What Is Domnovost.com – Is ‘Domnovost’ Scam or Legit Online Work?

By | March 8, 2019

Find What Is Domnovost.com – The ‘Domnovost’ Review.

You are welcome to our review on What Is Domnovost.com. Is Domnovost com a scam, a fraud, deceptive, fake or Is ‘Domnovost’ legit, good, safe, real, genuine? This www Domnovost com review is to warn you about, what we suspect, to be a referral scam. We signed up and nothing is what it seems from the outset! Those scammed by them are welcome to review ‘Domnovost’ in the comments below. 

There are many referral programs online and this one is re-directed from Needsoc24.com. So if you type in ‘Needsoc24.com’ into Google then you will see that it re-directs to the site in question. When sites reputation goes way down because of been known to be fake, they will typically close them down, or re-direct to new copies. New URL means new and fresh clean slate with Google and it now has a new online reputation – i.e. ‘UNKNOWN’. Well, we know!



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What Is Domnovost.com About – What Has Been Your Experience?

Already this re-direct is highly suspicious. What Is Domnovost.com really and actually about? You should Google ‘What Is Needsoc24.com’ and you will see a host of other online resources calling that a scam! So we have no doubt now, because of this re-direct, that both sites belong to the same people and therefore a scam. No one is getting paid a penny for reading the news because that is not the real work they are offering.




www.domnovost.com scam alert!


Their site was registered in 2019/03/05 and 2 year is the term of their ‘reading the news’ work from home offer. 1 year is too little time to bother to start up any business. However, it can be that the founder at times may want to find out if it is worth a longer term effort, based on 1 years effort.

So they have the choice to renew their site. Within WHOIS they have intentionally hidden their business, contact information, and we do not even have the data on the founder name. There is nothing on their site either regarding this kind of information. That is a bad sign typically speaking.





Domnovost.com Scam Signs.

  • Free to sign up. You are then exposed to some nonsense about reading the news. When we signed up, there was no news to read. There was something that said:- ‘Great news, Conditions were changed’. No they appear to be saying that you are getting $90 for everyone that signs up to them via you. And also you are getting 15% commissions as well.
  • REALLY?! How is this very generous cash being generated? Its bogus. Just because someone signs up via your link to their site means you are getting anything for it. It is only a phishing site.
  • When you enter in your email address, your personal email password, then they will harvest that information. It will or maybe put onto a list for profit. This list is sent via the deep web onto auction sites and the highest bidder gets the list.
  • The point of buying these lists is to spam your inbox with further fraudulent attempts. If you fell for one online scam the chances maybe you might fall for another. That is the logic they are operating on.
  • We signed up with a fake email and password and we were still able to access their website. Only scam sites will operate like this. 
  • There are no payment proofs that they pay out to anyone.
  • Past site is clearly a scam and there are many warnings about that past site. 
  • All information about owners are hidden.
  • There are even more copies than this online than just 1.




Final Thoughts.

They are fake and you will only get phished for your personal information. Those that bothered to work on their site may find that they wanted cash out of you to get your earnings. Do not pay them! Those that did need to contact your payment provider as soon as possible. For now, the scammers maybe in possession of payment info which means they may randomly charge your card at will.

They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Those scammed are urged to report them below to help other know the truth. That is all on What Is Domnovost.com and I hope this article has helped you out.


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