What Is CrypaMaze.com – Is CrypaMaze.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 10, 2018

What Is CrypaMaze.com and its Real Operation.

You will find out all you need to know on What Is CrypaMaze.com (www.crypamaze.com) here. Those asking Is CrypaMaze com real, legit, good, honest, genuine or is CrypaMaze fraudulent, fake, dishonest, illegal and not paying out? This Crypa Maze Review will out line excellent reasons why I believe they are not mining BTC. They appear to be generating income from member investments. This is how a Ponzi Scheme operates and therefore illegal. Other statement like they are registered is proven on their site. They have no proof that they have the equipment i.e. data centers required for mining purposes. Below is everything you need to make up your own mind based on my research and opinion.

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What Is CrypaMaze.com, Owner and How it Really Works – The Pitfalls Explained.

CrypaMaze.com Site

I have already said my answer to What Is CrypaMaze.com. Now I must back it up. We begin by trying to find out the owner of that site. WHOIS is a free resource online that shows all website registration details. I can see that CrypaMaze was created 06/09/2018 and registered for just 1 year. That is indicative of a scam site and that rule only applies to sites that offer paid work online – not to affiliate blogs like mine. 

Their physical location address is Panama. That is all they submit on that issue. The Founder Name is not listed and nor can I locate it on their site. That is a sure-fire sign of intentional hiding of one’s ID online. When things go bad for this site i.e. exposed too much, too may complaints, no more sign ups then the founder can simply shut it down and start up a new one. Since no one knows who the owner actually is then it is very easy money for such sites to make.

SO! No founder ID. Below is a Q and A style format to help you in your own research.

If they are not mining BTC What are they?

Any site that is mining BTC will show clear and undeniable evidence to that fact. CrypaMaze does not provide such evidence. They have, instead, investment levels:-

Plan 1 is set at minimum of just $5 and max at $300 for 150% profits in 1 day. Plan 2 offers 175% profits in one day for $300 minimum investment and $500 max investment. Plan 3 asks for a minimum of $501 and a max of $1000 with expected profits of 200%. All of that is true for some people as some will earn. Most will never see such profits as I will soon explain why.

Since this is the only way to generate income for themselves then they are a Ponzi Scheme or High Yield Investment Program.

What is Ponzi/HYIP?

Of all the information in this article, this is the most important part! When I see a site offering returns via varying investment levels but not offering any real world product or digital download then I can safely assume they are indeed running an illegal Ponzi Scheme. You see, where there is no actual ‘thing’ for your money is your biggest clue of all. So, they are an illegal site based on their business model.

Such sites will only exist for as long as they are getting more sign ups. They are running their own referral program where you are offered 7% when your sign up deposits. I do not recommend you invite anyone to their site

Who Will Earn?

The ones that get in early. While of course I don’t recommend you invest and earn in this manner, as someone else will have to lose their money for you to gain your profits, the best time is the first 4 weeks. Even some sites like Crypa Maze will get greedy quicker and will only pay out for the first two week. The reason they even pay out anything is to attract more people to their site to invest. When their site reputation decreases and signs stop occurring then the whole operation is will shut down. 

The experienced investors of HYIP’s know what I have said above. So that is when they will gamble a few quid to see if the founder is paying out or not. They may even gamble with more money if they are satisfied with first investment returns. Ultimately, it is all up to an unknown founder whether you get paid or not – stay clear of them if you are faint of heart.

As for the newbies to such schemes, well, you are most at risk. Should you have landed on their site and thought they were really mining BTC , but decided to research them first, then good job on that 🙂 . Quite simply, many don’t do that. I recommend all look for reviews of any site, and if too many bad reviews, then you can safely assume something is not legit with that site. Incidentally, new comers to such schemes can lose money into the thousands. Contact your payment processors i.e. bank, PayPal to see about getting you cash back.


Report all scams or suspicious emails in the comments section below or at:- scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com



Final Thoughts.

I am staggered at times when I see sites like Crypa Maze make statements of mining for Bitcoin when they have no proof of that anywhere on their site. For those that don’t know, you need warehouses of powerful computers to resolve mathematical equations to unleash bitcoin. These computations take about ten minutes for high powered machines to work on them. The computations to be solved is set to run out in 2140 where there will be no more bitcoin puzzles to solve. Do you see where I am driving at? Its a huge operation to mine bitcoin on the scale they say they are and they don’t provide a single image of any such facility. For me and in my opinion it is too easy to call them a scam site based as well on their illegal business model.


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