What Is CryptoExplicitMining.com – Is Crypto Explicit Mining Scam or Legit?

By | November 24, 2018

What Is CryptoExplicitMining.com – DON’T INVEST UNTIL YOU READ HERE!

What Is CryptoExplicitMining.com about? Is CryptoExplicitMining (www.cryptoexplicitmining.com) fake, crooked, scam, dishonest, bad or Is Crypto Explicit Mining genuine, real, safe, legit, good investment site? This CryptoExplicitMining Review is probably going to shock you on the following research. While their site looks very professional there is one complaint in particular that has me doubting their site’s offer. But also, there is also lacking sufficient evidence to what they say they do. Right now I am calling them a scam site. That could change as this article is written in real time as I do my research. Follow along to determine on how to recognize scam from legit sites.

Those that lose $1000’s on fake investments sites are being manipulated on their greed for quick and easy cash. If that is not true then why do so many fall prey to scammers and lose serious money? Early reports suggest that people are losing several thousand at Crypto Explicit Mining and their scammers are working through social media to lure in people desperate for big money. While I expose online scams I am asked how to earn money online as well. Those interested, though it has nothing to do with giving away $1000’s to unknown cyber-crooks online and everything to do with working ethically, may have a look at Wealthy Affiliate. No experience to learn how to conquer your area of interest online and become a real authority to earn online. Lets continue with this Crypto Explicit Mining Review.



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To-The-Point Article On What Is CryptoExplicitMining.com!

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I came across just one report on What Is CryptoExplicitMining.com!! I did preliminary research and, at this moment, am convinced we are dealing with a fake investment site. They are full of big earnings in relatively short periods of time claims. What we need to find out is a few things that are crucial that contradict their own site. For instance, if they are so big and impressive in the world of cryptomining, then surely – AT THE VERY LEAST – they would be good enough to display their ‘amazing’ founders name?

Created 2018/10/06 and registered online their website for exactly one year. They have a PO Box 0823 03411 as their street address. You can go ahead and Google that PO Box number and you will find out that it is the same info supplied for a known scam site called ProActiveLendingSolutions.com! (source:- scamwarners.com).


CryptoExpliciMining.com Exposed

10 Levels Deep – Huh? I noticed a contradiction on their site regarding this.



The rest of the address simply says ‘PANAMA’. I can really assure you here now when I see ‘PANAMA’ as an ‘ADDRESS’ for a ‘LEGIT BUSINESS’ then I am afraid that is ONE HUGE BIG RED FLAG FOR ME!! I have personally witnessed many 100’s of scam sites now using that as their address in the hopes no one does a back ground check. That is a very bad sign indeed but a major good clue for us in our own research 🙂 .




The Red Flags – Online Complaints.

They are asking people to invest with them so you may earn money on bitcoin. That is the basic premise of their site. Below it all that is the only thing they are asking and that is all the work you have to do. Problem is, I see these kinds of Ponzi Sites all the time, and they have so many things in common.

To Start:-

In order to mine bitcoin you have to have something called Data Centers. These are just big servers that are housed somewhere very cool on the planet. Legit mining sites will have clear and undeniable proof of such data mining centers but Crypto Explicit Mining does not.

They say they are Government Approved. Again, there is no proof of that and that is something scammers like to say. 

Take a VERY CLOSE LOOK AT THEIR PAYMENT PROOF! You will notice that the names of those having been paid out, or pending, are repeated too often. 

Their ‘Customer Reviews’ or ‘Endorsements’ are generic in nature. Curiously, they are labeled ‘FREE USER’ which is contradictory to their sites offer. You have to pay in order to get a return, so FREE USERS makes no sense at all.

They claim to Provide High Income with Low Investment Risk. The best any mining company can offer is a 50/50 chance off success. The reason why is because there are other users, or ‘nodes’, that are all competing to complete a block chain algorithm. The first one that does then succeeds in getting the monetary reward from that puzzle. Its not easy to do and much competition.

10 Levels Deeps Referral Commissions, and yet if you look a little closer on their site, they quickly change that to 2 Levels Deep. These are contradictions that make no sense on a legit site.

Can you REALLY tell ‘ME’ how they are earning money to make returns to their members? Something to do with bitcoin mining? OR – are they a get paid to website where you are paid for doing actions on their site for money? Because that is another offer they are running which makes no sense to their initial offer.

Then I find they are trying to sell hardware on the bottom of their site. When you click on that icon then I see an empty shopping store. So all of this is nothing short of pure worry for me to invest even 1 cent and still feel like I will see that money again.

They have a bunch of awards on their site, but once you click on those awards to see if they are legit or not, then they click onto nowhere. Should you wish to look for the name of those awards you will see copies of them on Google images.


Online Complaint – 

Online Scam Report

$12,000 Defrauded From 1 Individual!


Given the information in the above report, if you read it carefully, tells us that people are being defrauded by $1000’s at a time. I expect soon enough that many more complaints of fraud will surface but I fear by then that too many will have lost so much by then.

Should you have lost money to the site in question then I ask you now to come forward by placing your own report below. Their site is very ambitious with the amounts they wish to defraud out of people and this could be very bad for many people. The More Reports that surface then the less money that will be put into these unknown scammers pockets for a life where they live without honesty.

The sheer amount of money lost in the one go is the very reason why I decided to give the site in question my personal opinion. I know the feeling of having been scammed and actually having no one to turn to. While I can’t get back the money for the individual who placed that report at the bbb.org, I can certainly use that persons experience as they have reported, to help warn a great number of people in time.













Final Thoughts.

They have not sufficiently proven their credentials to show us they even exist in the realm of bitcoin mining! That is a major scam sign. Their site is full of generic statements on the money that can be earned and on how expert they are. That is all!!! That is it! No founder identity, their addresses, if you care to Google them one by one, will show you one address is for a distillery – water company etc and none have anything to do with their actual site. Not to mention the PO BOX is connected to an already known scammer site! Up to you folks, but given the real time research here, I would give it miss. Where you see no actual product for money invested, but for seemingly huge returns, then you are looking at a classic Ponzi Schemes. Such schemes are a long time illegal where over 90% of people will lose every penny you put into their dishonest venture. For the reasons listed about above, the aforementioned site is going into my 100% Scam Sites Section of this website – where it will stay.

Still have some questions on What Is CryptoExplicitMining.com? That is just fine and I would be very happy to hear from you. You can place any questions below in the comments where I will respond in good time. Perhaps you were scammed by them? Then you ask, once again, you kindly place that report below where everyone can be warned. This is of the utmost importance as the internet, as evidenced by its life span, has not got a solution to all the scam sites out there. So, this means we as the online community have to warn each other. In essence, we have to watch out for each other that is solely dependent on sharing our collective knowledge to help keep ourselves and others safe online. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come. BTW, do stay clear of InvestsProfit, MachIncomes, YouOption Net as those are Ponzi Schemes as well.

Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks To Warn Family And Friends. Thank You.


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