What Is DepotRocket.com – Our ‘Depot Rocket Review Scam Warning!

By | May 22, 2019

Do Not Buy From DepotRocket.com – ‘Depot Rocket’ Review.

Excellent researching to find this review on DepotRocket.com. They have other scam sites such as Clipzio, LifeSpace.Shop, ClareLeo.Shop, MicoBlue.com and are a new batch from unknown cyber-crooks. We have been covering their network for some time now. We will provide proof in this article why you can  not trust them.

However, if you have had dealings then you probably already know none of the sites mentioned here are trustworthy. Those with customer reviews are asked to lend a hand to warn others by expressing our experience in the comments. Where we have many real reviews then many people may have the opportunity to save themselves their cash and a big headache fighting for their own cash back via a refund.







DepotRocket.com – Why You Simply Can’t Trust Them.

  • Just like DepotRocket.com, do not shop at Clipzio, LifeSpace.Shop, ClareLeo.Shop and MicoBlue.com. They are all connected as scams via their ‘ABOUT US’ (Or in this case, ‘Our Mission’ statement) section where you can plainly see same wording. This is typical of fake sites. But more than this, we have quite a few old articles on our site with complaints with sites with the same old ‘ABOUT US’ sections that defrauded many people.
  • So we begin to expose this one by telling you that there is never any legit business transparency. Where is their founders name? Business address is always untruth as we know they are from China. So if you see any USA addresses etc then simply know they are not telling the truth.
  • Their products are typically too cheap. They may address this by saying they are not paying for advertising, for ‘this’, ‘that’, and it all seems this is how they can offer cheap goods. This is absolute nonsense and don’t you dare fall for that! 
  • They only want to lace your hard earned cash inside their own lives for free illegal earnings. We have exposed many of their fake sites and never once as the founder refuted a single ‘letter’ of our accusations. So, that clearly is how scammers work.
  • They see their sites getting exposed, and because cyber-crooks know most people do not look up for reviews, will continue scabbing a free living out of honest hard working good people.
  • You may seek additional information as to the other flaws they contain on their other sites as there is no point repeating all in all articles about that network. We are working through a list to help nullify as much as possible their real intentions towards unwary customers.
  • But also, and quite alarmingly, I did some research on these sites yesterday and too many have not yet been exposed. So I guess the burden of this task falls on those with the knowledge of this situation and so I hope you participate and help to warn others also, if you feel you were scammed.
  • Those that clearly were defrauded must take action fast by contacting your payment provider. They will of course advise you best but probably you need to cancel your card. This is because they may have your payment information, if you gave it to them, and so this is a healthy precaution to undertake to safe guard your personal finances.
  • If you have already been charged, then there is still hope. Simply take images of all your conversations with support, if any. Provide order number, tracking info, e-receipts and that hopefully will help with your refund. Common it is for fake sites not to give e-receipts! So fight to get one for it may damage your refund claim if not.





Final Thoughts.

I hope that has warned you about DepoRocket.com. They have an email address of depotrocket@gmail.com. What else is there for customer support? This site is all wrong so many ways, and as said, you may view the other articles above, for additional information. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers to help prevent future fraud. Thanks for coming by and look forward to your reviews below in the comments.




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      Contact your payment provider Jeffrey for a refund and thank you for letting us know about this situation.


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