Current Phone Call Scams in 2017

By | July 19, 2017

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Current Phone Call Scams that are easy to fall for.

I will cite a few examples of current phone call scams that are doing the rounds and are cleaning up unsuspecting victim’s money. We all think we are too smart to fall for such scams, but as you read, I want you to put yourself in the victim’s shoes and see how easily this could happen to you or someone you know.


Freshly surfaced current phone call scams.

phone scams

This first example is very new indeed and is a genuine Scammer Alert. The Garda (Irish Police) came out on Irish TV to warn the citizens of Ireland as five people have already been scammed by it. It is one of the most ‘professional’ scams I have ever heard of and before you know it, if you are panicked enough, you will fall for it.

Here is how it runs:-

You receive a phone call (not to your mobile – landline) by someone from your local shopping store purporting to part of their security. The ‘Security Officer’ will tell you, with grave concern, that someone has been caught using your bank details to try to buy something. Once he has fleshed out the incident for you he will ask for your bank details which you may not give – well – you definitely should not! He will very sympathetically advise you to swiftly call your bank to see if funds have been removed and take steps to put a stop to it now. Here it comes folks!!

You hang up and straight away call your bank whereupon whatever details your bank asks, you submit without question, to avoid any criminals from accessing your money. You bank may ask you if you want to switch your cash into another account? You may, as people have done, say yes! YIKES! You just emptied your account into someone else’s!!

So how did the scammers take your money?

Just after the Security Officer from the shopping center tells you to call your bank, you hang up. OK, so you dial your banks number. You do this very quickly (remember, a lot of people get panicked at this point) so as you don’t give your phone line time enough to terminate. I have experienced hanging up a phone and picking it up straight away just to have the same conversation on the line.

But how does the phone seem to ring as you call your bank?

Easy, the scammers have a recording of a phone dial and will play it into the phone’s ear piece, then, one of the associates will answer and take it from there! Told you it was clever!

One man got caught to the tune of thirty-eight thousand Euros via this phone scam. This is definitely being added to my scammer list to help others avoid this fraud. Reporting a Scammer has never been easier online. I will leave a few links for you at the end of this article should you need them.

Can You Hear Me hoax phone call scam.

Imagine, if you will, you are in your office or even at home, and your landline rings or mobile. You answer the phone. There is a lady or gentleman introducing themselves and telling you about their business. Sounds like another cold call so you prepare a mental wording of “no, sorry, not interested“. Before you can respond, however, the caller asks you one innocent sounding question, which is, “Can you hear me?“. Saying “Yes” to this question is all you need to do to get financially ripped off by this scam.

The phone fraudster has just recorded you saying “Yes” and it has been submitted to some online website where you have agreed to join and buy stuff. The scam artist then buys a shed load of stuff and demands you pay for it, or they will sue you, as you have entered into a binding contract by saying “Yes”. Many don’t report this as they feel embarrassed for falling for it and end up paying for the stuff.  Also, the caller, is just a recording of the scammers voice.


The above two examples are the newest forms of phone scams that have surfaced in 2017. If you have received a similar call go a head and report it here in the comments section, or if you know someone that has been ripped off this way leave it in the comments section, so others may learn to recognize phone scams if they come across them.

Alternatively, you can report bogus phone calls to the following links:-

  • FTC Consumer Phone Scams.
  • Bogus Phone Calls
  • Action Fraud UK

Can you hear me?“. If you hear those words from an unknown number than please just hang up! If you get a missed call from an unknown number, don’t call it back, as scammers have software that call you, let it ring once, and run up your bill when you return the call.


Ever heard of ‘Smishing‘?  Lean how a simple text could have you empty your bank account in minutes!  This is new and current and popped up Ireland recently.

Please leave a comment and consider sharing to get these two new scams so people can protect themselves from these scams.

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