What Is DRMFB.com – Is DRMFB.com Scam Or Legit Online Store?

By | March 13, 2019

Find Out What Is DRMFB.com Here – The ‘DRMFB’ Review.

Thank you for ‘clicking’ on our review on What Is DRMFB.com located at www.drmfb.com. Is DRMFB com a scam, fraud, bogus, fake or Is ‘DRMFB’ legit, real, safe, genuine and trustworthy? This www DRMFB com Review is to alert you to their fraudulent e-store. They have other copies such as Nikect.com! Your customer reviews are welcome to be placed in the comments below to help others avoid their site(s). Thank you.

This article is intended to help alert many people to their fake site, but it is also intended, to open up a discussion about them. Those defrauded should contact your payment provider and seek a refund. You card may have to be cancelled as the cyber-crooks may have that information. This will stop any potential for random charges to illegally occur.



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What Is DRMFB.com About – Scam Warning!

As said, do beware of Nikect.com as well! They are owned by the same cyber-crooks as DRMFB.com, or so we believe. We believe this because their sites are all the same. The products may vary but there are parts of these sites where it is simply word-for-word and so that is enough to know they are connected.







We will do some research into them anyways for those of you that are new to their scam network. We should know who the owner is,  where they are situated as a real world busines,s contact information is a must and also registration date. 

We begin with the date and we head to WHOIS where we see that they registered their site in 2019/01/24 and only for 1 year. 1 or 2 years for an online business is really no time at all. That is only the start as it can take some considerable time for the Internet to trust and know you.

But, it could sometimes be that the founder is looking to see how their business will fair in this short time frame. We do  not believe that is so in the case of ‘DRMFB’ or ‘Nikect’!

There is not an address on their site, no founder name and also no customer service number. They have not even supplied a telephone number for their customers. This lack of information can be considered to be too suspicious to be trusted. Why the secrecy if legit?




DRMFB.com Scam Signs.

  • Total lack of transparency is not a good sign. Even when they registered their site they did  not leave a founder name or address. That has been suppressed.
  • Look at those prices!! They are new site and it takes time to be known and to make a profit online. And yet, we see that they have giving away those Dr Martens shoes/boots for $25/$30! NOPE! Too-good-to-be-true-prices is nearly always a sign of a scam.
  • The reason why scam sites, that sell, become so popular over legit sites fast is they tell fibs about their prices. Unfortunately, people tend to fall for this and share their sites link on social media. Social media as a whole does not do a safety check on any scam-ads, best to my knowledge.
  • If you were scammed by a scam-ad on social media unfortunately, per reports to scamwitness.com and other reports, they do not seem to do anything about that. 
  • Anyways, they do not have permission of the brand name holders to promote those products. They have stolen images and so that is enough in itself to call them scammers.
  • The time it take from their start of a scam site, to the point where people find out they are not legit, is the most dangerous for online shoppers.
  • Right now there are not a whole lot of reports about their fake shopping site. This is why it is important for us all to report on them if we want to pass on the internet to the next generation where it is a little safer.






Final Thoughts.

‘IF’ they send you anything then I wager it will not be legit and real Doc Marten Boots. As said, they do not have permission to be selling those brand names. Or perhaps you maybe sent cheap headphones, ear buds, USB cables and really anything that looks like a legit tracking code.

Simply check the weight of the package while it is being delivered to you and you will see if the weight corresponds with your order. If not, then you may have a problem.

Thank you once again for coming by our site. They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers for good. That is all on What Is DRMFB.com and looking forward to hearing from you and others in the comments.

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