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By | April 27, 2019

Find Out What Is Here – Our Review and can we Trust ‘Dose  of Roses’?

Hello and nice work to find our review on What Is makes teddy bears in a rose effect. However, Is DoseofRoses com simply a fake, scam, fraud or Is ‘DoseofRoses’ safe, legit to buy from and real? Our review will do a scam-check and then determine if they are scam or legit. If undecided then we will hand it over to your customer reviews. We may also say ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ if there are too many ‘sticky’ points.

Those that have information about this site are welcome to detail that in the comments below. This has the valuable service to warn others about bad sites. However, should reports detail to us they are legit, then we have located a good store and so that is the upside for honest e-stores.



question Customer Review Guide.

The process to analyze a site is an easy one to do. You have taken step one by looking for reviews. However, you could go to WHOIS and see the information that the owner has left for scrutiny. Legit businesses commonly leave owner name, their business address, contact information plus the date of the registration of their site.

  • Where too much, or all of this information is missing or incomplete, then we should ask why this is so. How can people whom have not supplied all this necessary information not be forced to do so when they potentially are handling the payment information of potentially countless customers? That is my biggest concern with e-stores in general.
  • However, we must leave room for the honest founder of such stores as they maybe a work from home entrepreneur earning from drop shipping etc. In this case it would be helpful if such people make that aware to the online community. I know there are sources online that would declare a site a scam without adequate transparency so you have been warned if you do indeed run such a store.
  • WHOIS shows us 2018/12/30 and only for a year. So a business that registers for one year is potentially suspicious. Sites that register for 1 or 24 months are typical of fake sites that defraud for a while and suddenly disappear without warning.
  • However, it could be that the owner has chosen to give them self so little time just so see the results in that time period. Of course, they have the option to renew when the time comes. So with this information so far we can not say they are a scam.
  • But, our suspicions deepen a little when we DO NOT see that the founder name and also they are not using their real address. Proxy addresses are addresses that reveal a false location for their actual store. This means we do not know where they located and that is not good. Anyone get a package with a return address on it? Let us know in the comments for sure.
  • We Googled their Customer Service Phone Number and happy to report there were no complaints attached to 1-800-977-3917. It is worth research this information and also emails, addresses, because when a site is a scam, it is not uncommon to find complaints attached to such information.
  • They have a support email of We do not see a business or a founder name on their site. IF it is there then it is clearly hidden in one of their sections where it should be located in the ‘CONTACT US’ section. Also, where are their department heads. There are no images or names of anyone that runs this site.
  • This is important because who is it you are actually handing over your payment information to? It is almost akin to a man walking up to you on the street, shows you some pictures with is sales pitch, and you hand over your payment info with the promise of delivery for high quality goods that are under priced. Would you fall for this scenario? And yet, people are doing this in principle daily. Always look for reviews.





Final Thoughts.

Personally, I could not give my payment information without knowing the identity and clearer support contact information should something go wrong, which even with legit sites, they sometimes do.

One online source has quoted those teddy bears at $130. ‘DoseofRoses’ are not making a profit if they are selling them for just $49! Or at least, I do not know how they are. This is one of the big-red-flags warning us to a potential scam and is another reason why I am not recommending them for now.

We are not recommending them as our personal opinion. Those with positive reviews are welcome to let us know about that. Negatives are welcome to help warn others, should they be a scam site.

That is all on What Is and looking forward to your customer reviews in the comments below. Where too many bad reports then we will list them in our List of Internet Scammers.

Over to you…


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4 thoughts on “ – What is / Scam or Legit? – Review!

  1. Keith

    I made an order Feb 2020, after seeing their advertisement on Facebook. Of course order did not come, was never sent a confirmation email or tracking. There is No response sending email to given address. There is a generic “no customer service rep available” message when calling phone number. I believe this is a scam site and anyone advertising should Stop immediately favebook, IG, Twitter, whomever. Caveat Emptor!! Am disputing, and trying to get money back from credit card company.

  2. David

    Pretty sure I got scammed. Haven’t heard back from customer support for over a month. Have called and emailed multiple times and nothing. DO NOT GET SCAMMED LIKE ME!!! now I’ve got to find something else for my girlfriend for her birthday and I’m out 60 bucks. It’s absolutely horrible that instagram would even run their ads.

    1. Samuel

      I can concur as it has been a week that I have received any emails regarding 2 purchases I have made from their website using both UPS Next Day and 2nd Day Air Saver Rush and not received any further information with a tracking number for the items I have purchased. I tried to email them and I did not hear from anyone at their website. I STRONGLY believe that this is a bogus website that has poor responsive time and customer service, I caution everyone to NOT buy anything from this website from here on out.


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