What Is DoPartTimeJob.com – Is DoPartTimeJob.com Scam or LEGIT?

By | October 31, 2018

What Is DoPartTimeJob.com – Just Another Copy/Paste Scam Network Site?

There is a ‘small’ ‘hint-hin’t in that title for you 🙂 . Welcome, and thank you for stopping by to know What Is DoPartTimeJob.com (wwwdoparttimejob.com). Is DoPartTimeJob fake, fraudulent, scam, dishonest, crooked of Is Do Part Time Job genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This DoPartTimeJob Review is going to set the record straight on whether they are a read-deal way to earn online, or just another illegal site trying to mess with your head, waste your time and ultimately not pay out. The research below will help you make up your own mind. However, and to save you some time, they are undoubtedly a scam site, with many copies, such as MyJobPaid.com and EasyWorkApp.com

While there is little doubt in the blogging world such a site as Do Part Time Job is a scam, there are ways to earn online, that are reputed as trust and good. I have tried many and ultimately failed miserably due to lack of training, support and money. But, I was lucky enough to find something called Wealthy Affiliate. Never heard of them before, but like all the rest, I gave them a shot!

Turns out, they are the read deal and offer tremendous support to newbies to start their own online website home based business. For those interested then you should know they offer free websites and requires no credit card to start. This is good as you can have a look and take your free 20 training videos and leave if its not for you. Lets continue with this www.doparttimejob.com review.



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What Is DoPartTimeJob.com – Everything That Is Wrong With Their Site.

With only knowing with certainty a few scam signs you can answer for yourself What Is DoPartTimeJob.com. To begin, we start with the founder such as name, business address and contact support for member queries. Wheres these details are lacking then we can begin to assert they may not be legit. You can apply this scam detecting method to any website that is purporting to be a real business offering home paid work – not applicable to bloggers as we only recommend other peoples products for commissions.

This new ‘Happy-Smiley-Man’ site was created 26/09/2018 and expires in 2019 same date. The founders name is mysteriously absent and so is a real world address for their business. I know some businesses operate online but these guys don’t even have a legit form of contact for member support.


DoPartTimeJob.com Site

don’t login into www.doparttimejob.com


Should we look to their website for such info then we are going to be further disappointed. There is not a stitch of data on who we are dealing with. Ultimately, this means, you are working for someone you have no clue who they are and if they will pay you! Minimally we should know who our employer is etc, it is only common sense.

Where we find that a website offering work to others, especially if they are saying they are The Fastest To Make Money, and there are no details as covered then we have no choice but to conclude they are intentionally hiding the founders ID. There is no sign of any of those details online and that is most definitely a bad sign. When their site has been sufficiently exposed by member complaints, then they, he, she can shut down the site and happily run off with all the monies from their members hard work. Not good.



Fake Work Offer and How The Scam Works – Hidden Threats To Be Aware Of.

While this scam networks sites waste your time and don’t pay you, there are some potentially sneaky tricks they surprise you with, in order to get some money out of you as well. Not to mention your personal data is undoubtedly at risk from other scammers. All will be explained below…


They are offering a $25 bonus for signing up. Unfortunately you will never see that money. That is only a way to get your attention and tempt your personal legit email out of you when you sign up. This email will probably now be sold onto scammers, that has been put onto a list with other victims, and be auctioned offer from between $250 and upwards – depending on how sensitive the data is and how many victims are on that list.

This info is then used by other scammers to contact to tempt you into something else. Should you have been scammed by DoPartTimeJob then you can be scammed again, and that is how they think and the purpose of buying such lists.

Anyways, you will see they want you to do TASKS. These tasks are just sharing your referral link. They offer $10 per ‘TASK’. That simply means $10 when someone does the un-money-generating action of simply clicking on that link. This is so absurd that even if you got 1 million clicks you would still not generate any monies, unless the site you sent them to had a way to monetize the site based on views, and so you see now that the action of ‘clicking’ a link does not nothing but perform a free and basic action on the internet.


Their site further delves into the unreal and pure insanity when they say they pay out $200 a day, per person, for this ridiculously simple easy to do work. In reality, it is very hard to make any kind of money referring people to a site and get them to sign up to anything. People usually just want the info and run. That is normal and I do it myself the whole time, unless I have a genuine interest in something being offered.

$200 a day – $500 a month! – ALL LIES!

Sign Up And Contact Forms.

Did you know you can sign up to their site by using a fake email address?! That is a classic sign of a scam site! They are hoping you use your best email address – but why? Well, if you don’t know, most people will use the same old personal email address for all accounts. SO? But, similarly most people will use the samePASSWORD – for said email address for all online accounts as well. The chances are, you probably used your personal emails password to sign up to their scam site – ?.

That is really bad news. You must now change your online accounts password. Per Industry Recommendation for Online Security, you should have minimal of 9 PASSWORDS ACROSS ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS!

SO, if the scammers get one password for 1 account, then not all of your accounts personal information is stolen and sold on for profit. This kind of theft can have sever real world consequences such as Interpol Contacting you asking you why you are sending funds stolen Mr ‘X’ to Msses ‘A’, whereby Misses ‘A’ keeps a portion and wires the rest on wards to scammers other accounts. This is known as money laundering and this website You-Tube did receive one such complaint some time ago.

