What Is DisMoney.Bid – Scam or Legit? Be Cautious, Read Here 1st!

By | August 9, 2018

DisMoney. Bid Investigated


What Is DisMoney. Bid and Your Word of Caution.

Hey there! Thanks for popping by to know What Is DisMoney. Bid. We will address other questions like:- Is DisMoney Bid (http://dismoney. bid) really a fraud? Is Dis Money Bid honest and paying? This non-member DisMoney Review will answer such questions and we will dig deep to share with you everything we have on them. For now, they are a Paid to Click Site who are self described as a “Paid Viewing Advertisement System”, who hail themselves as “probably one of the best ways to earn online” <<- could not be further from the truth! There are ways to earn and we suggest you check out our What Are Some Ways to Make Money Blogging, for those interested.


Company:- http://dismoney. bid <<- not secured URL protocol!

Created:- 08/04/2018. Registered online for 1 Year.

Founder:- Hidden!

Affiliate Program:- Yes, but it is not what you think.

Scam/Legit:- See Final Thoughts at the bottom of this article.

Farewell Note:- Contains an alternative way to earn online.




What Is DisMoney Bid – Full Exposure!

How Safe is DisMoney?

Well, I guess the image at the start of this post, pretty much answers What Is DisMoney Bid! Yes, it really is a raging scam. I say ‘ragin’g because owners have been conning people with it since 2014. DisMoney is simply one copied/pasted site from thousands of others. I will leave a list of the one’s we have found and exposed by us in this article.

Whenever a website is registered online then owners have the option of declaring who they are. Scam Sites will pretty much never give out legit/no details on their identity. This is the case with DisMoney. So, when they rip off their members, no one knows who to hold accountable.


Referral Program:-

They offer you half of your sign ups pay! That is nuts because they offer all people the same amount of money. This is only creating a debt in their system that could never be paid off.

It is:-

Ten Cents per Viewed Ad/Fill Out Captcha Code to be credited fake earnings.

They brag about how much current members are earning by proudly declaring it on their table. That table is very fake indeed and really hardly ever changes in names and figures from one of their sites to another.

It is possible to earn nearly $500 a day! That is their claim, and yet, this site has received a great number of complaints of no payouts on their various PTC Sites. Owner has never once refuted anything we have said on behalf of keeping our readers safe from them.


Since 1989, the Most Respected Psychic Service


Below is a list of the one’s we have had time to expose in 2018:-

  1. upemoney bid.
  2. acimoney win.
  3. okamoney club.
  4. usemoney site.
  5. ormoney site.
  6. opomoney bid.
  7. otomoney win.
  8. inamoney bid.
  9. rimoney club.
  10. oxomoney site.
  11. vkumoney win.
  12. oximoney win.
  13. almoney bid.
  14. akomoneyclub.
  15. atmoney bid.
  16. opymoney bid.
  17. ewumoney club.
  18. enymoney site.
  19. ugamoney bid.
  20. audmoney site.
  21. olmoney club.
  22. enamoney site.
  23. fsamoney bid.
  24. ugmoney win.
  25. eromoney win.
  26. afmoney win.
  27. satmoney win.
  28. ukmoney win.
  29. ummoney win.
  30. elmoney club.
  31. afumoney club.
  32. nonmoney bid.
  33. yxmoney bid.
  34. ydmoney bid.
  35. edmoney site.
  36. elmoney win.
  37. akmoney win.
  38. ubmoney win.
  39. agmoney bid.
  40. utemoney club.
  41. etimoney bid.
  42. oxmoney win.
  43. ogmoney win.
  44. opmoney win.
  45. avmoney win.
  46. yhmoney win
  47. ovmoney win.
  48. epmoney win.
  49. abamoney bid.
  50. fawmoney site.
  51. ebomoney win.
  52. ocemoney bid.
  53. ubemoney site.
  54. ammoney win.
  55. agmoney site.
  56. uxmoney win.
  57. osmoney win.
  58. ommoney win.
  59. ifmoney win.
  60. exmoney win.
  61. asmoney win.
  62. uvmoney win.
  63. odmoney win.
  64. ytmoney win.
  65. ygmoney win.
  66. olomoney site.
  67. ewmoney win.
  68. ekmoney win.
  69. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  70. ehmoney site.
  71. obamoney win.
  72. ormoney win.
  73. emumoney club.
  74. arimoney bid.
  75. immoney club.
  76. ubamoney club.
  77. duomoney site.
  78. otmoney club.
  79. atmoney win.
  80. ecamoney site.
  81. aqmoney win.
  82. epomoney club.
  83. efomoney win. ucemoney bid, apimoney. win. pzumoney site. netmoney. 2017. exumoney club. ycamoney win, termoney bid.

