What Is Customercentervip.com – Is ‘Customercentervip’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 15, 2019

Find Out What Is Customercentervip.com – Our ‘Customercentervip’ Review.

Glad to see you checking for reviews to answer What Is Customercentervip.com. www.customercentervip.com is not a trustworthy e-store. So questions like Is Customercentervip com a scam, fraud, fake or Is ‘Customer Center VIP’ safe, real, trustworthy and legit, have been answered quickly. We do not believe in taking your time when the answer is this simple.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave your reports in the comments below this article. This will help so many people avoid such bad sites and save their cash for legit e-stores. Also, when we expose as many sites as possible with your reviews, it helps to pave a way for legit site to shine.




Is www.customercentervip.com a scam?



Customercentervip.com Review – Scam Alert!

  • Customercentervip.com was registered online in 2018/12/11 and the founder only set it up for one year. So one year is hardly anytime to invest in your new biz. It could be the founder just wants to see if their business has any potential. If so, then they can always renew their domain.
  • WHOIS does show an address, but that is inconsequential now, as we know they are not a trustworthy store. OnlineThreatAlerts has helped to alert everyone about that and you may read their report HERE. That will open in an new tab so you may come back here if you wish.
  • There is not a founder name listed when they first submitted their site. We must go to their site and see if they have left this information. We sometimes see legit sites omit such vital info when they register their domain, but when we go to their site, it happens they have left all provable info and so that is fine.
  • When we go to their site we see that they are a fake Customer Support Portal for illegitimate sites. One such site, as quoted by OTA, is electronicstopb.info. You may check out that site for yourself.
  • They appear to be a tracking service for goods. 
  • Customer Service Email is cs2@customercentervip.com. Where you spot this on sites then be mindful and take care. Probably most are scams. If you believe an e-store is legit using this service, then why not just let them know, they are using a fraudulent service.
  • Clearly, there is not a founders name, address or contact info. Its all blanked out.




Final Thoughts.

Have you used this site? You are welcome to report on them in the comments below. They are now going into our sites List of Internet Scammers, which we will try to up date weekly, time permitting. If you see that there is a site not on that list, that you feel should be – let us know. We will gladly look into any site you suspect of being a fraud.

That just about wraps it up on What Is Customercentervip.com and thank you for coming by. Why not bookmark this webpage to keep up to date with the latest scams. We post daily, well – almost daily, and we post many scam alerts. Looking forward to hearing from you and others.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






4 thoughts on “What Is Customercentervip.com – Is ‘Customercentervip’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Herton

    Hello friends, I bought an item believing in the veracity of the page, I bought Harman Kardon Allure and what they sent in was a ring. They are swindlers, they are the real cyber-crooks !!!

  2. Daryl

    An advertisement from Instagram stories directed me to this website (http://electronicscores.shop) and upon close inspection there were many red flags about it, so i googled (cs2@customercentervip.com) which were found in the bottom of the website and it leads me to this page, glad I google it, be careful of scammers.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Daryl,

      Yesterday I exposed OGuitarVIP.Info. It is the same almost except that site is selling Fenders. Both have the same cs2@customercentervip.com. Bad sign and a huge red flag you are dealing with a scammer. Unless of course an honest site owner has been tricked into using that email. But that is hard to imagine.

      Thanks Daryl. for your report and also for alerting us to ElectronicScores.Shop. I expose that one next today. Much appreciated Daryl


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