What Is DollarBox.PW – Is DollarBox.PW Scam or Legit Investing?

By | September 12, 2018

What Is DollarBox.PW and Can You Really Earn Money by Investing with Them?

Hello and you are very welcome to my research on What Is DollarBox.PW. Those asking is DollarBox PW fake, illegal, scam, fraudulent or is Dollar Box PW good, real, genuine, legit and paying out have come to the only review online you need for all relevant information. We shall investigate the owner, how they say they generate profit, and see if that is legit, and they detail my concerns that they maybe a HYIP Scheme, or a Ponzi Scheme, which makes them a Scam Site! But, lets have a look first to be sure.

In this DollarBox Review I am going to show you why their claims of legitimacy are not real and will only end up disappointing many of their investors by being scammed. Those looking for alternate ways to earn online, may want to find out how you can get started online without a start up cost to begin HERE. You can learn what my #1 choice Wealthy Affiliate offers to help you earn you and your family a full time income from home, and sometimes, that income is for life! You may get your free sign up account HERE for those ready to start.




What Is DollarBox.PW’s True Intention? Investing in ‘High Technologies’ and ‘Shipping’ is only a ‘Story’.

Their claims that they are looking for investors and then they say they are some how connected with ‘High Technologies’ and ‘Shipping’ is not proven on their site. They also claim to be around since 2014 but their site is only just registered as of 10/09/2018! – see date of this post.

Their Company Registration Number of 09267198 is registered to a company called SAILER LTD! Big no-no for legitimacy there. That means their unreadable Companies House Company Registration Certificate is bogus. They are hoping no one will check it and most won’t, and that is all on What Is DollarBox.PW you really need to know, because no honest site is this vague about their money generating activities and certainly would not rob someone else’s company registration number!

Do I really need to say there is no Founder Name Attached to their Site? Full ID covered. Now, when the site is evidently a scam to all then the Founder will happily shut down the whole illegal enterprise and make off with the funds raised that were somehow meant to be invested in ‘High Technologies’ and ‘Shipping’.


Below is a Q and A Style Format to Help You Skip and Scan for more info that you may find Relevant.


OK! Exactly What is a Ponzi Scheme or HYIP Scheme?

  • Its a scheme set up by Charles Ponzi decades ago, on July 24th 1920 printed by the Boston Post. That article was the start of it all and attracted numbers into his scheme. He fleeced huge numbers of people by saying he would take their investments and pay them back double etc. So, he’d get a pile of cash from new investors and pay older investors. He’d charm even more investors to part with cash, when claims of his enterprising were spreading out, and he’d use that money to pay the second lot of investors. This continues until no more investors and the whole plot is revealed as a scam. Hence, why its called a ‘Ponzi’ Scheme. 
  • There is no real world service, or product, or downloading for your very real cash. You money is taken under a pretense, a little crazy nonsensical story that is not even by a shred of evidence, and used in the fashion above. All else on their site is cloak and dagger superfluous nonsense to coax your hard earned cash from you. 
  • Ultimately, the Founder, and perhaps a few liked cronies helping in the enterprise, will reap most of the money. Most will lose at this fake investing game, which is the real point of it all. HYIP is just a type of scheme like the one described above.

The Real Target of HYIP Ponzi Schemes?

  • Its the beginners. The experienced HYIP investors swim with the fishies that just somehow know where to go to find new schemes to get in early on them. Those that invest early, then just site back, and wait. When no people join up and part with cash, the experienced investors have a good chance of making some money as the Founder will normally pay out to make good and legit payment proofs.
  • These payment proofs may continue for 1 week, for 2 weeks and even up to 4 weeks. But all too soon the Founder will out of nowhere scam out of their members. They simply won’t pay them on some made up B.S. reasoning! As scam reports about their site spread online then they will truly crumble with less and less joining. One day, they are just gone as a site and all the invested cash is gone to.
  • No one knows the founder and so no one knows where to look for the money. All bad news. By this point the Experienced Investors are long gong with their own cash, thanks to newbies, and they are probably having another go on some other Ponzi Site. These investors will usually invest sensible sums across many sites of this nature and tend to fair well. Newbies may go nuts and lose thousands!!

The Legal Side of Ponzi’s – Are You At Risk from Prosecution?

  • I am not a solicitor so you can’t take what I believe to know on this as legal advice. You definitely need to consult to verify. But, here is my research on the legalities about ‘YOU’ participating in such online illegal websites and what that could mean to ‘YOUR FREEDOM’!
  • OK, I worded quite scary but it is rare you will be chased by the law. They just don’t have the resources as far as I can see (I can’t verify that of course but just that there are so many schemes set up daily its quite natural to assume this) and so members can hide their online ID’s as well and sail off with newbies monies. 
  • Those who share their affiliate links to such sites and pull in unwary people can have their earnings taken from them. Those that earned, that did not know they were investing in a Ponzi Scheme, can keep their earnings so long as they did not bring in any people.
  • The creator is certainly breaking the law by making such sites available for the sole purpose of robbing over 90% of its members blind (that is based on the historical losses suffered from such schemes) – See Bernie Maddof Consequences for examples of heartbreaking stories of Millionaires Turned to Paupers Over-Night – No Exaggeration!!
  • Some of Their Returns go up over a staggering 100% per investments made!! That is Pure Debt Creation Principle Right There and only ensures the schemes demise the higher the returns are to all. I hope now you see why the site under question can be very unstable and collapse at any time, which sites like them do all the time.




Final Thoughts.

They have a Fake Company Certificate on their website with a Company Number clearly belonging to someone else. They are false on their claims on investing in ‘High Technologies’ (what?!) and ‘Shipping’. There is no ‘ACTUAL PROOF’ of ‘ANYTHING’ on their site except they are pretending to be real and genuine but in fact are out to steal money from unsuspecting members. I don’t recommend you take part in their unsavory activities and instead encourage to find alternate sites to earn online. They are a Scam Site for Sure!!



So, How Am I Making Money Online?




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