Review – Is ‘Decennium Struggle’ Scam or Legit?

By | November 3, 2019

Need a Review?

What is Is genuine and legit or a scam and dishonest? This short ‘DecenniumStruggle’ Review is going to save you from that scam site. There are probably 1000’s of these fake e-stores populating the web deceiving people into giving them their payment information, speaking of which, you should contact your payment provider if you gave them that.

Those that were scammed, or concerned that you may have been, are welcome to let us know in the comments. This will help to alert others who may be on that site looking for real customer reviews to confirm any suspicions they may have. You can report in the comments in our dedicated section of our site called our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. For those interested, we also show others how to earn online from home, and so do check out our article on Ways to Make Money Blogging – Free Start Up!



Do not login into!





‘Decennium Struggle’ Exposed Weeks After Opening.

We have been exposing these kinds of scams for some time now. There are individual scam networks that I personally know very well from having exposed so many of their fake sites. is only one clone of the same scam. To this end beware of,,,,, Atcat.Store,, Bxcol, and really there are many more. Those are just the ones I have found in the last week.

  • Those that of more of these sites then do let us know about it. We just received a comment to our website alerting us to the aforementioned site above and so we do expose all scam sites if they have not already sufficiently been exposed elsewhere online.
  • So we now look closer at their site to give you more information on why we belive ‘Decennium Struggle’ is a fraud. We see their site was registered online in 2019/10/16 and just a year is all they think they have to go into business for. 1 or 2 years is normally takes for average businesses to start to make a real income. So one year just does not make the grade.
  • Wherever you see short registration periods for businesses then know that is a big scam sign. Not always but about 99% of the time. It is a reliable indicator to alert you to further investigate before giving your cc info to anyone.
  • No founder name, business address, email and phone number are mysteriously absent when they registered their site. So we check on their actual website and we see that they have only left an email of
  • I Google that email address and I am not surprised to see other websites using the same address. Actually, if you go to their ‘ABOUT US’ section you will read the following:-



we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision



  • Now, go ahead and Google that little quote there. You will find that there are countless pages in Google of websites using the same content. There is on difference only that they have slipped in their individual site names. So how is it we see many companies using verbatim the same words if they were not the same people?
  • That there is the most damning thing we can say about the site in question and all sites in this scam network. This is the ultimate proof you need to know something is badly wrong here.





Final Thoughts.

We have left you the links above to our reviews of their other scam sites should you require further proof. That is all concerning and I hope to read many of your own reviews below in the comments. These really will help others to know for sure to stay clear of such sites as the one we have just reported on.






8 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘Decennium Struggle’ Scam or Legit?

  1. madalina

    Hello, I have placed an order for you – order # 73276.
    Track number is RV254781420.
    The order was launched on 18.11.2019.
    I checked, the parcel returned to the seller.

    The Romanian Post has released a press release announcing that all packages have been blocked and sent back to the seller.(attach)

    I want to get my money back. Please tell me when I get the money and what I need to do to get my money back. I attach to you the evidence I have about the transport of the parcel and the ROMANIAN POST COMMUNICATION.

    I am waiting for your answer in order to recover the money.

    THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MONEY FOR ME. I paid and did not receive the ordered products !!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Madalina,

      Sometimes it happens that some people think that I work for some of the sites that I write about. I work for none of them. I simply wrote this article to share information with people who maybe looking for it.

      Have you tried contact If you are being ignored by them then contact your payment adviser for a refund and to cancel your card for a new one.

      So if you paid with your bank card then contact your bank. If PayPal then contact them etc.

      I hope this helps you Madalina and sorry to read you are having troubles with the site in question.

      Feel free to let us know how this turns out sometime 🙂 .

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  2. Luis Manuel

    No he podido contactar con ellos la verdad no se cómo hay personas que se dediquen a esto que dios los perdone por engañar a otros,espero que estos comentarios le lleguen a mas personas para que no sean victimas de estafa cómo nosotros


    I have not been able to contact them the truth I do not know how there are people who dedicate themselves to this that God forgives them for deceiving others, I hope that these comments reach more people so that they are not victims of scam how we

  3. Will

    I have ordered my thing on 11/18 and contact them on the samy day.
    I got a reply on 11/20. (looks like there is a person and her name is Rita)
    After 11/23 the tracking hasn’t updated for 6 day, I tried to contact the same person who replied me at the first place.
    Then I got my email bounced back three times.

  4. juri hon

    I tried to write to Decennium Struggle about a purchase I made. The mail bounced back with an error of server down.


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