What Is ‘CozyCora’? – Is CozyCora.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 7, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘CozyCora’ Here. CozyCora.com Review.

What Is ‘CozyCora’ anyways I hear quite a few of you asking. So, is CozyCora.com a Scam or is www.cozycora.com legit and real? This review is all about if we can trust them or not and to this end we will do our level best to set you straight. We do see some significant scam signs already and we will detail them in our review below.

Those that want to share your own review about ‘CozyCora’ are welcome to do so in the comments, of which, we respond to all comments. You can also report any site you feel has defrauded you to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I also in my spare time show others how to earn online. If this interests you then why not read our Ways To Earn Online – Free Start Up!



Scam or Legit?





What Is ‘CozyCora’ Actually About – Trustworthy or Not?

  1. Now we get to the hear to the matter. We see many scam sites nowadays doing the rounds right on social media and elsewhere. They are designed specifically to garner you trust for illegal sales for inferior products or nothing at all for hour hard earned cash. If CozyCora.com one of them? Lets see What Is ‘CozyCora’ for real.
  2. They registered their site in 2019/08/30 and for a year. Short time frames for domains of businesses is a big scam sign. It could mean we have encountered a hit-and-run site and that is never a ‘good news’ story.
  3. So we see that they have failed to leave the founders name, email address, phone number or even a real address. They have left ‘PANAMA‘ as their location but clearly we can not just randomly write to ‘PANAMA’ asking about a company that may or may not exist in reality.
  4. We go to their website and now we can see the email address of service@cozycora.com . It is a very good idea to research such bits of data to see if we can find any attached scam reports. There is nothing else on their site for customer support and they have not even left us their founders name.
  5. Now customers could be giving over payment info to a stranger and so we have no idea if they are legit or if they are intending to defraud you.
  6. Many fake sites will send you out an order, but since you may have paid so little for it, it is likely they could send you out something far different, inferior version, shoddy, damaged / broken etc. So do always look for reviews before parting with your cash.





Final Thoughts.

What do you think the answer is to ‘What Is CozyCora’? So we are waiting on your reviews to help shed light on CozyCora.com. Did you get your order? Was it as advertised? Were you charged too much? Feel welcome to let us know all about it in the comments. Check out our daily up dated list of real scam sites via our link below.




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44 thoughts on “What Is ‘CozyCora’? – Is CozyCora.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. beth rokus

    I ordered one item form them back in December. I sent them emails asking where my item was. FInally in the last email I told them I was reporting them asa scam. I received an email today saying the item I ordered was on backorder. There is no communication from this company. THey said they would refund my payment so I asked for a refund. Let’s see how long it takes to get it. I will never attempt to buy from any of these companies that advertise on TWITTER again,

  2. Joanna

    I ordered from them and got wrong and defective stuff which they refused to refund.
    I got a crappy dress instead of a fleece one that I ordered. They replied that it doesn’t look bad and I should keep it.
    I also got a child-sized shirt with a large hole cut out in the front.
    I placed an order for 7 items that were in stock, they waited a few weeks before shipping them and canceled 3 items out of 7.
    Out of the 4 that I got, one was a shirt with a hole and a wrong, ugly dress with threads sticking out.
    They refused to even talk about a return and refused to refund money in full.
    They offered a partial refund of $15 instead of $57 that I paid, then raised it to $32. Essentially, they are forcing customers to gift them money without providing the correct product.

  3. Tonya

    Located in China and doesn’t honor their return policy.
    I ordered 3 items. One didn’t ship with others and wasn’t made aware of this until I received my order. However all shipping communication included this item. They refunded that item when I requested a refund. Out of the two items I did receive, one had a hole in it and the other was not at all what I expected. When I reached out to begin the return process detailed on their site, they kept putting me off and told me that I would have to ship it to China and that would be costly, so maybe I could give the items away or donate to charity.
    At that point, I appealed to my payment processor and was able to get the return resolved through them.

