this info is protected.

Their real world address is in Scottsdale Arizona, but I am feeling that is just the address of their hosting company, as I have seen that address before many times – if I am mistaken.

I further sought ANY NAME connected to their site by going to their CONTACT FORM. This only shows you can leave your name, email address and a message. This is no accident there are no names/identity to their site. It is something to worry on as well as its indicative of scam sites. However, in this case, there maybe legit and honest reasons for this so we must be fair and wait for further reports.



How to create an Account with them?

You can’t! You must sign in using your Google Account. This is very unusual and does give them access to your own personal info.

Below is the kind of info you are potentially granting permission to EarnVenture to have access in your own Google Account:-

1). Permission to view your name + profile picture.

2). To see your email address <<<– that is hot property for scammers and can be sold as part of a list for profit. I am not saying that is going on here but its really weird you are asked to use your Google Account to take part in this site. I have never seen that with a survey site before, and is why, I am questioning it.

3). Additionally, some sites will request permissions to view (and make a copy of) your account info. Such info could be:-

a). Contacts.

b). YouTube Playlists.

c). Photos.

d). More!


This, in actuality, is DATA HARVESTING! Something I deeply disagree with and is the sole reason I did not sign up to EarnVenture! This is not typical for a site of their nature to ask for such info, in my opinion and experience. Was going to, otherwise.




We can’t locate website ownership info.

They help you earn via surveys and watching ads, its seems.

They want permission to view your Google Account, as said, unusual for a site of their undertaking.

No Privacy Policy – Google looks for this.

Terms of Service on their site states you must not use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a Public Computer or a Public WIFI to access their site. This is terms for account banning and no payments. We find that unusual and potentially an unnecessary loophole not to pay people, though they do state, it is to stop hackers from accessing your session.



Scam Reports!

I have viewed one report detailing that there are good number of payment proofs already. We have failed to locate such proofs, not to say they don’t exist, but I am sure it should not be this hard to find. Incidentally, there was an affiliate link in that report.

I did view another report that was not happy with their site for a lack of payment in coins but – 1 REPORT – does not make it a scam site!! Since that report it is more than possible for that situation to have been resolved.

Ultimately, complaints are not abundant and I have hope that they could indeed be a great survey/ad site! Only time will tell.


How Much Can You Earn?

100 Coins will net you 10c.

10,000 will gain you $10.00.




What Countries can Join?


Here is a list of the countries that can use them:-

    • United States.
    • Canada.
    • Ireland.
    • Australia.
    • New Zealand.
    • Netherlands.
    • Sweden.
    • Denmark.
    • Norway.
    • Germany.

Those countries are allowed to use the Engage.me/Smores.TV features of EarnVenture to earn money. Should your country be missing then they do have a request link to add your country.

The likelihood of earning anything substantial in a reasonable amount of time seems slim. I am basing this on most survey sites are hard to earn anything quickly from and it could only amount to pocket money. Not a way to Earn a Full Time Income, which, one good and trusted company we know called Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to do without signing up with a credit card.





Cons of EarnVenture:-

Cons/Pros Section

1). As said, may take too long to earn and you may even give up trying. Their Live Chat informed me another that it can “take some time” for new ads/surveys to become available to you.

2). As mentioned, we can’t locate founders! Do you know the founders name? Its not unusual for new survey sites to be legit for 1/2 years and then turn into a scam. We hope this does not happen with Earn Venture and we will be keeping on an eye on them.

3). Privacy Policy Page for a website is a pretty vital component. We were unable to locate one – can you see one? Let us know.

4). 1000 points just to earn a dollar is simply too much effort. There are easier ways, and quicker ways, to earn online.

5). Oddly enough, wants permission to access your Google Account! After the Cambridge Analytica Scam involving Facebook, we are not giving any site permission to access such data. This is only our opinion on that matter.

6). Using their website while using a VPN, or using Public WIFI/Public Computer maybe enough grounds to not get paid. Do read their Terms and Conditions before proceeding.




1). Lack of complaints is evident in the short time they have been online. We must wait longer to get a better picture of their legitimacy.

2). Seems to allow earnings/payments but we have not located payment proofs as yet.

3). Free to Join.

4). Has a Forum where members can chat – scam sites don’t have this – and is one good reason we have hope for this new survey site 🙂 .

5). Has more than one way to earn.

6). Appears to allow payments in redemption codes and to PayPal.


Final Thoughts.

It is far too early to call them a scam site! Actually, we have great hope they could be the next big honest survey site. We have some concerns only time will tell.



