Reviews – Is ‘DolLady’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | January 14, 2020

What Is and What do they Think they are 220 Countries in the World when there is 195? ~ Our ‘Dollady’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Welcome to our short Review. Is legit and genuine or is ‘Dollady’ a scam and untrustworthy? Well, they do not possess the required business information that would gain our trust. Does that make them a fraud? Where is ‘Dollady’ located? I mean, why would you do business with any e-store of whom you can not be certain of? We will list our other concerns and if you have been scammed by them, or any site, then feel free to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2400+ and counting.

Those that may have received some goods from any e-store are welcome to load those images into our SCAM REPORTING TOOL. You can load those images to warn others, or to praise a site and its products, and we will do the editing for your review. Be sure to leave a full URL and also leave more than a few words. The more you leave in your review the greater chance it has of getting approved therefore landing page 1 of Google. Lets start now our short ‘Dollady’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews, if any right now.








Is a Scam?

That is the question we are here to try to answer for you. No matter our conclusion, further your research elsewhere to confirm or deny our findings – we are not responsible for your cash if we make a mistake and so do employ your own common sense. Firstly, we need to know who the heck we are dealing with before giving over our payment info. Who is the founders name, where are they based, contact and age of their domain.


We should not trust new e-stores because there are far too many designed to defraud others. There are millions of scams uploaded daily and so you really need to be always on your guard. Even the old favorites of Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube – and yes – EVEN Amazon, are seeing an infiltration of scammers.

So we see that ‘Dollady’ was registered 2019-12-31 and only for a year. Setting up a business for just 12 months just does not sound right and may indicate a hit and run site. Not always though. There are people who work from home, via their laptops, running their own online stores.

They, always – always – always never let anyone know they are working from home! So when sites like our say ‘scam’ or ‘not recommended’ due to a lack of business information, they get upset. Geee-whiz I wonder why.

Be straight with people and you will find you will garner even more support as there are lots of people that would support work from home entrepreneurs. I am one of them and this sites traffic is all created by one person and so it is possible when your honest – strangely enough…

Anyways, that is just a personal pet hate of mine and so that is that cleared.

But I also mention this because the site in question,, has no business information. For me, if you do not have such info then I would never buy anything from such a site. It’s like sending your payment info on a blind date and hope it doesn’t get mugged! shows us they failed as well to show their founders name and their biz address is not their own. That address is being used by countless other sites, but that does not make them a scam due to it, because it is their hosting providers address. This adds an extra layer of privacy, which is very good, if you are not a scammer.




Final Thoughts.

Its up to you! I would not in my personal opinion. We will wait to see if they are scam or not via your own reviews below. By the way, they are saying they deliver to 220 countries! There are only 195 and that is a big scam sign. Anyways, looking forward to your reviews below in the comments.




list of scam websites.




21 thoughts on “ Reviews – Is ‘DolLady’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

  1. Rhonda Kemp

    I ordered three pair of pants that are supposed to be small and the hip measurement is 46″ they acted like if I sent photos and measurement photos I could return them if they were advertised incorrectly but now they wont answer my emails. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  2. Ruth Ann Story

    I ordered three items in February. Received them early last week. Only two items were received. One missing. Sent them an email. Probably won’t get pants or money back. Now. Before I order anything I find out where the so called company is located and read their information. If not made is USA by a legitimate business. I do not buy. No more taking this spam crap for sure

  3. Jennifer Juca

    I ordered 4 items. Pink pants that were supposed to be cotton/linen blend and are some type of cheap polyester.
    three tops: a sweatshirt like top with dandelions on it. Said cotton, but its some kind of blend.
    One they said was out after I checked on order 2 times due to delays. So they refunded that one. The other was a beautiful coral colored bohemian top that arrived in hot pink and not the material advertised and very cheap looking. I will definitely not order from them again. They don’t respond to my emails. Hard to get through to return items. Items do not look close to what is advertised.

