How to Get FREE Traffic to My Website

By | June 16, 2017

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Welcome to How to get FREE Traffic

to My Website .


Let’s Find Out How To Get Free Traffic To My Website.

Let’s look at a few key tricks to creating referral traffic so as to generate social media traffic to your websites for free, resulting, in an upsurge of leads for your WordPress site.

(If you look at the small paragraph above, I basically gave you the title above that in a re-arranged way.  I recommend you do the same for good SEO results).

We will talk about how to use and how to drive social media traffic to upsurge your WordPress websites activity:

  • Login into Facebook.
  • Go to Facebook ‘Groups‘.  Facebook Groups and other options image.
  • Click on ‘Create Group‘.  
  • Fill out the box that pops up.  Facebook group details box.
  • I have mine all filled out.  I recommend you add a note to welcome new people, it’ just nice to say hi.  My group is called  Free Websites For Your Home Business For Life! For Everyone!  Your welcomed to join and say hi!
    Facebook's create a new group form filled out.
  • Choose your Facebook Group’s Icon.  Or, skip it.  Facebook group icon selection.
  • It’s a good idea to personalize the group by adding a photo.  Just hit the upload button next to the yellow flower pot.  
  • Now, add content from your website by copying one of your posts URL’s as I am doing below.  Image of a url being copied.
  • Here is my first post for my new group.  Example of a Facebook post in a new group.
  • Repeat the above step about eight more times!  Anymore, I find, people don’t tend to scroll down any further that (if that much) when they first join up.
  • Add some family and friends.  (TWO MORE STEPS!).
  • Join some groups within your niche!NO MORE THAN FIVE TO SEVEN A DAY OR FACEBOOK GOES CRAY CRAY!!Crazy lady dressed up for halloween.
  • LASTLY, Post in these groups FROM your new Facebook Group Page AND from YOUR Website!
  • phewww!


Over time this will be a great way to attain, create, generate a free upsurge in your WordPress websites activity for FREE, but, not without effort.  The trick is to be consistent by posting several times a day so people get to see you and see that your serious.  Trust then begins to be built from here.

The above steps can be duplicated on and any social media platform out there.

On the final step of these lessons I am going to show you how to make great YouTube videos that you can embed on your website, for free!  The software to do so is also FREE!

Lets continue on wards and upwards to the next lesson!

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