What Ias CustomBags.Mobi – Is CustomBags.Mobi Scam or Legit? Alert!

By | January 12, 2019

Read Here 1st About What Is CustomBags.Mobi – Scam Reports Are Welcome.

Excellent research in finding the real answer to What Is CustomBags.Mobi at www.custombags.mobi. In this short review you will know answers to questions such as Is CustomBags Mobi fake, dishonest, scam, fraudulent, crooked or Is Custom Bags Mobi good, real, safe, legit, genuine, OK, honest? This CustomBags Review is a scam alert to warn you about them. Also, beware of DIYWallets.com, CoolWallet.Mobi and CoolWallet.Club as they are identical and belong to the same cyber-crooks that own the site in question. Please leave your scam reports below this article to help spread the word on that crooked site.

We have already reviewed two other of their sites and both turned out to be fraudulent and untrustworthy. We don’t recommend you buy from sites that have multiple undisclosed websites because that is a common scam sign of deception. Sites like theirs are normally out of China and so we shall see if that is the case here. Typically unwary customers will have their banking information sold onto scammers for a profit. But also, you need to contact your payment provider to cancel your card and seek a refund to stop multiple unauthorized withdrawals from your account.


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What Is CustomBags.Mobi Really All About – The Growing ‘CoolWallet’ Network Exposed.

Common for these scammers they are trying to flog online wallets, photo services etc. Their other sites have complaints of fraud against them already. Those that receive anything for their cash may notice they have in their hands a degraded product, inferior version, cheap and low quality and also even counterfeit good(s). These cyber-crooks may have a way to make such low quality versions of the products they advertise on their sites.


CustomBags.Mobi Review

don’t buy from www.custombags.mobi!


1). Let us now find out who the owner is. Where they are from and also how to contact them. Where we find this kind of data not disclosed, false then we already have a good cases against them for being a scam. Ethical sites will always make such information transparent and so let us see when they 1st registered their site online.

2). Online registration began in 2017/09/12 and only for 2 years the owner thinks it is wise to have an online business. Ethical sites will no doubt have made big investments in their real world operations and so why then is 2 years considered acceptable? Well, already they have indications that follow the patter for an online scam.

4). The real world address is a must and mandatory for any online business. So why they have they submitted ‘California, US’ as their address? No addresses or incomplete addresses is a screaming sign of a scam. Also, They have left no founder name and no email address when they registered their site. Not good and only an intentional way to cover their real identity.

Let us take a swift look on their site and see if they were good enough to leave some legit information about themselves.


5). I see an email address at wallet@supportvips.com. That is the same as the other sites listed at the start of this article. Sites that use the same email address then obviously belong to the same person. As said, that disclosing their other sites, on all of their sites, is a sign of deception. Each site will get its own level of traffic where unwary customers will not know they have stumbled straight into a well organized scam network.

6). Since we have no trace of where they are really from let us take a look at ScamAdviser.com. And so I see that they really are from the USA. OK, that is not usually the case but also they have a complaint from a lady about their service. She did receive a product but her picture was lob-sided and very degraded. THey offered her a second try at it if you she paid more money! Scam!


Here Are Their Scam Signs.

  • Below is a few scam signs that you can apply to any site to find out for yourself if they are legit or not.
  • Let us now take a quick look at their copyright date. Many times that date is older than what the site actually is. This is to make it look like that they are trusted because how can a scam site last so long. Well, some scam sites have been floating around online for over 10 years and more.
  • Their site date is 2016-2018. We know that is untrue as we have already looked into WHOIS and got the real date when their site was registered. So that is never a good sign and legit sites won’t make that mistake. It is intentional and common with fake sites.
  • Their Shipping Policy Page is near unreadable and that is also intentional. That is to put off closer inspection. No doubt, as is usual with fake sites, the whole crux of it is you end up paying for the returns. This is bad news as normally the return fee’s are higher than your actual purchase and so pretty pointless. Scammers know this but only put in such a page to give a glancing sense of legitimacy and professionalism. They are neither.
  • Their prices are just too low and so you must know where prices are too low something has to be wrong. Then they offer free shipping and so that is another ‘hit’ they are taking to give you too much of a discount. That is also common with their other sites.
  • Their About Us Page is word for word verbatim as their other sites and is an excellent place to look for duplicate content online.
  • Multiple sites, that have remained undisclosed, then is a sign of a scam.
  • No Founder Name. So who owns the site? Who are people giving their hard earned cash to and where are the products coming from? Those that have received their product I would ask you to please leave the address, for returns, in the comments below. Thank You.
  • There are many versions of their sites floating around on Facebook as Scam-Ads! Please report those links in the comments below so they maybe exposed for all to be warned as well.




Do You Have A CustomBags.Mobi Scam Report? Feel Free To Report Them Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Multiple sites. No founder information or whereabouts. Email being used on other sites. Complaint(s) of delivering shoddy products and not offering a refund, actually, they refused that lady a refund!! They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers because that is where they belong. Please don’t forget to take a moment to report them below.

Please be also aware of “New Message From +180188488394“, 1SuperShop, JhhYashy, ShopMyBest, GadJetMart as they are also fake and bad sites. Please report any site you believe is not trustworthy with few details as to why. Please take advantage of this websites promotions by taking your own 2 Free Websites Below without the need of a credit card. I wish to thank you for clicking on our site and that is all concerning What Is CustomBags.Mobi. Those with questions and additional data are welcome to leave that below where I will respond to you. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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2 thoughts on “What Ias CustomBags.Mobi – Is CustomBags.Mobi Scam or Legit? Alert!

  1. Shaun

    Is there anyway that you know of to get your money back from these people

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Shaun,

      You could try just ask them straight out. Or you can go to your payment provider and put in for a refund. Make sure you list valid grounds like, no item, wrong item, not as advertised etc. Hope that helps Shaun and do come back if you need more help 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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