I am very happy to say that staff members working for EarnVenture have contacted this website. What I could not answer has been cleared up. All doubts I had are all but gone.


Here is comment from Heart from this new site:-

Staff Member Comments


I was delighted to receive this communication and really did answer that one question:- are they a scam site? NO!! They are 100% Legit, that is my opinion, and I am looking forward to signing up fully and engaging their site.


PAYMENT PROOFS are located on their Twitter Account. I will not display them here as I want to show my own when I start to earn with this website. Stay tuned. 


Below is greater clarification on Earnings Potential from a Staff Member of Earn Venture:

Clarification on Earnings Potential

And one more from FundHausOzFounder Info:-

FunHaousOz Explains more



Thank you very much for such generous info on their new venture and I wish them all a very prosperous future. So, go ahead, and sign up to them. Share some of your stories here anytime 🙂 .


Sign Up to Earn Venture HERE!!

That is my affiliate link.


Additionally,  here is a link to answer some questions on why you may not have received your credits for completed surveys. Thank you to FunHausOz for this link ->> Didn’t Receive Your Points – Your Questions Answered!


We are in need of your experiences of using their website along the following lines:-

Were you paid by EarnVenture?

Sometimes this can happen even with legit sites. Should enough time have passed and still you have no payment then do let us know, once you have exhausted help from them.

Was Your account Banned and why?

As mentioned, do read their Terms and Conditions.

Is there anything you wish to add regarding what we have written the site we just wrote on?

This article is based on my experience in exposing online scams. Should you see some mistakes in this article then just alert me to that fact. I will make changes where valid. Also, this article is based on my opinion as well and others are welcome to their own research and own opinion.

Do you know of a good online job offer or a scam?

Let us know below.


You responses can be placed below where we will always get back to you. We are not the kind of site that ignores its readers comments – 🙂 .



Farewell Note

That is all we have time for today on What Is Earn Venture. We hope we have provided some perspective on this new website and we are hoping they are legit (which I now Know they are!). Please do continue with your research to find out more. We don’t recommend EarnVenture as a way to earn a real full time income online, as mentioned, we do know a long time standing trusted company that works! You join Wealthy Affiliate Here for a Free LifeTime Account to learn how to earn online. Thank you all for stopping by and we are very much looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section below. Take care guys 🙂 .


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14 thoughts on “What Is Earn Venture – Scam or Legit?

  1. feddz

    wonderful! we love to hear you want to stop by and earn! thank you for your wonderful words about our site. we really do appreciate this whole article. hope to see you around! – feddz

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey feddz!

      I joined up last night spent a few hours on there. I was communicating with Heart, Imposed and Apathy and got help when needed. I am currently working up the Minimum Cash Out of $4 and then will another review of EarnVenture, this time, with payment proof and a more indepth look into it all.

      I’d look to focus on potential problems and resolutions. So, only one I had – I filled out a survey and that was fine, but, nothing was credited. I am wondering if a I close a wrong browser so it was unable to register my completed survey? So, small things like that with emphasis on possible causes and resolutions.

      It really is a great platform and having a looking now to see I can find more work to do.

      Thanks again feddz for all of your help as well, it really did make a huge difference.

      ~ Philip.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hey, great to hear from you FunHausOz!

          Thank you so much for that link, I know many may find it extremely useful and I will stick it in the post above so the article’s usefulness increases.

          I understand and I will be sure to go for the lower ones.

          I was on EarnVenture yesterday but I did not qualify for one that day. That is OK, I know that happens some times. I have already earned something so I am excited to continue with it.

          Thanks again FunHausOz.

          ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  2. FunHausOz

    Hello, I work with Earnventure as a chat moderator. I think with your main complaint about 1,000 coins = 1$, it’s only difficult if you only watch videos. Some users that take their time answering surveys/doing offers/app downloads earn ~ 10$ with a few hours work a day.

    I don’t personally use them that much, as when I’m active on the site, it’s usually to answer questions, and take care of users that are breaking the site’s rules, such as swearing, being rude, stuff like that. There’s also several non moderators helping the chat too.

    The main questions seem to revolve around earning, and withdrawals, so it’s a fun, simple job.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      $10 a day! Well, Now I definitely can’t wait to give it a go FunHausOZ 🙂 . That is great to hear, as from my own personal experiences doing surveys etc, they can be very long and too many just don’t approve you after many questions are answered.

      Thanks again 🙂 .

