What Is CryptoInstant.Trade – Is CryptoInstant.Trade Scam or Legit?

By | September 4, 2018

What Is CryptoInstant.Trade and Their Peer to Peer Illegal Operation Online.

Researching What Is CryptoInstant.Trade (www.cryptoinstant.trade)? Asking is CryptoInstant Trade safe, trusted, good, honest, real, genuine or is CryptoInstant fake, false, scam, fraudulent and only a place where you will be hustled for your cash? Well, this Crypto Instant Trade Review is going to let you know,  especially for the newbie investors out there, that they are targeting newcomers to such a scheme.

Beginners can lose many thousands on such illegal online sites and not get their cash back. Experienced Investors may earn big money here, while those that don’t know to look for, could lose their shirt! Personally, I have good reason they are a scam site. Below is for your consideration to make up your own mind.

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What Is CryptoInstant.Trade, Owner, Registration Details, Invetments and How it Will Collapse.

CryptoInstant.com Site

Those that want to know more on What Is CryptoInstant.Trade will do well to read to the end of this post. In order to establish if something is legit or fake we first begin to ask who the founder is of CryptoInstant. Database registration site shows me that the founder name is not registered and it is not anywhere on their site.

This is a very bad sign we are dealing with people that intentionally hiding their ID. They have good reason to do so as well because when they run off with all the cash then they can’t be arrested for setting up an illegal online operation and ripping people off.

They also have used a well known fake address favored by such illegal sites. This address is Panama, but yet, they say they are registered in the UK – what gives? More signs that they are hiding their identity online.

What are they Offering?

The chance to cash-in on someone else’s misfortune – nothing more! They have some drivel that they have a team of Forex Traders with about 8 years of experience with some nonsense about Stocks etc. It is a ‘script’ I have read many times on other Peer to Peer, High Yield Investment Programs, Ponzi Schemes – all the same name for defrauding people.

Peer to Peer – What is it?

This is simply you cash-gifting someone you don’t know online and then you wait for your own cash gifts in return. Top of their website, if you look real close at the Bitcoin image, they have inscribed ‘PEER TO PEER‘ – <- THAT is all I need to call them fraudulent. Those peer to peer schemes are definitely illegal and, like I said, is just you giving someone your cash that you will likely never hear from again in your life.

Then there is the headache that if they don’t confirm you then you don’t get qualified to receive returns. This is a really bad nightmare to fall into and I have received comments of people in a real panic of losing money. Even one man lost $20,000 in one year from such schemes.

High Yield Investment Programs and Ponzi Schemes are interchangeable as the same operation as well.

Are they Registered Legally as a Business?

NO, they are not. Nearly always without end do such sites make a big deal about being registered with that Companies House Organization. Once you got a legit cert it is meant to say your business is registered in the UK. However, overseas unknown people can go ahead and buy that cert up to a max of about £130, and as low as £5, to garner trust and legitimacy from their members. This still does not mean they are located anywhere in the UK. Big oversight.

Anyways, I Googled their company registration number and nothing came up so make of that what you will.

How is the Money Earned on their Site?

So, here is what they don’t tell you on their site. You must make an investment. Actually, that is the wrong word. The right word is ‘donation’. Because it is a peer to peer and that is also another way of saying it is a cash gifting schemes. Such schemes work on the ‘good-will’ premise that if you give then you shall get in return. Its nonsense, anyways, once you donate then you wait for someone else to donate to you in the hopes of getting free money as well. In truth, the only people that will ever walk out of this site fully en’riched’ is the unknown founder. Some will make cash though, more on this below.

Can I really make money investing with them?

Yes, but only if the site is still young enough. First 14/28 days of such sites then you have a chance. After that then its a real risk and the chances of earning back even your initial investment are vastly diminished. Maybe even if you see some legit payment proofs many months down the line, then perhaps they have decided to incentive new sign ups, and give money to a real or a fake account (1 they own) to make such claims. Al in all its rigged and the house will always win.

Why Do People go to Sites like CryptoInstant if it is a Scam?

Experienced investors in these illegal schemes will hunt them down online and then spread their bets (investments-donations) across multiple sites. This way they are balancing out their earnings and losses. They know the earlier you join and invest the greater your chances of earning.

They will also look to their deposits and withdrawals. Should the withdrawals be significantly lower than the deposits then they will know the founder is just greedy already and probably won’t bother investing. 

Others will join and invest not knowing they are investing in a scam operation. This is where the bulk of Crypto Instants money will be made. Only invest what you can afford to lose and better still just don’t go near them. I don’t advocate for these sites at all and warning you that you could lose thousands to them, without comeback, if you are not careful with your money.


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Know of a scam site?

You can report all scams below or to scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. You may look to the comments for additional info if there is any there.



Final Thoughts.

So, I don’t believe they are a legal investment company that is registered in the UK because CryptoInstant did not provide legitimate proof of that. They are making generic statements something along the lines of Forex and Trading and there is no proof of that either. They call themselves peer to peer that is hidden in plain view in their home page image. Nowhere else on their site do they honestly declare this.

They want investors to prop up and keep them going long enough so the founders efforts are not wasted and they can walk away with a ton of free and illegally earned cash. It is up to you but I am calling them a scam site based on their clearly illegal business model. Complaints will come in as time passes I am sure.

Do report them if you were scammed by them – or – tell us if you earned

Any questions on What Is CryptoInstant.Trade? Need Help Earning Money Online? You are welcome to place such questions about both below and I will respond to you as soon as I notice them. Check out your free account below to earn online sooner rather than later. Thanks for looking in and looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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    Hello. Please, send this message to owner of this website. My name is Ben Scott, I contacted you before but I did not receive any answer.
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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ben,

      I am sorry Ben, I did not notice your communication, I get so many emails a day – its hard to catch them all. Sorry Ben, not for sale but thank you also. I know you left an email address there and so I thought I would just answer you here.

      Thank you all the same and take care.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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