What Is Devaleg.com – Is ‘Devaleg’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 3, 2019

Is Devaleg.com a Scam or is ‘Devaleg’ Legit and Safe – Our www.devaleg.com Review / Customer Reviews.

Need to know What Is Devaleg.com in our www.devaleg.com Review? Is ‘Devaleg’ just a fraud or are they legit and real? So we will look into their sites information to see if they have submitted genuine business info for their customers. We have suspicions that we may not be able to recommend them at this time. Those that feel they were scammed by ‘Devaleg’ are advised to inform your payment providers as soon as possible.

If you have indeed been scammed by any site then feel free to report them in our comments or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. You may alternatively submit full length reviews with images to our FREE SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Those of you that may have come across a Work from Home Fraud are welcome to report there and those needing a Way to Earn Online are welcome to view there. Lets begin now our ‘Devaleg’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews also.








Devaleg.com Background Check.

There are only 4 questions we need to always ask that will help exponentially in detecting a fraudulent site early in our research. So we ask who is the founder of Devaleg.com, where are their offices and warehouses, what forms of contact do they have and when they registered www.devaleg.com? If the first three questions can not be answered then that is enough to say we do not recommend them. Legit businesses will never hide this info.

  • So we see that they registered their site on the 2019/11/20 for a year. Actually that is when they up dated their registration and so this maybe indicating they are older than a year. So when we see companies registering their e-store sites for just a year that is considered widely suspicious online.
  • It is already the start of a well laid down scam pattern set by many cyber-crooks from the past and followed by them in the present. It is obvious that it can take 1 or 2 years for any business to become successful if the time and effort has been put in.
  • Also, we should never just trust a new store based on prices or anything else for that matter. Always look out for reviews before making a purchase from any site that is new or you do not know. Not looking for reviews is how most people get scammed.
  • We see they have failed to leave a complete address in WHOIS and so they are from Vietnam, per WHOIS, a website that stores the info of other sites such as founder name, biz address, sites registration etc. We see no founders name assigned to their site and so they had the option to provide that.
  • Nor have they listed a founder name on their own site and so we have to ask why a seemingly legit company has not provided that info? This would lead to greater trust if people could verify the name of any site and so that is a scam sign. It is a scam sign because if things go wrong who do you hold accountable for your order after you have paid for your goods?
  • We see a completely different address on their site of 2484 Grey Fox Farm Road – Houston – Texas – 77063 – USA. So we have multiple locations for the same business and that is never a good sign. They have this clearly stated on their own site they are from the USA and yet in WHOIS they are saying they are from Vietnam. Something is not adding up here.
  • Worse than this, their address does not show up any proof of that addresses existence. We see that all the time where fake addresses are planted on sites to make out there are from somewhere like the USA but actually they are operating elsewhere outside of your current region.
  • Furthermore, not even can we see that Google Maps can find that location and not even has Google supplied any similar addresses. So that address maybe a false one. Never do business with any site that can not provide legit business information like this and always do your own research to verify what you read anywhere online. 
  • They have an email address of support@devaleg.com and we can see a few articles and one video about that site already on Google. 
  • We are surprised to see that their site is able to get their hands on such much verified stock and so we see many times fake sites will make claims of being an all-in-one type of outlet.
  • Watch out for too-good-to-be-true prices also and so do a price comparison with their products and see if they are indeed too cheap. This should be common practice for all if you shop online often.
  • We see that they have some social sharing icons but unfortunately those icons are fake. No legit company would have social media icons on their site and not have them working. Moreover, legit sites will have these social outlets for their brand name products and so that is something else that is ‘fishy’ about them.





Scam Signs for E-Stores.

If you are still unsure if the site in question is fake then glance over the following scam-busting tips for e-stores. If you find there are too many per your experience with them then do put in for a refund and also cancel your card. When you cancel your card then that prevents cyber-crooks from accessing your funds.


Prices Too Good To Be True?

This is how new stores that are fake become popular very fast. Currently there is not the adequate means to prevent scammers from advertising on social media platforms. People believe because ads are on a platform then they must be legit! That is so far removed from the truth I am astounded that so many hold this view.

Anyways, do a price check on some of their products and clearly if they are too generous then something is wrong. Why doe sites want to give away such much savings on every product? It simply does not make any sense and is a very strong scam sign wherever you find it.

They are New?

Do not just randomly give your payment information to any site that looks appealing via their prices etc. That is a huge mistake and so always look for reviews or ask questions about them online. Feel welcome to ask us if a site is legit or not and we will do some research for you into them and get back to you in a timely manners.

