What Is DressInYou – Is DressInYou.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 31, 2019

Find Out What Is DressInYou – Is DressInYou.com Fake or Safe?

Excellent to see you here and now this is a quick review on What Is DressInenYou located at www.dressin.com. Is DressInnYou.com a scam, fraudulent, fake, crooked and bogus or Is Dress Inn You legit, good, genuine, safe and real? This is www DressInYou com Review is a SCAM ALERT WARNING! Do not buy anything from that e-store as they have already gathered many complaints online. Those that handed over payment information are advised to contact your bank for a refund and even to perhaps cancel your card.

Also, those that were cheated out of their cash are welcome to leave your own DressInYou Reviews and or Scam Reports below this article. Many sites are coming out of China that are fake shopping stores. They will take your payment usually very fast and then not ship you out anything, ship you an inferior product, shoddy, damaged good, perhaps counterfeit and even stolen goods. These are the risks you take when you do not know a shops online reputation. 




What Is DressInYou All About – For Real?!

Already you know that they are not legit and you should not buy from them, and if you already have, then to seek a refund and potentially to cancel your card for a new one. Many online complaints about DressInYou found at www.dressinyou.com. So, not everyone can be lying about them.

Right now we are going to be taking a quick look into their sites information like, founder name, location and contact information. Where this kind of basic and necessary data is not available, or proves to be false, and even if there is multiple address, then we can begin to further agree with all of of those negative reviews found on Facebook.



www.dressinyou.com is not legit – lets find out why!


Registration for the above site occurred in 2018/06/25 and that registration was only for 1 year. Where we see supposed legit and honest selling sites going online for 1 year then we are already super suspicious. Why would a real business, that has probably already spent a small fortune in setting up many other aspects of their biz, then just register for 1 year?

So that is just the way scammers operate. They will register a domain for 1 or 2 years and then run off anytime their reputation takes a nose-dive! They will also take much illegal earnings from good people who simply can not afford to lose cash to scammers online. Sad thing is, many are never caught and social media keeps on taking those scam-ad fees… where is the protection of their users?!

Anyways, they have submitted their official business address as Macao CN. That is indeed China and an alarming scam sign warning. Not to say all shopping sites out of that region are untrustworthy, that is not true, just that it is something to beware of because mores fake shopping sites are from this region. So you can see why it is a cause for concern.

No email support left at registration but also there is no founder name as well. That is not right and really there is no reason why they should hide such basic information. Now, no one knows who the owner is and also they are already looking like they are hiding themselves online. So far they are following the expected patter of all fake sites.




DressInYou Scam Signs.

So the scam signs below is about their site and what is online about them. So applying these scam signs to any site you encounter may indeed save you from possible future scam sites.

  1. There is a Facebook Thread about DressInYou that makes for some very interesting reading to say the least. They are filed under recommendations but there is no comments, as far as I could (unless at the very bottom of the thread) that recommends that site. 
  2. The comments range from no deliveries, wrong item, wrong size, very poor quality and actually the products seem not to be anything like what they are advertising on their website according to these comments. Many are calling them a scam and telling others to stay clear of that site. So, you may see that thread HERE on what the complaints are. It will open in a new window so you may come back here if you want to 🙂 .
  3. No founder name anywhere online and that is one of the most obvious signs of a scam I know of!! 
  4. They have ‘@DressInYouOfficial’ to the left of the Facebook Page. However, they do not have the Official blue ‘Tick’ that comes with that status and only supplied by Facebook. So, there is nothing official about their site other than they are officially a scam site! THAT IS ALL.
  5. Least 1 Scam Report at the BBB.org complaining of no order for the cash paid for it. People are being ignored as well when they try to email the company, or they are being delayed, by being told that their order will take another week or so. When that time is up, and ask about it again, they are told the same thing because they are having shipping problems. 
  6. Per ScamAdviser.com they are 68% from China and that is not good at all! Let us see if they have left any information on their own site about location etc.
  7. Well, I see the USD sign top of the page. Does this imply they are from the USA? 
  8. There is an annoying pop-up with a sale being made every second and that too is common with scam sites. This to make you think they are popular and pressuring you to buy something.
  9. Indeed, their prices are far too reasonable and now they are only trying to bait you into their site to buy and then not deliver to you, or deliver sub standard products, for your cash. Too-good-to-b-true offers will nearly always fleece you and so do not fall for it. Always look for reviews before feeling confident about any site you never heard of before or is new.
  10. I see an address of ORDERPLUS INTERNATIONAL LMT, 7F/SPA CENTRE NO. 53-55 LOCKHART ROAD WANCHAI HK (HONG KONG). Why the heck is there a USD DOLLAR SIGN IF THEY ARE FROM HONG KONG?! Currency used their is HKD – Hong Hong Dollar and has a Lions Head on it and looks nothing like the US Dollar!
  11. That is a pure sign of misleading people into thinking they are from the USA, even though they have put an address from Hong Kong, most people do not even look at their ‘CONTACT US’ section and so many fall for it.
  12. About Us section on their site has a contact form with the same address as above.

OK, I have seen enough. Time for the VERDICT on their site.















Final Thoughts.

So I already told you they were a scam site from the start. We had to go through our own analysis to ensure that we are 100% certain of such a verdict and not making a mistake. Far too many scam reports online ABSOLUTELY BLASTING DRESSINYOU FOR BEING A SCAM SITE! WOW!! They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good and I really do hope you report them below if they have defrauded you. Thank you.


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That is all on What Is DressInYou and I sure hope you found this article before making a purchase. If not, do not worry, simply put in for a refund and cancel your card to ensure you get your cash back and no unauthorized withdrawals are occurring. Those with their own reviews/scam reports/questions are more than welcome to leave that below in the comments. And even if you want to have a good rant and rave about the site in question – FEEL FREE! 🙂 . Looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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6 thoughts on “What Is DressInYou – Is DressInYou.com Scam or Legit?

  1. CY

    SCAM! Fabulous photos, bad clothes! Cheap, material. As in, donate to Goodwill or just toss it! What did I expect for an on-sale item for $25.00…. something like you might find at Ross or Macy’s Last Act. NOPE. Deceptive. Deceiving. AND no way to return. Sucks that Instagram allows these fabulous ads that look so legitimate and fashionable. Shame on you Instagram. Buyer beware!!

  2. Furkan

    There are surely many scam signs as I also discovered some of these. For example, I know that when I don’t see any owner that is a huge red flag. The comments were also irrelevant. Well I guess I should definitely avoid buying it. By the way, I have SEO related question. Do you think that backlinks work?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Furkan for your comment.

      Back links? All I can say about that is just keep on hitting page 1 and you will see your content traffic rise fast. Link to authority pages but only because you are being helpful to your visitors query, though, you do get some link juice brownie points for being helpful. Also, it shows Google that you are not trying to hoard all of the traffic to yourself.

      Honestly, the more you work on a site then other sites will link to you if your content is good and reliable. I hope that helps Furkan but personally, I don’t even think about it often. I just work to serve a purpose for people online and it has not hurt my site one bit.

  3. Jacob Highley

    Wow, good thing I read your review! This “Dressinnyou” looks like it is definitely a scam! I appreciate the amount of work you put into this, most people don’t seem to go so in depth and it leaves me wondering whether they actually did the research.

    I have read some of your others posts and I can tell you put a lot of effort into screening these companies.

    Thanks for the post, this was helpful!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      HAHA I am delighted you took the time to look for reviews and so I love to hear from people when scamwitness.com saves someone some cash. Much appreciated Jacob.


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