What Is DotiMall.com – Is ‘DotiMall’ Scam or Legit? – Customer Reviews!

By | May 6, 2019

Find Out What Is DotiMall.com about – Our ‘DotiMall’ Review.

You are welcome to this review about What Is DotiMall.com. You have done the right thing by looking for reviews about sites you are not familiar with. We have set up this forum all about ‘DotiMall’ to seek out your experiences to help others. If you recommend then you are welcome to let us know, conversely, if scammed then you are also welcome to detail that experience.

We will provide a quick site analysis of their site i.e. possible concerns. To start, we have found another site called QuirkMall.com. They have the same, word-for-word, ‘ABOUT US’ section. How can two companies have the exact same worded section on their site.

‘DotiMall’ has not declared owners of ‘QuirkMall’ and we would expect that.




www.dotimall.com review.




DotiMall.com Review – Any Thoughts?

Leaving reviews about sites like DotiMall.com helps us all to separate the good sites from the bad ones. As well, it helps save local economies from having hard earned cash be taken abroad to cyber-crooks. But, is DotiMall.com trustworthy? Lets find out more.

  • WHOIS is a great free resource and I recommend you bookmark their site. They contain information about most sites. It shows registration date of domains and other information that may have been left by the founder. We expect to see founder name but even I have seen legit sites NOT do this.
  • However, if we go to the sites and find that they have declared ownership and department heads etc, and that aligns with the information about that site online, then we can be satisfied on that point. If not, use caution.
  • I see a return policy but where is the delivery information. Also, in the return policy they offer no returns address.
  • No founder name that I can see and also there is no business address that is easily see. Typically sites will leave that information in a visible fashion.
  • So, those are our concerns.




Final Thoughts.

As said, your reviews are key to separating the good from the bad. Even if a site delivers your order, if it is shoddy, damaged, not what you ordered etc, then you have a case to complain.

Those that feel they have been scammed by any site then contact your payment provider.

Check your tracking code that it is legit. Many times fake sites will not supply a legit one. Delivery taking too long? It really should not take more than 2 weeks to get your order. Scam sites take months.

So, let us know what your experience has been and that is all on What Is DotiMall.com.






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