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By | September 12, 2018 Report – What they Really are.

Thank you for clicking on my article in your search to know about Those asking What Is DecentInvestmentPlans com, Is DecentInvestmentPlans fake, real, genuine, scam, fraudulent or Is Decent Investment Plans real, safe, legit, paying out, honest and a real way to make good money on stable online markets and online marketing – whatever that means! So I believe they are a High Yield Investment Program, which is a type of Ponzi Scheme. In this non-member DecentInvestmentPlans Review I will deliver my research to help you make up your own mind.

While I am not recommending them as a real and legit way to earn online, that does not mean to say, they are not good ways to earn online. The reason why so many get scammed by such schemes like Decent Investment Plans is that the potential for quick and big money, easily acquired, is all too easily appealing out our lazy natures. I mean that with respect. It is just so tempting for many to risk as a real money solution. Those that know you must work at something and then watch it grow financially may want to read my report on Wealthy Affiliate. Save you reading further, and for those happy enough already, may want to sign up HERE to get your free starter account. Premium Options for quicker success but not mandatory – all depends and how fast you want to earn online folks.
 Scheme Where Many May Get Stung – The HourTrusted.Biz Connection. Site

Those thinking that is actually somehow investing your cash as they describe are not recognizing their site for what it is. I will do my best to explore the signs you are actually dealing with an illegal business model thus and obviously an illegal website.

The founder is where we start and I can see their site was created 03/09/2018. The address supplied is, hold on, I just double checked and they have not supplied an address at site registration. That is not good. In the hunt for any address on their site, of which I could not find, they say in their Terms and Conditions you must be a member of to join! Though they clearly state that anyone can join up elsewhere on their site.

I feel that could be grounds as an excuse to use not to pay people in the future as more people don’t have the time to be Terms and Conditions. That page also says that they are not intended to solicit investments where we can see they clearly are trying to solicit investments. This whole site is not making feeling they are legit at all and they are putting in loopholes as well. All bad signs.

Their Corporate Office Address is Listed as ‘UK‘ – that is all. God help the Post Man with that one! So no legit address provided and also no founder name. Signs of a cover up of ID so when they site turns into obvious scam then they founder can do a runner with all the cash and he can’t be caught because we don’t know who he/she/they are. Invest what you can afford to lose, or better still, stay clear of them completely!


Below is a Q and A Format so you can scan to your relevant potential questions.


HYIP/Ponzi Schemes – What they are Exactly?

The site under question gives out too high returns per investment and time period. That is one sign you are dealing with something fishy. They have not provided a real world product or a download for your monies, but still they claim you make good cash, with no work and easy time. That is pure attribute of a Ponzi Scheme and a HYIP is just a ‘type’ of it.

How do they really generate monies?

Sign up and believe they are investing in some unproven trading and then they have your cash. That money will be dished out to older members, who before you invested, and now they get to share that money. Now you must wait. Then you hopefully get the same payments when new members sign up. 

How they Collapse?

When no more new people sign up is when they will collapse. Since their whole business model is based on your money to pay others, then when they run out of people to fleece, they will simply shut down the site. You see, with the promised returns to all members they are forever burdening themselves with a debt that is not statistically possible to pay. What if you recruit all humans on the planet? Where we gonna find more to pay everyone? And that is why they fail. They simply run out of enough people to convince to invest.

Best time to investment in these schemes.

I don’t promote these schemes. NEWBIES GET FLEECED at times something tragic. So, don’t risk it. However, should there be those that are going to anyways, it is the first two weeks or first four weeks. Should a site stop paying out in first two weeks you will soon see reports online of such. Do a Google search for such reports.

Are they legal?

Well, they are not legal to set up. You could be facing some serious jail time depending on the damages and how far you scaled up your operations – number of people conned out of money. Those that did not share their affiliate link, and did not know they were investing in a fake site, are said to be able to keep their earnings. This is very strange as someone else had to lose that money so that makes no sense to me. Anyways, those that shared their links and pulled in others could be open to having those funds taken from them by authorities if tracked down.

The Legal Consensus seems to be:- Its up to you! Invest only what you can afford to lose!!



Final Thoughts.

They are not a legal site. They are not a registered company. There is no evidence supplied for such statements on their site and a lack of transparency on how they are really generating earnings. I personally believe they are a Ponzi Scheme and thus a scam site! The choice is yours but I don’t recommend you invest with them.


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