What Is CrossExercise.com – Is ‘CrossExercise’ Scam or Legit? – Review

By | April 9, 2019

Find Out What Is CrossExercise.com – Our ‘CrossExercise’ Review / Free Product Giveaways?

You are welcome to our review on What Is CrossExercise.com at www.crossexercise.com. Is CrossExercise com fake, scam, untrustworthy or Is ‘CrossExercise’ safe, real, legit and trustworthy? This ‘Cross Exercise’ Review is a scam alert. I simply can not see an online business simply giving away products. We have located a scam report confirming our suspicions.

Those with reports are welcome to leave them in the comments below to help alert others to this sites behavior. The more reports there are online about this site then the more people maybe protected from their scam site. Let’s find out more why we believe they are not legit below.




www.crossexercise.com scam alert!



CrossExercise.com Review – Scam Signs.

Let us now do a quick background check on CrossExercise.com. We can see they have registered their domain name in 2018/09/07 and only for 1 year they have done this for. They have not listed a founder name within WHOIS and say they are fro Quebec, CA. There is no contact information.

On their own website it is the same. No founder name, no bIz address that we could see and we can not even see an email address. That is not good and why is there no transparency? This is a website that may ask you for information that maybe sensitive.

Perhaps, if you go for their ‘free products’, they may ask yo for your bank details to prove you are over 18. Pin numbers for your cards are 4 digits with 10K possible combinations. Scammers have been known to run through all such combinations until they get the right one.

This is worth it to them if they believe you could have considerable savings. If you handed over this info to this website then contact your bank immediately.

Perhaps they just want your personal information like full name, address etc, and so that is a profit data harvesting scam as well. Where they are able to garner enough details then they could make relatively big cash quite fast.


What Has Your Experience Been?

Having gone to through the process of trying to get one of their products, I see a page asking for all of my information.

This site looks like a Phishing Expedition and so you are welcome to report them below in the comments about your experience.

Did you get your free product?

I would be surprised to hear this. You are welcome to read about that online scam report we found and so click HERE to find out more about that. That link will open in a new tab so you may come back here to report if you wish.

For us, they are going into our List of Internet Scammers. Their prices are $0.00 and so how can anyone be giving away free products and they do not even charge you for shipping. Not convinced!

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





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