What Is Cupsomer.com – Is ‘CupSomer’ Scam or Legit Ladies E-Store?

By | April 6, 2019

Find Out What Is Cupsomer.com – Our ‘CupSomer’ Review.

You are welcome to our review on What Is Cupersomer.com at www.cupsomer.com. Is Cupsomer com fake, malicious, a scam or Is ‘Cupsomer’ safe, trustworthy, genuine and legit? This ‘Cup Somer’ Review has found one online report of defective product delivered for one customers hard earned cash.

Those with customer reviews are invited to let everyone know you own experience below in the comments. Clearly, 1 scam report is hardly grounds to call a site a scam. So this is why your reports are invaluable to help others know if sites are trustworthy or not.




Is www.cupsomer.com a scam?



Cupsomer.com Review – Scam-Check.

We will now check the most vital areas of their site and within WHOIS. That is a site that holds information about registered domains. We can see here that Cupsomer.com was registered in 2018/12/24 for just 2 years. 1 or 2 years for a business is just not enough time. But, they do have the option to renew, and so that maybe their intention as it is with some founders of e-stores.

Gan Zhou, CN (China), is all they have opted to put in for the business address. We can see on their site that they have service@cupsomer.com but no address for their business. If they have one then it is likely placed awkwardly somewhere on their site. Usually that info is available in the ‘CONTACT US’ sections of sites.

Do not see a telephone number either and certainly not a founder name. This means that people may be handing their payment information to a site where no one online knows the founder – or their real business location.

So business information missing is typical of a fraudulent site. I mean, next to no contact information for customer service? What business do you know of that operates like this?

So, we found a complaint against this site for delivering a defective product within the BBB.org’s Scam Tracker section. This is how we found out about that site. 

What has your experience been?

Those that have made purchases on that site are welcome to leave your own reviews in the comments. In this way we can weed out bad sites and highlight good sites. 

Since social media is not vetting sites, hosting providers CLEARLY NOT asking for proof of identity, then all we have is each other.

You contributions below to help others know where they should make purchases, and so where one and all share our combined knowledge, we can help make the internet a safer place.

For now, we will wait for reports to come through before casting a verdict on whether they are ‘scam or legit’. 

That is all on What Is Cupsomer.com and don’t forget to check out the comments below for further information, if any.

Over to you…



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