  4. Gerard Biggin

    Order took over a month to arrive. Problem with one of the items and the company will not get back to me. Calling my credit card company to reverse the charge

  5. Judy Scott

    Purchased a “coat” from CozyCora. Received a “sweater“ with a hole in the arm, badly aligned buttons. Emailed them about returning. Kept getting piddly offers ($2, $5, $7, $10 and $15) to keep the poorly constructed piece of junk. I’ve refused and last email I told them I wanted a full refund, nothing less or I would hit them with bad reviews and report them to my credit card company. No response for 2 days.

  6. Brooke

    This website is a SCAM. The items look nothing like the photos, and they don’t match the measurements either. Horrible customer service. And it took a long time for my items to arrive. Spend your money anywhere else.

      1. Martha Larson

        Worst customer service EVER. In order to rerun my clothes, unworn, I was asked to supply photos of myself wearing the clothes. I refused. I was asked to photograph the items in order to proceed. I have never in my life been asked to photograph clothes for a simple return. This was completely insane and I wish I had never ordered from them. Now I am wary of ordering from other unknown retailers online because of the returns process.

  7. Alicia

    I am very disappointed in this company and their products! Shipping took much longer than expected. When the jacket was received it seems cheap and did not fit well despite the “size guide”. When I requested a return as I was not satisfied and could not use the jacket, I was told they couldn’t “help me” and kept asking for pictures and if I checked the size guide. Making excuses and not responding to your customers’ satisfaction is a bad way to conduct a business. I will never ever order something from this company again. I’m still trying to convince them to “give approval” so I can return my cheap jacket that I do.not.want. Very frustrating!!!

  8. Rob

    Buyer Beware- Described as a US “website” and it is NOT based in the US. Don’t be fooled if you are looking for quality goods made in the USA. This is poor quality china crap hiding behind a website.
    My experience- My wife saw their products on her feed and sent me a link for her Christmas list. I ordered a sweatshirt on 12/4 and I promptly received an email on 12/5 that my order has shipped with a tracking number. After a week went by I checked on the tracking number and USPS stated they still haven’t received the item yet. Thinking something wasn’t right I emailed the company to check on the status of my order. Three days go by with no response, okay it’s right before Christmas I’m sure they are busy, so I email them again. It has now been two weeks, no response from multiple emails, and no product. I file a dispute with PayPal and to my astonishment I see the account that received my money wasn’t US based at all and they responded with a completely different tracking number than they originally provided (trying to hide origin maybe?). On a plus side, my package did eventually show up and delivery time makes sense since it came from across an ocean… Those are the only positives in this entire transaction. Quality is what you expect from a sweatshop and there is no customer service unless you threaten a refund.
    Read the other reviews here, I would bet my house that they aren’t from actual customers. All have broken English and multiples on the same day… This “company” is a joke. Buyer beware

    1. Rob

      Disregard the “other reveiws” part… that was a copy and paste from another review since I didn’t want to retype my anger. haha sorry about that.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Put in for a refund Luke and cancel your card if nothing has arrived for you. Sorry to read this news and thank you kindly for your warning. Let us know if you win your refund or not if you have time and think of us. Thanks for your warning to others.

  9. Kbd

    Total scam. Never actually shipped my order. The link to customer service doesn’t work. I tried instead to use the email listed on PayPal ……the one PayPal used to transfer funds to them . The reply came back ‘in Chinese.’ Stick with reputable vendors. Research before parting with your money. I wish I had.

  10. Ksenia Dugan

    Shady fishy site with inferior quality of product. Shipping took about 3 weeks, items arrived in separate shipments. I really disliked the quality of product. Returning is pretty much impossible. When you contact Customer service and they ask you a million Of questions , then state that it’s your own fault and you will have to ship goods to China at your expense, and maybe some time they will refund the money. Buyer beware ! Facebook should stop advertising them so much, I tried to find a way to report this site/ad to Facebook to no avail.

      1. Lesslie

        This site is online shopping scum.
        I am a very experienced online shopper and did not check
        these reviews – sadly.

        Horrible experience. NO RETURNS.
        Do not buy from them.

    1. Mary Little

      the order was for 34.14. I gave the top to my great niece who is a small 3rd grader as she was the only able to wear the top.