  3. Heart

    Hello, I am Heart, and I work for Support on Earnventure.

    I would like to say a few thought I have about the site.
    I know when reading this from a staff member, you may doubt what I say, but I urge you to experience the site for yourself! I am going to try my best to write this from an unbiased standpoint, inasmuch as I can.

    There are so many positive things about this site. First of all, we have a ton of withdraw options. Everything from Paypal, to gift cards, to crypto currencies. Our goal is to make sure the money you earn from us is as easy to spend as possible! We also encourage our users to voice what withdraw options they would like to be added! Second, we have people around the clock to make sure any questions or uncertainties you face on the site are addressed in a timely manner. We have live chat moderators, support email, and discord moderators that can answer anything you need, when you need it. Surveys *can* be lengthy, but we have a variety of shorter offers to earn faster, including 1-click offers such as coupons, which do not require ANY personal info and can be done in only a couple of minutes. We usually get over 100 withdraws daily, a lot of which you can see proof of on both our discord and Twitter account. But, my favorite part of Earnventure, is the owner. I am surprised to hear no owner information has been mentioned here, because something one of the owners does is visits chat quite often to interact with our users. He is very much involved in everything the site does. He is constantly asking for feedback from both staff and users on ways he can improve the site. He is almost always reachable in case we need him. I love how involved he is, and the love and care he shows to both his staff and the site makes Earnventure unique.

    Are there other sites like this? Sure. Are there potentially faster ways to earn? Probably. But I don’t think you will experience anything as pleasant and unique as Earnventure. It truly has been a pleasure to both use, and work for, the site.

    I hope this at least clears up some concerns about the site. I truly hope you guys give it a try. It honestly is an amazing experience.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Heart,

      Forgive the late reply here.

      Thank you so much for such a detailed description of Earn Venture. I hope you don’t mind, but I wish to snip your comment here, and place it in the post above. I hope this is fine? – you explain better than I anyways 🙂 . So, that would be great as I believe it will only add incredible clarity of Earn Venture.

      Thank you so much again and I am very happy to know its a real, legit and genuine site.

      ~ Philip.

      1. Heart

        Glad I could be of help! If you have any other questions, please let me know and I would be glad to clear them up. I wanted to mention that Ant is indeed one of the owners of the site. Hope that puts you even more at ease. Thanks for writing such a great article!


        1. Scam Witness Post author

          WOW! I was just updating that the article here your comment came through, incredible timing.

          Yes, it really has put my mind at ease and I am very grateful for your comments here for clarification.

          I am really happy as well that Earn Venture is Legit because I see so many bad sites online so its just nice to be able to recommend a site for a change, from my perspective.

          I will contact you if I have any more questions but that is all that is needed. EarVenture.com is LEGIT and that is the main question I had. So now many readers in time will know that as well so its a win-win situation.

          Thank You Heart for your contribution here and I am really glad to have connected.

          ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  4. feddz

    well written! i work as support on EV, mostly managing a watching for fraud, as i also have two other piers doing it with me, we try to encourage our users to post and show proof on our twitter or sometimes discord, if you would wish to see these proofs, we have retweeted them on our twitter. Feedback is always welcomed and we appreciate you listing all pros and cons ! We do hold offers for prevention of fraud, thats only if we feel unsafe. I enjoyed reading this! Thanks!- feddz

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi feddz,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to inform better on Earn Venture! It is so rare, in my niche, to hear from people that actually work with such websites. I am very happy to meet you as well.

      Firstly, my bad! I should of checked social media, that will be corrected – and very happily so!!

      Say feddz, I don’t suppose you know who the founder is?

      I have seen some legit sites online where the founder just wished to remain unknown – so I understand if this is the case with the EarnVenture website.

      Its really great to hear from you and I KNOW others reading this will have their minds put at ease significantly. Should be there anything you would like to this article to make it more accurate then do just make your suggestions. I am only interested in informing others as detailed as possible.

      I will certainly post those payment proofs as soon as possible and thank you once again feddz to commenting here – it is really appreciated.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. FunHausOz

        The main admin for the site is Ant, you’ll see him in the chat every day or couple of days, he’s on quite often.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you so much FunHuasOZ,

          I really do appreciate your amazing input. I shall snip out the comments from Earn Venture staff and insert into this article. I will also make it 100% CLEAR that EarnVenture is LEGIT and TRUSTED. Thank you once again and I am looking forward now to signing up to it myself and giving it a go.

          Much appreciated 🙂 .


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