What Is DrMartenShop.Online – Scam or Legit? – WARNING!

By | May 16, 2019

DrMartenShop.Online Review – SCAM ALERT!

DrMartenShop.Online is offering up to 80% Discounts on Dr Martin Boots / Shoes for everyone. However, their discounts and other fraud signs screams scam. We will compile brief research to show you why you can not trust this new online store. There maybe copies of this scam other places online.

Those with customer reviews are asked to spare a few moments by sharing your experiene / what you know for the safety of others. When people see reviews of websites then they can decide if they are legit or not. Compiling shared knowledge in one place safe guards people who may be in genuine doubt about a site.







DrMartenShop.Online Review.

  • Age of site, founders name, business address and contact information is where we start to answer what is DrMartenShop.Online. We can start by saying that they do not have permission from the brand owners to promote these products. You can contact the brand owners and they will no doubt confirm this for you. That really is all the proof we need to label them a fraudulent site.
  • WHOIS is where we expect to see some or all of this information. However, all we see is limited data and that is not usually considered a good sign. Registration date was in 2019/04/03 for their website. Since we can plainly see they are a new start-up, how then, can they afford to offering up to 80% Discounts? 
  • You can see those boots being priced close to $300 and then reduced to under $40 and $30. That clearly is not right. Also, it takes time to make any revenue online no matter what it is you are promoting. Those prices are more akin to a closing down sale that is still making a loss relative to original prices.
  • No founder name and also they are from PANAMA. That is an incomplete business address and why have they not said who the owner is? It is paramount we know whom we are dealing with before handing over our payment information that allows access to our funds. Those that have  need to contact your payment provider right now. Your card will probably have to be cancelled and all charges contested.
  • It is doubtful you will receive anything for your cash. If you do, then it maybe shoddy, cheaply made, inferior, damaged and no matter what it will NOT be what you were expecting and paid for.
  • They only have a contact form for customer support. That puts the customer at the sole mercy of the owner who may or may not get back to you.
  • Watch out for no tracking number or a fake tracking number. Check the weight of the goods being shipping, and if looks to be too light, expect to be receiving something odd like a cheap pair of glasses, USB cables etc, that cost a few dollars that you could of got from the local thrift store.
  • No founder name on their site and also no business address. As well, there are no named heads of departments and so that is a complete identity black-out and a very bad sign. Sometimes we can think that e-store founders are run by work from home entrepreneurs. It would be of enormous use of such founders made everyone aware of this to reduce suspicion.
  • They have not done this! 
  • We can see there is one other place online, a renowned scam-busting site, that has raised the alert about the site in question. It is best to leave your complaints here and also in that forum which you will see page 1 of Google when you research DrMartenShop.Online. The more reports warning others the less chance there is of having local economies being defrauded.
  • So beware of such sites because they are asking for all of your personal information. If they are a fraudulent site, which they are, they could also be harvesting unwary customers personal information – including payment information. They could randomly charge your card unfairly.
  • There is also big and easy cash to be made by selling on other peoples information like home address, name, date of birth, mobile numbers etc etc. When they have enough information like this then they could falsify documents for personal loads, credit etc, in your name. 
  • So watch out for spam emails in your inbox and possibly being sent to your home and text messages pretending to come from your local stores. I once fell for a customer survey, and when I think back, I actually gave this man quite a lot of my personal information for some free products. ‘PRODUCTS’, that never arrived.





Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt the site in question is a fraudulent site and so you need to contact your payment provider if you handed over that information. Watch out for random charges to your card from companies you have never heard of, or from the name of the site in question.

Get a refund for all charges and you will, as said, probably will have to cancel your card. I repeat this advice in case you scanned straight now to this part of this short article. 

Once again, if you have been defrauded by DrMartenShop.Online, then do let them have it in the comments. It is good to let of steam so feel welcome to have a good rant’n’rave ( 🙂 ). That is all for now and they are now going into our List Of Internet Scammers Websites for good as there is doubt about their true intentions. Looking forward to hearing from you and others about anything said here today.



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