What Is CreditLighter.com – Is CreditLight.com Scam or Legit Website?

By | October 11, 2018

What Is CreditLighter.com and How Are They Making Money So Fast for Unreal ROI’s?

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There are thousands of fake investments sites set up daily! What is CreditLight.com and can we trust them? Is CreditLighter com real, genuine, good, legit or is CreditLighter fake, scam, bad, dishonest? This Credit Lighter Review is going to nail-down why they are not a real investment company and why they have nothing to do with clean energy investment products. The owner will be scrutinized along with any proof’s of their ‘legit’ ‘investment’ activities. However, for me they are a clear scam site that is only a Ponzi Scheme!

This Review is based on significant time online researching scam sites. The first place we look to see if they are legit is to their ROI. When these are too high per time and ROI then you should question everything about their site. I understand peoples need to earn quick cash, but too many times, people just lose big cash quickly! Where ever have you heard about big, easy, quick cash ever available in the real world? Oh Yes! Two Places:- In The Movies and Real World Crime!!

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What Is CreditLighter.com – Most Revealing and Shocking Truth About Them!

The answer to What Is CreditLighter.com has already been answered. Now its time to show you why I believe they are no good. We start with the founder and try to find out who he, she, they are. Their site was created on the 10/10/2018 and there is no name listed to their sites registration. There is also no business address associated to their website. 

This is an attempt to cover up all information around who owns the site. When sites are scams, or will turn into a scam, then no one knows who the person responsible is. This has the unfortunate aspect of not knowing who has run off with all of your cash i..e. no way to get it back. That is 0/100 for ownership transparency.

What Is Their Fake Offer About?

They are pretending to being offering big returns to invest in clean energy investment products to help combat global warming. I have never heard of these peoples companies products before, moreover, their not even listed. If the investment products are not listed then who decides what to invest in with your money? What if that is just a really bad invest? If they were legit then would have not say on how you earn with your own cash. Does that make sense to you?

Ultimately, where you see a lack of transparency on how money is earned is how you know there is a problem with a site, well, its one reliable sign anyways.

What Is Their Business Structure?

Since there is no product that has been defined by their own site (that is their own fault and not mine for when they are called a Ponzi Scheme), and nearly zero transparency on how revenue is generated to pay out to members, then you must know you are dealing with such a scheme.

What Are The Unreal Returns?

The Plans are as Follows:-

120 Hours its 1% Hourly. Minimum is $2 and Max Investment is $5000.

For 5 Days its 26% Daily with Minimum of $500 to a Max of $5000. Initial Investment Returned.

For 3 Days it is 130% with Minimum of $5000 to a Maximum of $15000.

After 2 Days it is 140% with Minimum of $`15000 to a Maximum of $2000,000!

This is a major reality check for anyone contemplating on losing $200,000 of their own money. If you really don’t want it then I will gladly take it off of your hands!!! Thank You 🙂 .

In essence, that is what you are doing when you gamble with such sites that have no ID attached to them, no transparent proof of how earnings is generated, undefined product or service and so also, as said, there is little chance of getting a refund.

Is It Also A Pyramid Scheme and a Cash Gifting Scheme?

Great Question! Typical with such sites the founder keeps most of the monies donated or ‘investments’ made on that persons site. Let us now consider, that since over 90% of people lose all their investments on Ponzi Schemes (as historical data shows – Google is your friend) you can only imagine the illegal earnings being accrued.

And since most of it is kept by the founder, you can easily now see why it is also a Pyramid Scheme. Illegal business model as well.

Cash Gifting is obviously ‘gifting’ your cash to someone else. In this sense people are handing money over, this money is the ‘gifted’ to unknown members, and then you hope this same happens for you. So, in this sense they are also Illegal.

Company Registration Number is Not Supplied and so they are not a legal company! Their supplied address can not be verified and only any address will do to put there for those quickly scanning their site.

Maria ‘YoungBlood’ – Who Is That?

The scammers have planted a stupid name to see who will NOT notice it. Those that don’t are considered easy targets and so they will go to work on you as a special point of interest – I kid you not! I dropped Maria ‘YoungBloods’ pictureinto Google and there was no returns. That is just some random picture of a pretty lady to garner a sense of trust and professionalism with their fake endorsements.

You can drag and drop all the other pictures and you will not see a connection to that website whatsoever. 

Is It Possible To Earn Money On Their Site?


Those that have no moral problem in this area, then this answer is for you. 

The first two weeks is the standard time of payouts. After that then usually such sites will not pay out. Even sooner they will not pay out and it is common sites will close within days if sufficiently exposed enough, hence this review. 

It is unusual that a site like this can last years, though there are some still out there that do, because it is too easy not to find so called investors. When the sign runs dry on new people to scam then they will simply shut down. Most of the profits, if not all of the profits depending on how greedy the founder is/was, will be taken and they will either set up a new site – or sit by the beach laughing and drinking cock-tails – such is the profit capacity for Ponzi Scammers.








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Final Thoughts.

They are not legit – stay clear. Its possible to make money but that is a short lived adventure fraught wit too many risks. Invest low and with many if you can’t help gambling on these sites. This way you minimize your risk of loss. Of course, I don’t recommend you do that and also I only recommend that people learn to honestly work for themselves. Besides, ill gotten is ill fated i.e. Bad Karma will be your new frend 🙂 . That is my opinion and all are welcome to do their own research. This is even encouraged so you may find other view points to help you see if this article is right or wrong and for your own peace of mind.

Have questions on What Is CreditLighter.com? All are welcome to ask below where I will answer them. Do check the comments for additional data if any. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Those looking for a real and no ‘money games’ way of earning online, can simply click my #1 Review Recommendation below for a free online business start up. Thank you all for coming here and looking forward to all of you comments to come – take care for now.


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4 thoughts on “What Is CreditLighter.com – Is CreditLight.com Scam or Legit Website?

  1. chaval romyen

    The government of that country. Should show responsibility. And handle this problem seriously. There are penalties and dealt with offenders quickly. To prevent this from happening again.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Chaval,

      The problem is that there are too many scam sites that are set up daily, they simply don’t have the man power/resources to track them all to shut them down. Its a serious epidemic with no resolution in sight so far.

      You can complain to their registrar and see if that helps.

      I hope they didn’t scam you for too much Chaval.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. DARY

        hello admin
        I admire your analysis, you have helped me a lot and let me be very careful.
        On the other hand, I would like to ask you if you know a safe site to invest without getting scammed.
        thank you

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Dary,

          I don’t invest in any of these sites online. Even to in sites that are legit, its only a 50/50 that you get back a profit. Its just a gamble.

          I prefer to work on my own website and earn that way. Let me know if that interests you. ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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