What Is DecorPerks.com – Is DecorPerks.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 19, 2019

What Is DecorPerks.com about? They Used To Be MassiveCart.com – SCAM ALERT!

Great to see you here and now we are going to be blowing the lid off of What Is DecorPerks.com! Is DecorPerks com safe, real, legit, genuine, good or Is DecorPerks a scam, fraudulent, crooked, bad, dishonest? This Decor Perks Review is to stop you spending your cash on a scam site. MassiveCart.com is now redirecting to the aforementioned website. Those that handed over their payment details to either are advised to contact your payment provider. Cancel your card and also get yourself a refund!

MassiveCart victims have left many people without answers on their orders, but were very sure to take their cash. Please report whichever site stole from you below in the comments. I want to impress the need to contact your payment provider on you now. Such sites will have your personal paying details for those that a purchase in good faith. So cancelling your card will stop these cyber-tricksters from charging your card continuously. Many of these fake sites are coming out of China and that is a point this review will look into as well.




DecorPerks.com Review – Your Guide.

So do stay away from DecorPerks.com found at www.decorperks.com. For those interested, you can type into any Google the following:- MassiveCart.com. You may notice that URL is now redirecting to DecorPerks! So these crooks have shut down their old site, which was identical to the new one, and restarting their online reputation with a whole new URL and site logo. That is how they operate. Since they are new and fresh it may take sometime for bad reports to surface about them. In this time many could lose their cash. Once again, please do spare a thought for those that simply can’t afford to lose their money by leaving your own scam reports below in the comments.



DecorPerks.com Review

www.decorperks is scam site!


1). The above site was registered online in 2018/12/15 and did so for just one year. How can a seemingly legit site expect to make good profits in just one year? It takes years to build up your online reputation to be a successful seller and honest sites know this. Scam sites become successful faster because there are just too many people falling for their unreal and too-good-to-be-true prices.

If you have shared any links from that site on social media then you can share this article to help nullify that mistake.

2). Their address is not a real one that you would expect to find for a ‘legit’ online business. It is a P.O. BOX 0823-03411, PANAMA. As a general rule, don’t deal with sites that have ‘PANAMA’ as their main address. Too many scammers claiming to be from ‘PANAMA’ online and then they send out packages from China. Additionally, a P.O. BOX ‘address’ is not a legit address for a real business. WHOIS has all these details.

3). They have their own scam-number and that is +507.8365503. That number is probably disconnected. If not, then you may never get a response from it.

4). Per usual for a fake site, they have not left the founders name or an email address for customer support. That is not good and now we have enough information to call them a scammer site and never to buy from them online. No legit and trusted business hides these details, where there are ones that do, is widely considered to be a deceptive site because there is no good reason to hide them other than you are trying to hide yourself from the authorities.


Sometimes fake sites will have fake addresses and other information of that sort on their site. Now we will take a look there to see for such.


5). There is an address of The Centre, High Street, R1, Feltam TW13 4GU, United Kingdom. Isn’t ‘Centre’ the USA version of that spelling? UK spelling is ‘center’ and so that is interesting. Anyways, these guys seem to have clear confusion on where they are based. First they are operating out of a tiny P.O BOX ‘somewhere in PANAMA and  now they are based in the UK. Confusion is the stock-and-trade for such merchants of chaos and is how they expertly avoid being located for questioning.

6). Email address of support@decorparks.com. That is probably a bogus address or you may never get a response from it either.




DecorPerks Scam Signs.

Apply some of these scam signs to any site and you may just avoid other fraudulent sites in the future.

They used to be called MassiveCart but they have since relocated their URL. Fraudsters, when the heat is turn up on them online with scam reports etc, they may shut down their site without notice and simply redirect it to a new URL. New URL means a whole new clean slate with Google and no more scam reports. Well, this article wishes to ruin that for them for good! It really is down to ‘YOU’ to report them here and elsewhere online.

Prices are just too cheap for a site that is just too new to afford such discounts! There is no way they can afford to give a way up to and beyond 50% off of most of the products they are advertising.

Address they have supplied on their site is not theirs! That address is from Middlesex UK and belongs to a shop that sells the brand name product called ‘Dreams Beds’ and all that kind of stuff. You may view the proof of that statement HERE which will open in a new window to allow you to come back here.

Bottom left of their site you can see their sharing icons. Actually, if you hover over those icons, you can see left corner of your screen that they are all linking back to their own websites homepage. So that is a common feature of scam sites. Probably do not want to set up on social media in case others find out about any complaints left there.

You will notice, if you go to check out with any order, that they are charging you a flat rate of $30 for shipping!





Wish To Share Your DecorParks.com Review or Scam Reports? You Can Do So In The Comments Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt they are not a good site. They have hidden anything that would give them away. There site looks good and legit but they do not have anything on their either that tells us anything valuable about them. No honest site hides that information when they are trying to make sales online. Did you find these guys promoting themselves on social media? Why not leave that link(s) below. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers.

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That is all on What Is DecorPerks.com from myself. I am hoping to hear from you and others now in the comments below. All scam reports will be like a hammer-blow to their online reputation. Where people see so many negative reviews then they will save their money. Obviously this will starve scammers of unethical earnings. Any items you may receive from their site may be so poor in quality as to render the product useless. Certainly, you will pay far in excess of the value of anything they send to you I imagine. Thanks for stopping by guys and really looking forward to you comments below.

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2 thoughts on “What Is DecorPerks.com – Is DecorPerks.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Rosa E Vargas

    I was scammed out of a Peanuts Snoopy Blanket. They responded with an email twice but never received the $68 or $69 blanket. I can’t believe how deceitful they were, apologizing for their tardiness in delivering the blanket even stated they were backlogged but promised to ship it 6 or 7 weeks later but they just took the money and I never received what was going to be a birthday present. I have noticed they could be under another name presently.

    1. Scam Witness

      Why not ring your bank Rosa for a refund in this case? You can still get your money back if you move now on this.


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