  4. Rosemary Mayes

    It took 3 months to get my 29 dollar shirt. I ordered medium and it’s more like an xxl . The material was suppose to be cotton but it reminds me of a white shear curtain. It’s junk👎

  5. Pam Davis

    I ordered three adorable items from this company on February 20, 2020. The price was amazing but I expected the quality to be crap and made for a small China woman.

    I received a shipping notice on April 2, 2020.

    I received the items on April 22, 2020

    So it took a total of 2 months an no communication at all other than the one shipping notice. But, I have to say the quality of the items is great!! The items are exactly as they looked on line and I could not be happier!!

    If you can be patient on the shipping you may be very pleased with your items.

    Also, I wear smalls, but thinking the clothes would be tiny, I ordered Mediums in the top. I was wrong. The sizes are just like the sizes in America and I could have gone ahead and ordered smalls. The boho pants that I ordered in small fit great and are so comfortable. They came out of the dryer perfect! No need to iron.

    I was skeptical and for once I was pleasantly surprised!

  6. Julie

    They took my order on Feb 6, NEVER emailed a confirmation, ignored three emails asking about my order (good thing I screenshot my order page). Then billed me & still never shipped my order in almost 2 months!! My CC is refuting the charges, but I felt the need to alert other potential victims! This is my first ever review of any company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That is very much appreciated Julie 🙂 and thank you kindly for taking the time to let us know your experience with 🙂 .

  7. Pam

    Ordered from Dollady on 1/31. I have been in contact via email and was told delay was because item was out of stock. Still no shipping information. Buyer beware!

  8. Gail Pappas

    I’ve just seen the same clothes advertised on facebook under 4 different company names. I hope people do their research.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      WOW – Four different names. Do you recall their URL’s or company names please Gail? That is the kind of information we need to help inform others of a potential online threat / threats.

  9. Gloria Godwin

    I love the clothing but after my short amount of time I spent searching for anything about the company … I would never order anything from them.

    The ONE positive highlight:
    The website is using a SSL certificate.

    A few of the negative highlights that I found:
    The identity of the owner of the website is hidden/private.
    The identity of the administrator of the website is hidden/private.
    The technical contact is hidden/private.
    Registered On:2019-12-31.
    Expires On:2020-12-31.
    It has been 49 Days days since the website was set-up.
    The website was registered less than six months ago.
    The Alexa rank (how much traffic) is rather low (5462994).
    The technical speed performance of the website is below average.
    No reviews have been found on WOT (WebOfTrust).
    Country Likelihood: Unknown: 91% / United States: 5% / Canada: 4%
    The only means of accepting payment is through PayPal.
    Server: IP | ISP Shopify | City Unknown | Region Unknown

      1. Gloria Godwin

        Such a shame because they have a lot of the bohemian style clothing that I love!

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          You know Gloria, you only have to download the ones you like and go to There you can upload those images and then from there you can seek out the original owner of those garments. Let us know if this helps in anyway and wish you well with this.

    1. Julie

      They will accept CC too! Under FABFASHION LTD WANCHAI. But you’ll still never get your order!

  10. Patricia Polunas

    I am waiting almost 3 weeks for my dresses. I am contacting credit card company to investigate. I printed the order but cannot find a phone number to contact them. I am thinking they are a scam, even though the lock code came up before I ordered to show me the information was safe. Pretty disgusted and disgruntled. They still advertise online and I really like their clothing … but not sure this is a legit company.

  11. Kathleen Smith

    The dress I received from “Dollady” is inferior quality. The pictures look much better than the actual article. The sewing isn’t even straight! Return instructions look exhausting!! Not going through the effort.
    Will make sure not to order from them again!

    1. Rhonda Kemp

      i have been trying to return pants to them that are x large when they say size small would you share the return info? they wont respond to my request…they just told me to send photos and measurements and even after i did that they wont respond..


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