What Is AwaMoney.Site – Paid Advertising Viewing System Exposed!

By | October 17, 2017
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What Is AwaMoney. Site and the Plague of the “Paid Advertising Viewing System” Continues.

Thank for clicking and welcome to scamwitness.com! Here you will find out What Is AwaMoney. Site (http://awamoney. site). Here you will find answer to questions like is AwaMoney Site criminal, fake, scam, or is Awa  Money Site paying out, good and honest? This AwaMoney Review will settle all of those matters right now and tell you – AwaMoney is a fake and criminal site! They will never pay you. No proofs will be generated, or have been, to prove payment to members. Paid Advertising Viewing System scam running since 2014! Below is our reasons to be so confident in this claim and, I promise is you read to the bottom of this post, you will be certain and saved from their operation. Do leave a comment if this article helps 🙂 .


Company:- http://awamoney. site.

Created:- 22/07/2018.

Founder:- No one knows.

Scam/Legit:- Scam. See our ‘Final Thougths‘ below this article on this matter.







What Is AwaMoney. Site in Detail.

The sites listed below are all now shut down. They will scam a great number of people, or at least waste their time and phish them for sensitive data for a personal profit, and then lock them out of their accounts. 

As I review it to see if it is a scam, legit, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy or an utter fraud! I have done many reviews of identical fraudulent websites, and I can tell you right now, this is one that is going onto my Scam Websites List! These reviews include zatmoney. club, faxdengi. club, ahadengi. club, zendengi. club, wotmoney. club, normoney. club, findmoney. club, suremoney. club, cumoney. club, razmoney. club, mesmoney. club, docdengi. top, fepmoney. club, hurmoney. club, voddengi. club, advmoney. club, vawdengi. site, romdengi. club, kavdengi. club, jamdengi. club, datmoney. club, donmoney. club, nowmoney. club, submoney. club, duhmoney. club, webmoney. host and this site is identical to all of these sites! Not a good website to earn money with, I am sorry to inform you. Should you still be looking for a real and non-scam way to earn online legitimately then you can read my #1 RecommendationWealthy Affiliate

You may just create a free account HERE to start earning online without a CC to begin.


Here is how these sites are out to scam you.

Awamoney site pretends to pay out high among of money for easy work. Usually, such a proposition is nearly always a scam job and I don’t recommend such opportunities. The earning figures on their Home Page are utterly made up and all customer comments are not real. There exist thousands of these exact websites with the same service, same scam, same coding, same wording, same process of pulling people in, same owners and same of everything about them – right down to website errors!!

The whole intention behind all these sites is to defraud as many people as possible, close down that site, and set up another one. Several get black listed after only two months in operation but this one has not achieved this status yet. WHOIS tells me they are located in PANAMA! Not true. It is a Russian Scam Network who are very successful at what they do. Due to the many reviews I have done on these people some of their sites won’t connect with me!! I find this funny as it means I am making a ‘dent’ and probably have stopped 100’s by now not to join up with them. Feel Free to share this post to help stop this horrible tide of scams. Thank you.

Here is the ‘service’ they offer. Whenever someone signs up with them they will be instructed to start watching ads. You will receive 10 cents per ad but a huge 50% commission for every referral you make that watch ads as well. This is unfortunate as family and friends are now at risk from being defrauded.

There is one very unfortunate aspect to this scam I will cover in a minute that targets you for future scams!

The minimum withdrawal amount is $150 and at this point you are supposed to be allowed to get your money. However, this site tells you that you need to make 40 referrals first, to them, then you are qualified to get your hard-earned money. You may make these referrals from your own hard work or they will offer to sell them to you. It costs $14 to get these referrals, however, these are fake and you will still be charged for them.

Even though they say you can get your cash in one hour of applying for it, apart from making the referrals, they say it takes two months to process this! This is totally contradictory! If you, pay the money you will then be automatically LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! Any, if any, communication via email does not resolve anything. The email they provide, whilst inside this scam, is fake, or the information you receive back, does not make any sense without resolution!

Of all the scams I have covered these guys are the most ‘prolific’ I have ever encountered online! Remember, there exist thousands of these same sites all designed to scam people of time and money. They say you can earn between $50 up to $300 a day! Nice bucks if you can get it legally and ethically!! This is possible with Wealthy Affiliate but not with these guy. They are only concerned with making money off of you unfairly.

It is also said, at this site, if you watch 1000 advertisements per months you could earn up to $4800!! Don’t believe this. They have never ever paid anyone for all the work they have done for all the sites reviewed, including, dum money club. Have you been scammed by this site? You are welcome to leave your story i8n the comments section to help warn others – thank you.


scam rating




SO, I said earlier, there is a very unfortunate side to these scam sites. When you lose your access to your account they go a head and actually SELL ON YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS! These are sold on the Deep Web at ‘auction’ websites that sell on these lists to hackers and spammers.



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Final Thoughts.


This is a total scam website. There is no hope to earn anything with them whatsoever. Don’t forget I can show you how to achieve online success. If you, want to know more please just ask me in the comments section about Wealth Affiliate. It is free to sign up to without submitting credit card details for a free lifetime account. I I believe this question ha\s been answered and believe you now know enough NOT to fall for the scam detailed in this review of AwaMoney.


I welcome you experiences on the website just exposed and perhaps you would like to ask some questions? Please leave your comments/stories and opinions below where I will always respond to you.If you, are unsure about something online then go ahead and jut ask me. If I have not covered it yet I may just look into it and create a post a round it to warn others and I will give you a big shout out and credit for it. I truly hope all your questions have been answered and now know without doubt to stay away from Awamoney. Lastly, your free sign up opportunity to work from home is below to earn a full time income from home. Thanks again for stopping by.

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