Dansenly.Online Review – Is ‘Dansenly Online’ Scam or Legit Liu Jo E-Store?

By | November 9, 2019

Dansenly.com Exposed – Beware of Fake Sites Imitating LiuJo.com!

Dansenly.com is not a legit store. LuiJo.com has NOT given them permission to use their brand name products. They are under cutting a legit vendor within their sites content. There are two others we have found doing the same thing, and so do beware of Lbagssale.Top and Reeshoes.com. There maybe others. If  you know of one then it would be great if you could report them here to us as they appear to be a new scam network emerging.

Those that were scammed by the site, or sites above, are welcome to report them in our comments section. You can also report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I do also teach people how to earn online from home, as well exposing online scams, and so for those interested in this you are welcome to read our Ways to Earn Online From Home – Beginners Free Start Up!


do not login into www.dansenly.online!






Dansenly.Online Revealed as a Scam.

  1. So we checked out liujo.com and really I do not know the brand name. They look legit but you must do your own research to verify that. This review is of course about Dansenly.Online as they are using the ‘Liu Jo’ name, and since we already know they are a fake, then they must be copying liujo.com. Let us know if you have more info on this.
  2. So they have registered their ‘Dansenly’ site in 2019/10/30 and that was done for just a mere year. It can take 1 or 2 years to make your business come good for earnings after you have built it. So when we see brand name companies selling products, for just 1 year, then that is highly suspicious. It is like $15 per year and they could not afford to register for longer. Makes no sense and actually is a common sign of a scam.
  3. They have not left their founders name, address, email or phone number. So how are people to know how to contact them? This is always another glaring scam sign when we see it i.e. no business transparency except they have left ‘China’ as their location. Where about’s clearly we can not tell you.
  4. Heading to their site we see that they have left no information at all but only a contact form. That is not enough at all. Legit businesses will leave multiple emails per depart, phone numbers with extensions to them for different departments, department head names and images, a business address and also show case their founders name and details.
  5. This never occurs on a scam site as they would only land themselves in prison for fraud. So when you see such a site without any info on who they are then just run. You are hardly going to hand over your payment information to a complete stranger online now are you? Well, it happens all the time…
  6. As said there are other websites using that Liu Jo brand name, and if you wish to ask the real brand owner company about this, they would agree with us. 
  7. Look at those wonderfully deep discounts?! Unbelievable aren’t they? That is because they are unreal and too-good-to-be-true prices is nearly always a sign of a scam. Look for reviews is you are unsure.







Final Thoughts.

So they are fake and they are clearly impersonating another site. They have blanked out all of their info and only left what easily (99% sure) is a phishing form. Scammers like to collect all of your data, and that does include your payment information, to sell onto other fraudsters. Do watch your accounts from any company you never heard of before accessing your funds. Hope many will spare a moment to leave your own reports below in the comments.




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