What Is DogeToer.Ltd – Is DogeToer.Ltd Scam or Legit? – Proof of Scam!

By | September 11, 2018

What Is DogeToer.Ltd in Reality and Proof they have Already Scammed One of their Own Members.

Those that want to know What DogeToer.Ltd have found the only DogeToer Ltd Review you will need. Those asking is Doge Toer Ltd real, safe, genuine, legit or is DogeToer fake, scam, false, fraudulent and illegal, will have all their questions answered here. So, without further adue, I can say they are a HYIP Scheme (Ponzi Scheme) that was set up recently and they have already scammed least one member. I will give credit to my source in this article. Those that were scammed by DogeToer are welcome to report them below in the comments section of this website.

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What Is DogeToer.Ltd – the Complete Answer.

DogeToer-Ltd Site

More on this image really soon!

What Is DogeToer.Ltd has already partially answered but now I must provide proof to back up my claim they are not legit and indeed a scam site. First we start off to find out who owns DogeToer. The site was registered online 05/09/2018. Their address is ‘PANAMA’ and that is all they wrote for it. On their site they say they are registered in the Seychelles, when you click to expect evidence, it only links back to the same home page. Not legit claim and only said to fill out site for content.

There is no Founder Listed that I could find! That last one is of paramount importance as it tells  me when they become too widely known as a scam, and complaints start to fill the net, then the unknown creator can simply shut down the site and run with all the cash. I mean, I still can not believe people can do this online and there is hardly a thing we can do about it except warn others. Thousands of these kinds of sites are set up daily and so its just too many for authorities to shut down.

Before we come to the evidence, below is a Q and A of some questions you may have on them.

What are they pretending to promote as a legit way to earn?

They say they are cloud mining. I am no cloud mining expert but they don’t appear to have supplied sufficient evidence of this. Should the Founder read this, and I have made a gross error, then please just let me know and I will make corrections where necessary. Far as I can tell you are investing money and then waiting to get profits back. They say they will take your cash and put into their mining pool where real physical miners are doing the work. 

Here is where I say contradictions creep in – they say on their home page that DogeToer Ltd uses Trading Bots on digital currency stock markets. So, are they mining or investing the stock markets or both? Where we have contradictions on how a company is generating profits is a deep cause for concern!

What are they really?

I am of the opinion they are just a HYIP  or Ponzi Scheme. Same thing really. This is where real people invest crypto currencies to make unreal returns. I won’t bore you with their returns because I am not wasting our time on a site that I don’t believe is good and honest. So, they expect you give money and make you think you making that investment in cloud mining or stock markets or whatever it is they say they are doing with it.

In truth, they are using your cash to give to older members who have already invested. This is simply to generate payment proofs to make others believe they are legit and paying out. So, others sign up and make investments and now hopefully you are to receive your returns. Soon enough their site becomes unstable due to a lack of sign ups and no one gets paid barring the founders! This is why such platforms are bad news for all.

Best time to invest with such schemes?

Personally, I’d stay away from such sites. But, the best time is the first couple of weeks they are in business and maybe even up to a month. DogeToer has proven that they are already greedy enough to scam people just 6 Days After Registering online, so for all of you more experienced HYIP Investors out there, don’t waste your time. The Founder has turned ‘rouge’ already and you may just lose you cash even though their site is still very young.

Where you see no evidence of real world products or digital downloads, or evidence of how a site is generating an income to payout, then you question it to ask if it is just a Ponzi Scheme or not. I don’t recommend you ever invest in such schemes, just to be abundantly clear on that.

Data Mining Centers – They don’t have any!

Well, they say they have centers in the USA etc but they have failed to provide proof of that. The Enigma Genesis Website shows us all what real data centers look like and how to prove you are really mining crypto currency. I show this as a perfect example for your future research so you know that sites they claim to mine, but show no data centers, then you must question if that is true or not for yourself.



Proof of A Scam!

Please view believe the snippet I came across at the BeerMoneyForum Website. They have members who make recommendations of possibly good ways to earn online and also warn others what is a scam as well. Its a great site indeed and I am glad I found them, even though when I first bumped into them, I declared them a scam. Major misunderstanding on my part and the Founder was good enough to set me right. I still appreciate that.


Anyways, here is the evidence below. Read the snippet and then follow the images in sequence so it makes sense to you.

Member Complaint Against DogeToer

Nice work on exposing them and it is much appreciated!


Here are the images of the events that caused this member to complain of no payouts once criteria had been met:

Image 1!

DogeToer Proof of a Scam

Image 2!

Next Step In Scam Sequence

Image 3!

Step 3 in the Scam Process.

Step 4!

Step 4!

Image 5!

DogeToer-Ltd Site

That is the earlier image and why I hope you can see its relevance now! This man was not paid despite his investment and despite claims that he would be if he invested!

PHEW!! That was a real pain but worth it to get this mans story of what has happened to him to help warn others. As you can see he was not paid and the screen refreshed. I welcome him medomotive2013 to have his say below if he so wishes, I would be very happy to hear from you 🙂 .

It should be said that I have viewed statements and payment proofs that other members of DogeToer Ltd have been paid. You check out those proofs HERE <- my affiliate link to BeerMoneyForum.




Final Thoughts.

So, to reiterate, they seemed to have paid some members regular payments. They are only 6 days old and already founder has refused to answer a members complaint of no payouts, as medomotive 2013 clearly states. I know they are a Ponzi Scheme for various reasons stated above and much thanks to Mr B from BeerMoneyForum for confirming that for me – a pure gentleman! So, they are a scam and if you want to risk your money then only invest/donate what you can comfortably afford to lose.


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I believe that is enough for now on What Is DogeToer.Ltd and those that have questions on them are welcome to comment below. Those scammed may also let us know and also those that were paid are welcome to share that news with everyone as well. Anyone needing more info my #1 Choice can click HERE to find out more. All the best for now guys and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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