CredibleFunds.US – Scam or Legit – New HYIP, is it Safe?

By | August 2, 2018

CredibleFunds.US Website

CredibleFunds.US and the Chances of Earning Big Money Fast.

CredibleFunds.US is a new HYIP Investment Program hailing from the UK, apparently. Those asking is CredibleFunds. US a scam? Is CredibleFunds honest and a real way to earn? Will find answers in this CredibleFunds US Review. We will try to find out who owns that site, your what exactly they offer, investment levels and possible returns. Ultimately, we will explain why it may not be a good idea as such business models tend to collapse anytime. However, some do make a fortune as well but we know Credible Funds operations are not even legal.

What you will get from this article:-

Whether to invest and if it is even legit.


Core Topics:-

  • Founder ID and Service to make money.
  • Flaws of their operations.
  • Final thoughts.
  • Farewell note plus recommendation.




Created:- 30/07/2018.

Founder:- Robin Connelly.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts’ – our conclusion.



CredibleFunds.US Founders and Investment Offer – Full Details.

Who Owns this Site?

Not clear who owns this website under scrutiny.

The founder, as said, are Robin Connelly but we found no connection with that name to CredibleFunds.US. Their address submitted upon registration of their website is not legit either:-

Street:- jdjntgnhtrf <- ?.

City:- xfhxtfn <- gibberish.

State:- 24xvnxgn <- means nothing.

Postal code:- 024 <- random numbers.

Country:- BH (Bahrain) <<<– however, on their website, they say their address is:-

14 Hillside Avenue, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK <<- THAT IS A HOUSE UP FOR SALE! That is a bogus address they have supplied on their website. Legal entities would have something akin to an office block address.

Their homepage website makes a huge effort to say they are based in London and are somehow supporting its economy. I lived in London for nearly 17 years and I have NEVER heard of these guys!!



How it Works.

Simply sign up and invest some of your own money for unreal returns. The investment levels and percentage returns are below:-


32% HOURLY RETURNS for 6 hours.

Min Deposit:- $5.

Max Deposit:- 10,000!

Automatic Withdrawal.

The other three investment plans are CF2, CF3, CF4 where the min deposit goes $25, $50 $100 respectively. Percentage returns are 48%, 72%, 98% hourly returns for six hours respectively.

So, it seems, for ever six hours you are promised such profits. Do know that on their site they do warn your returns are not guaranteed and you should not invest no more than you can afford to lose – this is good advice, but, better would be not to invest at all!

So, simply invest and cross your fingers if you are tempted to work with these people.



Here is Why it is More than Likely you Won’t Earn A Penny and Lose Your Investment(s).

Some people do make serious profits from such HYIP’s. HYIP’s are actually Ponzi Schemes in disguise. This basically means you are parting with money, not for a real service or product, but to earn relatively huge returns. Such a business is totally dependent on getting free new sign ups consistently. Each person that joins and invests. That money is then used to pay older investors and is how the whole operation profits.

When new sign ups run out the founders will just shut down the website and take the majority of the profits. The time to invest is the first 1 to 2 weeks when owners will make some payments to show they are legit. These payments will dwindle the older the site becomes where over 90% of members will not earn.

This is how CredibleFunds works and is a very shaky business model. Not only is it shaky but it is also an illegal online operation.



Below are all theCONSor FLAWS of their offer:-

1). Physical address of their business is different per website registration with WHOIS and on their site.

2). Owner name may not be real as there is no founder name on site.

3). Bottom of their website, they have a Companies House registration number. It is not real and its linked to open in a new browser onto the same home page.

4). Many of their website menu buttons don’t go anywhere.

5). English on their site is a bit ‘Skippy’, grammatically speaking. It is well-known that bad English pretending to be from the UK is a sign of a site in a different global location. They do this to target UK traffic and gain greater legitimacy.

6). Their support never got back to me when I asked who the founder was.

7). They say they are involved in Forex and other stuff but there is no evidence supplied of this.

8). Their FAQ’s is very generic when it comes to answering who makes these investments on the part of members. No names supplied.

9). There are no names and real people image at all on their sites that connects ownership and actually who you are giving your money to.

10). No Privacy Policy, though they pretend they have one as a menu button, but it leads nowhere. This is quite an important page to have on your site and Google does look for it.

There is a link at the bottom of their page when you can buy your own HYIP template.


WARNING! I know in Ireland if you are caught involved in a Ponzi Scheme/HYIP – You get an automatic 12-year prison sentence! Don’t be tempted, its just not worth your freedom.

Well, those are ten excellent reasons not to risk up to $10,000 of your own money in the hopes of huge returns. Of course, it is up to you but we don’t advise it at all.



Final Thoughts. is a Ponzi Scheme/HYIP which is illegal in countries that have any sense. They are illegal because, historically speaking, over 90% of people have lost so much money in such schemes. We can look back to Russia in the Nineties when Sergei Mavrodi set up a scheme that made people kill themselves when they lost so much money. He later went onto create MMN etc and it has helped to decimate parts of South Africa’s local economies. And still, he was walking around as a free man. Anyways, he passed away at a bus stop relatively recently (RIP). My point is, you could put up a lot of money and never see a penny of it back. We wish you well if you have this courage, but just know, someone else will have to lose for you to win. Better off just staying clear of them.



That is it on and we hope this article has greatly helped. We know people will continue to take risks but we also know there is another way. Those wanting to earn a monthly income, like I do, may sign up to our Free Account Offer HERE. Learn How to Make Money Blogging with Wealthy Affiliate, and myself, will show you how to earn money online up to a full time income for those interested and it does not want a credit card to start. All the best for now guys and take care. Do report any scams you come across and leave all of your comments below where we will always respond to you.

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