What Is DIYWallets.com – Is DIYWallets.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | January 11, 2019

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I salute you for looking up reviews on What Is DIYWallets.com found at www.diywallets.com. Is DIYWallets com good, genuine, legit, safe, real, honest or Is DIYWallets bad, dishonest, scam, crooked, fraudulent? This DIY Wallets Review is a scam alert to avoid them. They have other sites such as CoolWallet.Club and CoolWallet.Mobi, to name a few. Contact your payment provider to get a refund and get your card cancelled. Please do leave your scam reports below this article to help alert others, thank you.

Many sites online owned by same cyber-crooks where sites of their nature are coming from China, mostly. That is one point where we can look to verify this or not. They tend to send out products that are far below what you paid for them as is one way they make their profit. Another way is to harvest your personal information to be sold onto other scammers. The products received by unwary customers maybe counterfeit, shoddy, inferior and in this instance you have still be scammed.




What Is DIYWallets.com Actually About – The ‘CoolWallet’ Scam Network Marches On.

As said please do also beware of CoolWallet.Club and CoolWallet.Mobi. Those are scam sites and are owned by the same operators of CoolWallets.com. Those that have been undeniably scammed should also report them to IC3 and the Better Business Bureau. Below is our reasons for labeling them a fraudulent site to help you make up your own mind.


DIYWallets.com Review

Don’t make any purchases from www.diywallets.com!


Website registration was in 2018/03/26 and domain registration will last same date in 2020. Typically scammers will set up a site for about 1 or even around 2 years. That is enough time to defraud many and run off with much earnings. But also, real businesses do not make substantial real world investments just to invest so little in their online marketing efforts. And so now we can say that they are following a scam-patter prevalent with fake sites.

California, US is all that they have submitted for their contact business address. There is no Founder Name and of course no email address. Now we must look to their website to see if they have placed any legit information of this nature there.

As with all of their other sites they have only left an email address of wallet@supportvips.com. No contact number or actual address location of their site. Not even their Returns Policy Page has an address but only a sneaky 30% restocking charge, meaning if you return the item, you must pay for it. This means also that it can happen you must pay more for returns then the order is worth. Pure nonsense.

Now we can categorically say they have expertly and intentionally hidden all information that would connect anyone on Earth to their site. They have no reason to do this other than they have the real intention to maliciously defraud their customers.



How These Fake Operations Run – Scam Signs.

Typically speaking below is how you could have encountered and experienced their scam for yourself.

1). Anyone find them on a Facebook ad or other social media advertising feature? Unfortunately, even though such platforms make considerable revenue from ads, the scam-ads are not being weeded out. When people complain to Facebook for instance then the response, as reported here and other places, is that such ads, pages, groups etc do not violate their policies. Even though they are operating illegally and clearly defrauding people nothing is being done to stomp this out, best to my knowledge.

2). Once payment is received by the scam artists then you may notice that they simply did not give you a receipt. Or, they may not have included taxes in your order. These are two alarming scam signs as legit businesses would simply not have overlooked such things, and would clearly have included this in their service, as a standard reflex to making a sale.

3). Delivery Time is reasonable on their site but you may find that you have been waiting about 2 months, or more? In this case you may hear excuses like bad weather, logistics problems etc. Now they may ask you to be patient, sympathize and be understanding. They will probably never give you a refund. Communications may become vague and completely unhelpful. Even you may notice their English maybe broken and has too many errors and unfortunately some may just receive an empty envelope.

Sound Familiar So Far?

4). Tracking information supplied by them may just be fake and is a very good piece of data to show for a refund. Those that approach their customer service about that data maybe supplied new info but may just be fake as well, or, they are sending you out something that maybe worthless next to what you paid for that order.

5). Also after many months of waiting you may find out that they are not going to send you anything, despite their many reassurances that you will, and that is common with fake sites.

Scam Signs Include:-

  • Multiple Identical Sites scamming people across the net.
  • No founder name but real world business address attached to their site.
  • Watch out for a delivery or returns address from China.
  • Uses similar image products from their other sites.
  • They have another email address of service2016s@gmail.com. There seems to be a host of other sites using the same email address. Always Google research all such information to see if there are scam reports already connected to it.
  • Their sites content is generic but also the English is not good. That is a clue we are dealing with overseas scammers and is a common scam sign.






Do You Have a DIYWallets.com Scam Report? All Are Invited To Help Expose Their Crooked Site by Leaving Your Scam Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt in my mind they are a malicious site as I have already reviewed several of their other fake sites. They are either selling a photograph service for special ocassions or selling wallets. You may find that neither is true. For me they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good. Please take a moment to report them below to help warn everyone.

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