Payment Taken Very Fast?

Typically we find that companies that are not real will take or tend to take payment surprisingly fast. So now they have your cash you may find that other things begin to surface that may indicate a scam, listed below. Look at your bank statements and see what company name they have used. 

Multiple or different company names is actually a really bad sign. Why would an e-store bill you under a different name? So watch out for peculiarities like this and do report to us or anywhere online those company names – there maybe many sites attached to them therefore indicating a scam network at play

Who Pays The Sales Taxes and Shipping?

Watch out for further enticements that would bankrupt any business anywhere in the world. It is obvious there are times when companies will run great deals. This is of course after many years of profitable business for stock clearance or simply to appreciate their customers.

When we see new sites offering easy to reach free shipping or free shipping, and also paying the taxes on goods, then that is further loss to their company. You have to ask how they are profiting if you are getting high quality brand name products are bargain-basement prices for no clear reasons…

But also, scammers do not pay taxes and so when you see they have not charged any sales duty tax then that is a problem and a huge scam sign.

Track Code Page is Fake?

Ask for a legit tracking code page if you find that they have supplied a static page for your order to track it. This is all to common with scam sites. If they supply a real tracking code then something is coming to you. It is however doubtful you will receive your goods per what they have advertised.

If the sizes of any cloths are far too small, though you ordered the right size, that is an indicator of a company in China. Scammers are ‘self-evident’ about sizes after you have bought such items but no where on their sites typically do you them saying as such.

Very annoying. At least if people knew they could make a more informed decision.

Order Got Lost?

Another typical nonsense excuse as to why your order is late or not coming at all. Many times fake sites will place somewhere on their sites content reasons why they are never liable for damage or loss of your order. Simply do not do business with a site like this.

Returns / Exchanges!

Too many times fake sites will lumber you with all of the associated returns costs. They may say that it would cost you more to return the item then what it cost you to purchase it. This is true and that is usually said somewhere on their sites.

They may also say to give your order to a friend as a gift while they try to give you a discount of about 5% or slightly over. All this is nonsense. 

Custom Support Rude after Receiving Payment?

Another classic scam sign is when customer support is dog-rude to their customers, or at the very least, unprofessional to a point they ‘startle’ people into thinking they maybe a scam. At this point, and very unfortunately, it could be roundabout this point that people will look up for reviews. Better do this before giving pay info to a new site.

Delivery Is Beyond Late?

So many times people will have to wait about 2 months before getting their orders, if they come at all. Even today we got a report of someone waiting for their order from CozyCora.com for two months. That person says they know of someone else waiting six months and still now there is no order arrived.

Look to their promised delivery times and then take action if they exceed it. It should never take no more than 2 or 3 weeks to get your order from anywhere in the world. When that time has elapsed then do take the effort to contact them multiple times.

Your payment provider will want to see evidence that you have tried to resolve this yourself before they will take action. And so do record all communications from any site online, trusted or reputation unknown, as it may just win you a refund. Find Out How To Get A Refund on Almost Anything per ccpc.ie and I really hope that does help you.

Nothing Arrived or Not What You Ordered?

So if you get your goods then record yourself opening the package. Make a note of any addresses, names etc, and do let us know in the comments or anywhere online to help identify who it is we are dealing with.

If got an order but it is not what you paid for then do supply that video to your payment provider as that is irrefutable evidence you were scammed. If your payment provider sides with the scammers after this then do not use them again.

Better it is to complain about them in forums like ours. It is amazing I see sometimes that someone will get a refund because they were scammed, and yet in the same breath, another will lose their refund case concerning the very same website. That is not OK and very arbitrary and also it makes me wonder if the staff that work for payment processors even know what a scam site look like.

Multiple Charges / Overcharged to Your Card?

This is all too common I am afraid. If you find that there are sneaky multiple charges of small amounts coming out of your account, from a seemingly unknown company, then let your payment provider know about this.

What could of happened here is your information was phished and sold onto other scammers. Or they are using an type umbrella name for their scam operations to avoid detection.

Refute all charges and cancel your card.





Final Thoughts.

Devaleg.com is not recommended per our research. Business address appears to be fake. No founder name. Limited forms of contact for their customers with only an email. No phone number that I noticed. So for me persoally I would struggle greatly to trust their site with my payment information and so I would not insert that data into their site. Let us know what your thoughts are about them in the comments and also feel welcome to report any site to us you feel if suspicious.




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