Those are only a tiny few of their sites in operation! They are releasing them by the Dozens every few weeks as well. Any site that looks like the one in our post image above, are all from the same scammers!

Know of One? Let us know below where we will expose them.

Got scammed by anyone of them? Report them below!



Other Signs of Deception.

Their Email Support is connected to many other online scams. Don’t use it.

The English on their site is not very good – so always a sign that a site is being deceptive.

The site wording, errors, template, colors etc are identical from one sited to another.

Scam Process is the same no matter the name of their sites.

You don’t even need a real email to sign up to their site.

Your emails will be sold onto scammers online for their own personal profit – delete suspicious emails!

As said, no Founder Name connected to their sites.

They are unable to provide payment proofs of their earnings claim.





How they Run this Scam!

The Minimum Payout is $150. That is $50 higher than the max legit payout of $100! Many people are making ‘earnings’ of nearly a weeks wages in a few days. That is alarming. Advertisers are really paying the owners of Dismoney, and their other sites, money every time ads are viewed.

But, the owners are simply keeping the profits.

Many people are being pulled in via social media. You may have seen one of their vids on YouTube? Well, YouTube is flooded with these fake sites claiming to show people how to cash out etc. I know my videos on their sites are always (ALWAYS!!) being spammed with scammer-links to these PTC Sites.


Here is how they are conning people:-

  1. Reach Minimum Payout within Hours.
  2. Apply for your money.
  3. Be told to wait 3 months for payment as they have to ‘verify’, or some rubbish.
  4. Then you are to apply the quicker way!
  5. Be told you must pay $10 to release your earnings.
  6. You pay, perhaps, then you are not given your earnings.
  7. You are locked out of your account and support may ignore you or act stupid by not understanding your problem – Common tactic with scammers.

That is it!



Final Thoughts.

We have been exposing these sites as scams for some time now. Yes, just in case there is confusion, Dismoney is nothing but a scam site. They will just use you for free labor on their site and not pay out to anyone. So, stay clear of them for sure.  We are seeking your opinions/stories/experiences with these sites. Do place such below and we always respond to our readers 🙂 .



Well, I hope that has helped you answer What Is DisMoney. Bid and I hope you give them a miss. Of course, that is your own choice – we are merely warning. For those interested, we have been working with a proven and legit on line company called Wealthy Affiliate. They have helped me earn and I KNOW I can help you earn with them as well. You can sign up for free for a free lifetime account HERE. There are Premium Options, but no pressure to upgrade. Farewell for now guys 🙂 and thank you very much for stopping by.

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2 thoughts on “What Is DisMoney.Bid – Scam or Legit? Be Cautious, Read Here 1st!

  1. Azie

    Hi.may i know is dismoney club also a scam?
    I feel guilty for getting other people to join.i don’t want to be a scammer.i really don’t know this is a scam.i just want to make extra money

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Azie,

      Please don’t feel bad, it is a mistake I made myself once and actually it was a good lesson for me.

      So, DisMoney Club is also a scam site and is owned by the same people that created DisMoney Bid.

      These people know there are people online looking to work from home and heartlessly seek to take advantage of that fact.

      All you have to do, to make your small error right, is simply take the link from this article and share it with the affected persons you referred. It really does explain it all.

      So any site that looks like the DisMoney Club – Bid Sites, are all scams. That template of their website is a pandemic of a scam running since 2014.

      Regarding making money from home, I do know of a way that you can learn to earn from home, and it does not require a sign up fee.

      It does not even ask for credit card details either. If you are interested then do just ask me.

      Thanks for your question here today Azie and I hope to hear from you again some time 🙂 .

      Always here to help ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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