What Is ‘DHYB’ – What Is The Meaning Of ‘DHYB’ Acronym?

By | March 4, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘DHYB’ – Quick ‘DHYB’ Meaning Easily Explained.

Being ‘bugged’ by your ‘brain’ asking What Is ‘DHYB’? Here you can find out What Is The Meaning of ‘DHYB’, ‘DHYB’ Meaning and the easy to remember definition of ‘DHYB’. Our social media is being reduced to made up odd combos of letters and so it is far too easy to get lost among the jargon. Even old sayings that is common to all and everywhere is all also being turned into Acronyms. To keep clear communications via our devices in our lives we have to keep up to speed with this phenomenon.


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Easy to remember ‘DHYB’ meaning!


We all know the phrase and I promise ( 🙂 ) you will kick yourself when you see what it means. We can see ‘DHYMB’ showing up in all platforms online, and even we can be caught off guard in text messages, FB messages, leaving us to feel foolish to ask what is its meaning. Nice people just tell you. Others tell you that your (ahem!!!) ‘your getting old’ haha LOL. I suppose it can’t be denied 🙂 …




What Is ‘DHYB’ – ‘DHYB’ Meaning Easy Definition.

Don't Hold Your Breath

HERE IS YOUR CLUE! – Let us know if you guessed it from the image and the acronym of ‘DHYB’ in the comments below 🙂 .

Have you guessed it?

What Is ‘DHYB’ anyways? the ‘DHYB’ Meaning is this:-





So and as said we all know the meaning of this acronym. For further clarity we can use it in a sentence a few times so we can see how it is use in every day conversation:-

“What time is the bus here at?” – DHYB!

“Where can we find an honest politician/banker?” DHYB!

Certainly ‘DHYB’ is a somewhat exaggerator response to a situation where it is commonly resolved. However, given some slightly negative experiences that may have occurred with the respondee surronding the subject matter, then we can see this response as being quite typical where the answer itself is not clearly known.

Even it can just be a response for the sake of giving a response when the other persons does not know what to say.

Perhaps it can be used between loving couples when one is playful with the other after being asked a highly reasonable question.

The endless uses for ‘DHYB’ certainly speeds up communication so long as the other person hearing this acronym knows what it means.

Be a terrible if the other person thought ‘DHYB’ meant ‘Don’t Hurt Your Brain‘!

So now that would actually take on the ‘complexion’ of a playful insult suggesting one is not smart enough, or maybe one is lazy, if the other person had the wrong definition for ‘DHYB’.

Do You Have Any Funny Moments and or Responses Caused by Acronyms Like The Made Up Example Above?




Final Thoughts.

If you enjoyed our quick article on What Is ‘DHYB’, the ‘DHYB’ Meaning, you are welcome to read our article on What Is Fala Amo. All are welcome to share this article with people whom you maybe having a slight debate about the meaning of this acronym so you may clear that up once and for all. Thank you for coming by and do let us know if you have other acronyms that you may not know. We will be happy to look into it for you 🙂 . Looking forward to your comments to come -> ‘DHYB’?.


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  1. Ivan Brozincevic

    I liked 2M2H acronym more than this one. It’s cooler to say don’t hold your breath in full than it is by using an acronym. 🙂 You never know how another person can translate it in his mind, nothing else.

    Also, I liked the lesson on Portuguese more than explanations of urban acronyms. Can you write another one just as good as it was ‘Fala Amo’ article? Thanks, Ivan


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