Dissecting Inheritance Fraud For Financial Security Online

By | June 5, 2017

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Dissecting Inheritance Fraud

to Keep Your Money Safe!


Thank you for clicking and let us now delve into how, without Dissecting Inheritance Fraud, we could fall prey to losing a fair amount of our hard earned cash.  Your lack of knowledge about how a scammer works is their BIGGEST WEAPON AGAINST YOU!


Introduction into the World of Dissecting Inheritance Fraud!

It should be noted, firstly, that this scam is particularly brainy in filtering out the ‘Not So With It‘ type’s of people.  This is not to insult but to inform you that they aren’t looking to con Doctors, Judges, Rocket Scientists.  Their out to con people who if were presented with a a phone call, email or letter stating they’ve just inherited a shed load of millions from a distant relative, it certainly does tempt one to look further into it.

I say this scam is particularly intelligent simply because these scammers send out thousands of these same damn emails across the web knowing only a tiny percentage of them will be replied to.  Hardly seems worth it does it?

Anyone that is well clued up on the so called ‘Dark Web‘ could tell you that everything from your email address to you fathers middle name is sold there!  That’s right, SOLD!  (I really need to place an Anti-Virus Advertisement for this post lol!).

So!  These telephone, fax, letter or online scam artists could very well spend a great deal of time communicating with you.  They could say that the inheritance is in the millions and all they need to release your money is a little Government Fee, Admin Fee etc.  The fee is usually tiny, perhaps less that Fifty Euros, coupled with the huge amount of time they have spent talking to you, it does seem, this could be very real.

Furthermore, because the fraudulent communication comes with actual verifiable details (your distant relative unique information) it does indeed give it a lot of credit-ability.

All That Time for So Little Money!  What’s the Point?

The Real Target Of The Scammers In Phony Inheritance Scams.

YOU GIVE THEM YOUR BANK DETAILS!  That’s it.  Of course they get the few quid you send them but they are after your bloody bank details.  Be careful guys because now they can go live the high life on you bank balance.  This rip off is patient and cunning and not to be messed with.

How To Know If YOU Have Just Received A Bogus Inheritance Claim Communication.

This ‘snippet’ of information I am about to give you will guard you against online, phone, fax or letter fraud and is priceless because you will immediately know what you are looking at.

Let’s just say you got an email or letter and it’s from some Solicitor’s office.  As you are reading you realize a bunch of spelling or other grammatical ‘errors’ and you feel that there is something wrong with the ‘wording’ of this particular email or letter.  Solicitors are experts in communication SO THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY NECESSARY CLUE!

This is done on purpose!  Those who respond to these ill written communications are then considered by the con artist’s as (I really hate to say this particularly if you got caught!) not ‘savvy‘.  *The letter or email is written in such a manner that the scammers feel they do not have to spend an arduous amount of time trying to convince ‘savvy’ people to send money and bank details.*

It’s A Way Of Thinning The Herd To Easier Prey, I Guess.

This is a close cousin of the much laughed about 419 Nigerian Scam, just, a lot more sophisticated.  I liken it to a Wolf Donning Sheep’s Clothing – different disguise but the ‘beast’ remains the same.


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