What Is DudeGadgets.com – Is DudeGadgets.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 26, 2019

What Is DudeGadgets.com about – ‘DudeGadgets’ Review.

Good to see you here and now we are going to be answering What Is DudeGadgets.com found at www.dudegadgets.com. Is DudeGadgets com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest and bad or Is DudeGadgets legit, real, genuine, safe and honest? This Dude Gadgets Review is going to lay out why we yare warning you against them. They have many online complaints and they may shut down at any moment in time. Please report them below if they have scammed you – thank you.

Many fake shopping sites come from China and so that should be our first warning if we find this to be the case. Many times these sites will send out shoddy, inferior quality, counterfeit and even stolen goods to their unwary customers. Those that have handed over the payment information in good faith now may have to cancel your card.

Also, get a refund because the complaints online about them are terrible. Even sometimes these horrible sites will send you out nothing for your hard earned cash. During pay disputes, or if they just want to, it is not too uncommon for fraudsters to send you out an empty envelope to produce legit tracking information. This sometimes tricks payment providers from not issuing a full or even any refund at all.  


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DudgeGadgets.com Review – Scam Alert!

So we have already said there are many complaints online with trustpilot giving them 73% ‘BAD’ and that is a bad percentage indeed. SO you now know not to buy from that site. Also, seek a refund and maybe your bank will tell to even cancel your card so fraudsters can’t make unauthorized withdrawals. We begin now to find out more ourselves to see if they really are as scam site or just a company that is struggling to get themselves together. What do you think:- Is DudeGadgets.com a fraud? Let us know below this ‘DudeGadgets’ Review.


DudgeGadgets.com Review


  • So that domain was registered in 2016/03/05 and ends same date in 2019. So since they are or maybe closing down soon, or sooner without a warning, you probably may want to stay clear of them anyways. 
  • Unfortunately, I see some very bad scam signs already. They are not a good company for sure because they have hidden all information in WHOIS about their site. They have not disclosed their real location, no founder name and no customer email address. There is a phone number but I believe that is being used by many other online sites and so it may not be theirs.
  • So when they hide all of this information about themselves they are free to scam online for 1 or 2 years. These guys have stuck it out for nearly 3 years now and still going strong. They have build up quite the bad reputation online since their start.
  • People have complained that they have had to wait 2 or 3 weeks before they got a response. Worse than this, they say the response is from a bot and not from a real person.
  • Products are not being delivered to people and even it takes around 3 months to know if you are getting something or not.
  • Other complaints say that they did get a product but the product was ‘incomplete’ or that they received something other than what they ordered. So many times you will pay out good money for products that are not worth more than $5! So do be careful and always look for reviews before handing over your payment information.
  • Their products are alarming cheap for the high quality nature of their goods. So their images may be stolen and so they may not have the permission to use them or promote the brand names. I believe they are indeed from China per one online report with a phone number of 183 027 92934. Per a quick Google search the country code of 183 is India among other countries but not China. Plot thickens.
  • Looking at their site now I can see a number of +1 845 379 4361. Googling that number we find a further 3 more reports that give them a negative rating of 1, which if they could give lower, they probably would have. So Always research information you find on sites to make sure they are not connected to online scam reports and or negative review. It is just good practice to check out any company online before giving them your cash for products you do not know if they are legit or not.
  • Here is another trick you can try to find out if you are dealing with scammers or not. Go to their ‘ABOUT US’ sections and then you will see some garble about themselves. Anyways, leaving out their site name, highlight the rest of the information. Right click and then get Google to search for duplicate copies of that information. Many times, if the site is bogus, they will have simply copied and pasted that information onto their other scam sites. Certain one site that is owned by the same cyber crooks as Dude Gadgets is USSGADGETS.COM! Same ‘ABOUT US’ section and so do stay clear of that one as well.
  • CLICK TO GET HELP NOW button their site just never loads and may not be working. I do not see any addresses of their real world location and not even an email address. These are atrocious signs of an online scam. 
  • There is no founder name or images of anyone that owns and operates that site. There is only a slow loading video on their homepage of someone burning money trick. Very annoying. If you own a website never had videos running because it destroys user experience. But, its up to you, I know plenty that just ignore good advice but it is the fastest way to get people to leave your site pronto!





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Final Thoughts.

Do also watch out for USSGADGETS.COM! So they appear to be the same site operated owner because they have same about us sections similar URL names. That is enough to make the connection and so do beware of any site with similar or identical content to each other. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please report them below.

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This forum is now open to your views, complaints, reviews, scam reports, questions! Please do take part to help shut down that site sooner. Those with information on other online scams may leave such information below in the comments. Thank you for visiting and hope to hear from you all.


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