CreditHours.Club – Is CreditHours.Club Scam or Legit Investing?

By | September 6, 2018

CreditHours.Club ( Fake or Real Way To Make Quick and Big Cash?

Welcome in your own research about CreditHours.Club ( Those asking What Is CreditHours Club? Is Credit Hours Club fake, scam, fraudulent, illegal or is CredHours real, genuine, legit, safe and paying out? Credit Hours makes a claim that you will not be risking your money and your returns are guaranteed. They also say that you are guaranteed to make big money and payments are instant. Not even the wealthiest billionaires on the planet can make those statements! Those are classic signs of a scam and so that is what I believe they are.

Below is my research to help you make up your own minds. You are welcome to leave a comment if you have been paid or not.

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CreditHours.Club Big Promise of Guaranteed Returns, Owner, How it Works and How it is a Con.

CreditHours.Club Site

Let us begin by trying to locate the owner of CreditHours.Club. All websites have to complete a website registration form to get online. I see that Credit Hours Club began its online life in 31/08/2018. The address is ‘Panama‘ <<- a well known scammer word for their ‘Address’. Not real. No founder name. SO, there are zero legit ID info for he creator of CreditHours online, not even, on their own site.

There is a one ‘Sheldon Moreno‘ though that is meant to be ‘Chief of Operations’. I did a background check on ‘Sheldon’ and it appears his image is appearing on several other sites. I don’t know if that man himself is a scammer but only know his image is being used as such. I located his image on That is a website with a mix of Latin and English on it, which makes me think, that too is also a fake site.

Anyways, there are no legit members named because using anyone’s image online as part of your own website is a common tactic of fake sites.

What they Claim to be?

They claim to be ‘traders’ that say you can make guaranteed, big money, with no work, all from home and from your own investments. They just require you to sign up and invest. Then you must wait for your returns. However, they are not supplying any evidence of trading activity! They have not declared, with any level whatsoever, of clear cut transparency of how they are generating income. Invest – wait – earn, that is all.

In Reality, What they are.

Ponzi Scheme, High Yield Investment Scheme, High Risk Venture. All the same terms for something not quite right. Certainly the first two terms are not legal business models.

Investment Levels and Returns.

All their Investment Levels promise ‘Instant Payout’. Many sites online that expose online scams warn their readers to watch out for certain terms to help figure out if a site is a scam or not. ‘Instant Payouts’ is one such term that should alert you something may not be right. Here are their Investment Levels that return your profits plus your initial investment-


Deposit $10 and a Max of 10K. 6% Hourly for 24 Hours.


4% Hourly for 48 Hours. Same investment as above.


5% Hourly for 72 Hours. Invest stays the same.


$500 to $10,000 investment at 0.24% for 720 hours.

Below that on their site, they are an investment plan calculator. I selected the Basic Plan and inserted $100. The calculator returned only $1002 returns. Per my calculations that should be $144 returns. Another sign they are not legit.

Can You Actually Earn with Them?

The short answer is – Yes you can. But the real question is, will YOU earn with them. There are a few things to consider to see how your chances are. First, best time to invest is the first two weeks. Maybe even up to four weeks. After such points then you will have nearly zero chances.

Those investing after such a time period are beginners and they tend to lose all of their investments, many, will lose thousands of dollars. That there is the bulk of profits for such schemes i.e. taking advantage newcomers who have just started out investing online.

Another thing to watch out for is the Deposits and Withdrawals. Should the Deposits be very high, but Withdrawals are very low, then experienced Ponzi Scheme Investors will know the founder is just greedy and no one is likely to get any more payments. Any payment proofs are sporadic and just made to make a sense of legitimacy and trust to newbie members.

Incidentally, Credit Hours appears to have received the sum total of $2180.00 and paid out just $191.52. You can decide for yourself if that is a generous founder or not.

Payments Proofs?

CreditHours have a table of some payouts, however, it is not constituting a legit form of proof of payment. We can only take the unknown creator of Credit Hours at his, her, their word. Not convincing enough proof, for me anyways.

Report all scams/suspicious emails to my sites support email:-




Final Thoughts.

In good conscience I can’t recommend CreditHours a safe, legal, honest way to make money online. Some will earn big money, but only in the start, as mentioned. Most will invest and find out the hard way that you will not even get your money back, never mind the over-the-top-promise of big, quick and easy money. They are a scam site, in my opinion, and do let everyone know below if you earned or not. 


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