What Is Crrtiv.com – Is Crrtiv.com Scam or Legit? – Review!

By | April 26, 2019

Find Out What Is Crrtiv.com Here – Our ‘Crrtiv’ Review.

Nice work indeed because you have found the scam-alert review on What Is Crrtiv.com (www.rrtiv.com). Can we trust, feel safe with ‘Crrtiv.com. Are they a scam, intentionally set-up to defraud others or are they legit, trustworthy and real? Our review is a warning to you not to purchase anything on their site. Even not to expend 1 second thinking they are a good site.

They have multiple copies online pretending to be part of the Timeberland Brand Franchise. The founder of this site is grossly breaking the copy right brand laws because they have not permission to sell those goods. Perhaps they will send you some ‘boots’ but it won’t be the ones you see on their site. Or maybe you won’t get anything for your hard earned cash.



Don't Hold Your Breath

Here is why www.crrtiv.com is a scam! Please share this warning with your networks.




Crrtiv.com Customer Reviews Are Welcome Here.

Feel very welcome to share what you know about Crrtiv.com. This is a forum set up solely for discussion about this site, and any other site, that is identical or far too similar to the one in question. There are many and we have reported on several already.

This site was registered in March 14th 2019. Founder name is never given for these sites. We do not see a business address nor is there a customer phone number even an email address is not transparent to find. Perhaps its hidden in their Terms and Conditions?

Nothing there either and yes sometimes they will put emails hidden in those kinds of sections. So far they have a complete black-out for business transparency. Legit businesses tend not to hide all of this information.

The only time where we could expect to see this is if we are dealing with an e-store founder doing drop shipping from home for commissions. I just wish, in those cases, it is made evident to their visitors as others may take them for a scam.



Crrtiv.com Scam Signs.

  • No founder name.
  • No email address.
  • Business address business.
  • Customer phone number not available.
  • Other copies online and more are being made routinely impersonating the Timberland Brand Name. You can contact Timeberland yourself and they will tell you that site does not have permission to sell their goods.
  • Up to 75% Off is far too generous. Where we see too-good-to-be-true prices is usually indicative of a scam site. I have bought Timberland boots before and they do cost more than what is being advertised on the ‘Crrtiv’ site.
  • Their URL is utter gibberish and means nothing. Where we find URL domain does not match the sites Logo i.e. in this case ‘Timberland’, then that is a very very good sign you could be dealing with a fake site. Professional sites know that the URL must mean something that encapsulates your sites content.
  • You may see all of those social sharing icons? Hover over those image links and you will see that they only point to the home page of twitter, Facebook, Insta, G+ etc. That is only to give the impression of a social set up online but a common scam sign when they only point to the platforms home page.
  • Where are their Trust Seals? You may have seen such seals such as Norton, McAffee, VeriSign etc. When clicked then a certificate should pop up saying such sites are safe from phishing, spamming, malware. But even if sites get this does not mean they are legit. I have seen these seals on scam sites and so it is only a matter of purchasing that service and I see no impact to actually isolate fake sites.
  • The biggest fall-down I can see for isolating scam sites is when such sites are registered they are not forced to submit legit identity information. This is clearly a problem with hosting providers. However, since their are millions of sites to check on then we can see that enforcing this issue is impossible. What is the solution?
  • Bottom of their site it says Copyright 2018. That is a lie. We have already said they registered in 2019. This is only to make them seem a little older than what they are to entice a little bit more trust.



Your Order – Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Each kind of scam has unique scam signs that can alert us to their real intentions. Fake e-stores are not different. Their ‘bundle’ of scam signs clearly we can see on their site. We can also see from such sites behavior. Below is the kinds of things that can alert you to deception:-

Taking Payment Fast.

It is very common for such sites to take payment way ahead of the promised time they said they would take it. This is obviously to ensure they earn before you begin to suspect. The hope is they can string you along with excuses so you do not put in for a refund.

PayPal gives you 180 days to put in for a refund. Some card holders companies only allow 60 days.

What kinds of delaying tactics could they employ?

They could say pretty much the first thing that comes to their minds. I have read reports that peoples orders failed to turn up to a Tsunami. Clearly, all we can do is Google that and see it to be untrue.

Also, vehicle accident is another one they like to use.

Even they will say that your order is stuck in logistics somewhere, but when you seek that info from your tracking page, then it does not reflect -or – it is the same information for days to weeks. It never seems to update.

Tracking Information Legit?

Check that they have given you working tracking information. Where nothing shows up for it then that is a good sign of a fake site. They may give you another tracking code. Now, check that code and if legit info check the weight of the package.

If it is far too light for what you ordered it is likely they are sending you out something worthless. Maybe earbuds, headphones, USB cable etc. All cheap and likely only a few dollars.

They produce this tracking code as well so they can prove to PayPal etc they are sending you out something and to make you look like an unworthy refund claimer.


Maybe they did not give you some kind of email confirmation for your purchase. That is another huge scam sign if so. Ask for one and take copies of all communications for a possible refund in the future.


Time and Time again I see reports of people being stuck with goods they are not happy with. When they try to return support tells them that it will cost them too much to do so and just give the goods to a friend as a gift. Often times adult sizes will not even fit young teenagers.

Your Payment Information!

Those unfortunate enough to hand over payment information to this site, or any site that is identical to it, are advised to contact your payment provider at your earliest convenience.

It maybe now that these cyber-crooks have that sensitive information. They may at anytime randomly charge your card. So it maybe wise that you are advised to cancel your card and order a new one. This will put a stop to any threats to your personal funds.


Final Thoughts.

Now you must be clear why ‘Crrtiv’ is a scam site. If not, you are welcome to ask below for further explanation.

Those with scam reports on this company are welcome to report them below in the comments. This will have the invaluable attribute of helping to warn others intead of just taking our word for it.

They are going into our websites List of Internet Scammers. Right now, I do not see a whole lot of complaints about them but I believe they will soon change.

Thank you for visiting us here today as we conclude What Is Crrtiv.com and we hope we have managed to save you some cash. If not, and you found us too late, then we advise letting them have it in the comments in a big way. Rants are good for you 🙂 so the more reports exist online about a site the quicker they may shut down.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





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