Their CONTACT FORM on their site is nothing but a PHISHING FORM as well. Should you use it to message them you probably won’t get a response. That is typical and only for show. Try using their email address located on any scammers site, message them through a junk email address, and see if Google can deliver it or not. Should Google not be able to deliver the message then you know you are dealing with a fake email address. Another reliable clue of a scam site.

Malware Threats? – Possibly and Most Like.

In my opinion, a scam site has not graduated to that status until they have been caught downloading malware to member devices! So, these sites in the past have been reported and caught out cold for downloading these nasty pieces of software. These software’s will now look for anything they can find to bring back to the sender.

They are programmed to search your browser history. That is hugely bad news if you are saving all of your passwords to all of your accounts in the browser! YIKES! These can be stolen with ease. Stop saving to your browser and use a real world note pad – paper is still good for you 🙂 . Clear browser and cache regularly, also, update your browser (older browsers are very easy to crack) and anti virus ASAP.

Money Fraud?

This is a huge possibility when it comes to cashing out your earnings. There are 3 clever ways they may try to extract cash out of you:-

Complete a Survey where you are asked to pay to finish that ‘TASK’.

Sign Up To An Offer – where you must give your bank details. Bad news and only exposes you to fraud.

Upgrade – pay money to upgrade and then your cash is released.

Theses are all scam tricks to get cash out of you. Should you complete the survey, and pay, then their site gets some money for that. Should you give out your bank details to a third party, any charges ensued, I am assuming then that they also get money for that. Either way, it is all bad news for you.







Been Scammed By DoPartTimeJob.com Or Another Site? Report Them Below – Thank You.

Alternatively, report them at this websites email support at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com – check the comments for additional data, if any.





Final Thoughts.

As you could probably tell – I am not a fan of their site(s). They have all proven themselves to be scams and not trusted.  Sign up, work for free, be asked for money or banking details to cash out and then realize you have been conned. Not nice. I wish to thank Mark in the comments, on another article, for alerting this website to this new and fake referral scam as exposed above.

Do you have questions on What Is DoPartTimeJob.com? You are welcome to ask below and I will be happy to further help out. Those seeking good ways to earn online, where there is no possibility of being scammed, are reminded to have a look at my #1 Recommendation. The aforementioned platform really can help you earn from home. Not for lazy people but only for those that have drive and passion. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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30 thoughts on “What Is DoPartTimeJob.com – Is DoPartTimeJob.com Scam or LEGIT?

    1. amitaf

      i have $300 and request for payout, but there are captchas need to download and answer their survey.
      what sould i do to quit?

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        They are a scam site. Do nothing and leave that site alone. They are only trying to use you for your work efforts and they will not pay out to you.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am afraid so Johmar. They just do not pay out to anyone. They have many copies as well and none of them pay out either. Sorry to say this. If you are still looking for online work then you may want to read this on a Free Start Up Online as part of my sites promotions. No cc to begin.

      Any questions then please feel free to ask. ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Chloe and I also have had my time wasted in this manner online. Thank you for reporting them to us.

  1. Kit

    Hello Sir,

    Do you know some legit online work? I just want to earn during my rest days. Yeah I have tried this DoPartTimejob site and at first i already have the feeling of it to be a scam site. I have spent only 3 hours of it so not really a big deal. Thank you sir for the information. Looking forward on your reply.


  2. Disha Anand

    Is there any real webiste which offers work from home and is not fraud???????

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Disha,

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and you may read about them HERE. Or you can sign up to them HERE free of charge. I can help train you to make a full time income online. Regards, Scam Witness.

  3. Zelle

    How about these?
    Are these sites legit or just another scam sites?

  4. Roxanne

    I hate that site,it waste my time and effort…I try and work hard for it … Their capcha test is also fake…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Roxanne,

      Sorry to hear this Roxanne. If you really are looking to earn online just get back to me and I KNOW I can show you how.

      1. Thusitha Vithanage

        this is fake. try to get the money once I reach us$ 300.00. Now it is exceeded us$ 1,000.00 But it got stuck with captcha test. It is also fake. Don’t waste your time on this.


        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Thusitha,

          Thank you kindly Thusitha for helping to alert others about DoParTimeJob. It is appreciated. They have many copies online so everyone is welcome to leave those URL’s below in the comments. Thanks again Thusitha ~ Scam Witness.

      2. Thusitha Vithanage

        Yes. If you can please help me. my mail id [ censored ]

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Thusitha,

          I have removed your email from your comment in order to protect you from fraudsters. I don’t recommend you leave your personal email online like that.

          What would you like help with Thusitha? If it is to earn online then I can definitely help you with. Awaiting your response if you are still looking.

          1. Thusitha Vithanage

            es. I wants to get the money what I earn on doparttime.

          2. Scam Witness

            Hi Thusitha,

            Sorry, that is a scam site. They do not pay out to anyone. It is fake and you only got used. I am sorry to tell you this. If you want legit online work, that requires you to put in real effort for a long term income, then do get back to me as I know of 1 company you can trust. Thanks for you reply and sorry for the bad news.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Naomi,

      They won’t let you do anything to your account. It will close down once the site shuts down. Thanks for your question Naomi. ~ Scam Witness.

  5. marko mwala

    my self i tried very hard on this but the problem is on how to request payment,they ask me to complete skepcha ,then they ask me to complete survey then when i try to click it write not found in this server.i don’t know what is the problem

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Marko,

      They are a scam site. They will never pay you. Don’t waste your time with them anymore. Good luck! ~ Scam Witness.


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