What Is Drmgg.com – Is ‘Drmgg’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | February 23, 2019

Find Out What Is Drmgg.com – The ‘Drmgg’ Review.

Hello and here you will find all your answers on What Is Drmgg.com concerning www.drmgg.com. Is Drmgg com a scam, deceptive, fraudulent or Is ‘Drmgg’ legit, real, good, safe and genuine? This www Drmgg com Review is a warning to avoid that false Dr Martens website. They are not permitted by Dr Martens brand name to promote their products. Those that handed over payment info that site are advised now to contact your payment provider for a refund.

You payment provider may also advise you to cancel your card because now scammers may have your info to randomly charge your card at will. Fake sites are coming online faster then ever and most of them are coming out of China. We will look up location, founder name, contact info as well. Those that paid for an order with the site in question may find their parcel has shoddy, inferior, counterfeit, replica and generally speaking goods of a far lower quality then was advertised. Lets find out more…




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Drmgg.com Review – Here Is Why They Are Fake And Not Real!

Right now you know Drmgg.com is not real and only out to defraud others online. However, there are a number of points that we can easily look up to see if they are trustworthy or not. Founder name, business location address, contact info and registration date. The 1st 3 have to be displayed by them or they may fall under ‘Not Recommended’ or ‘Scam’, depending on what else we find. Selling sites that hide such info do not have real reason for doing this and is considered suspicious.




www.drmgg.com scam alert!



2018/12/19 is the date they registered their site. They did so for only a year. 1 year! That is not a good sign and what Dr Martens site sets up a global brand name for so little time? The point is, legit sites will tend to register for many more years and so 1 or 2 years online is considered by many as suspicious.

We are never to trust a selling site, or any site for that matter, until they have proven themselves online. Where sites are new, or you never heard of them before, look for reviews! ALWAYS – ALWAYS Look for reviews before making any purchases. Where you see too many sites, too many complaints in general saying ‘SCAM‘, then just stay clear of such sites. They can’t all be lying about the same site…

There is no business address listed for the site at its own registration online. Absolutely everything is covered up except for the date of their sites creation. Even there is no founder name as well. All very bad signs. This happens with scam sites, but oddly enough sometimes, even legit sites will hide this info within WHOIS. We must go to the site itself to see if they offer this basic and standard info everyone expects to see as a potential customer.

OK, so there is no phone number, no founder name, no real world address listed on their site. I don’t even see an email for support. For me personally, I would not buy from that site. That is too many things to be missing that come as standard with honest sites. If in doubt

Price for the brand name seem too-good-to-be-true as well. Where prices are very low, relative to the products on offer (‘do the math’), then its best to do further research or give them a miss altogether.







Final Thoughts.

Full identity covered up. Other sources online calling them a scam as well. Prices too-good-to-be-true. Site is a little shoddy and certainly Dr Martens as a brand name would set up a higher quality site then that. That is not being ‘rude’ but only another scam sign as fake sites will typically not take much in their sites set up. Those scammed are urged to report them below to help alert others. That is it on What Is Drmgg.com. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to your reports below.



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2 thoughts on “What Is Drmgg.com – Is ‘Drmgg’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. sabrina

    I ordered 3 pairs of boots on drmgg.com and paid for them 105 EUR.
    After 2 weeks I received a fake Gucci scarf instead, whose value is 12 usd (as per receipt). I informed them about it, they replied “Sorry, the company mixed up the orders, but hey, the product you ordered is no longer available in our stock. As the shipping back of the wrong product will be expensive and complicate for you, we offer you to keep the scarf, as it could be a nice gift for your friend, plus a 35% refund…..”
    Are you kidding me?!… Aaaand…. as I was looking for their website today, trying to get shipping information, I found out that the site no longer exists….

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Sabrina,

      Contact your payment provider detailing what you said here. Make them aware the site is gone as legit sites don’t just disappear. Thank you for your report as well and wish you well with your refund.


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