    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Mary and yes they try to give their customers back some of their own money and call it a discount or something. It happens all the time and I appreciate you showing us all your experience with them. Be sure to put in for a refund if you were scammed. Thanks again Mary.

  11. Fran

    I agree with many of the comments already posted and wish I read them before I ordered. I purchased a sweater as a Christmas gift. It looked much smaller than the actual size. When I went to the “Return” section of the website, I got an email asking to show photos with proof that it is too small. How do I do that when it is a gift to someone? I thought it was a joke and asked if they were serious. I got a very rude reply saying they couldn’t make any money if they just let people return what they purchase. Wow.
    NEVER buy from this place…..it’s horrible. Shop local. This place is full of rude scam artists. $30 down the drain.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Fran and yes Rude Customer Support is a typical scam sign. Legit companies monitor such calls nowadays also.

  12. Dee Watt

    I had a good experience with this company. I did not receive an email that my order had been sent a week after I purchased 6 items with them. I was concerned after reading these reviews so I contacted them through the service@cozycora.com and received an immediate response that one of the items I had ordered was going to take 1 – 2 months to restock and did I want to cancel that order and just send the other 5 items. Because of these reviews I asked them to cancel my entire order and within an hour received an email that they had refunded all of my money and canceled my order. It was an easy process. When I made the purchase I was concerned afterwards that this company might be subpar after reading Noracora reviews… which were horrible.
    I can’t say if their products were poor quality but thank goodness they let me cancel without any issues.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      OK, I am glad to read this. If many reports come through saying the same thing then we will be happy to reconsider CozyCora. Thanks Dee.

  13. Alexandra Lavery

    Do Not Order! It must be a scam. I ordered from them and I regret it so much. I feel angry and appalled that there are such terrible people in the world taking advantage of others. Cozycora has the worst customer service and the worst return policy that I have ever experienced in my life. I want to warn people so they are not in the situation that I am in. I politely asked to return a few items I ordered because they did not fit. The customer service representative asked me if I was sure I read the size guide measurements correctly basically accusing me of doing something wrong when I placed my order. Then she demanded that I send them photos of me measuring the clothing to prove that their measurements were wrong and to prove the clothing did not fit me. When I balked at this time consuming demand she told me she is unable to accept my return unless I follow this procedure. Then she told me the company would not make any money if they just let every customer return clothing without first proving that it did not fit. Her direct words were “If every customer is like you, let us refund directly. Who is responsible for the loss? Our refund is not unconditional. If your question is not true, we will not refund it.” I have never been so upset and horrified by a customer service experience in my life. I strongly encourage you to not purchase from this company ever. Also I personally found the clothing to be itchy and extremely cheaply made as well. The fabric was cheap feeling and in my fleece lined jacket, the cheap feeling fleece didn’t even line the entire jacket!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Alexandra,

      Yes, the customer service agents at scam sites are horrible people who have yet to evolve to up to the level of the civilized world and so their immature souls have much to learn yet.

      Thank you Alexandra for your review about CozyCora and surely by now we can see they are a scam site. Put in for a refund with your payment provider and let them know what has happened.

      Feel welcome to let us know how that turns out also if you do not mind.

  14. Gail

    Another one bites the dust; too small and NO options

    1) Bank ALERT: posted as ‘FabFashion LTD WAN CHAI aka HONG KONG

    2) On November 24, 2019 at 8:25 PM service@cozycora.com wrote:
    Hello, sorry to hear you don’t like this product you received.
    But returning a parcel to china is really very expensive and inconvenient.
    The shipping fee to china will be around $35-45. (Our warehouse which is set for receiving returning parcels is in china )This is not cost-effective. Transport time is long and easy to lose. We hope you can try to keep your item.
    So would it be a considerable solution you keep the items and send them to your friends or Charity as a gift, you know maybe many other people like it.
    Hope for your understanding and waiting for your reply。

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Gail for your warning about CozyCora as I have no doubt it will help others investigating that website. Much appreciated.

  15. Mary Little

    this is the email I received today. Sorry, our size does not fit your body, although we really hope that our customers are satisfied with our clothes.

    If you want to return, the return shipping costs about $20-$25.(Our warehouse which is set for receiving returning parcels is in china )

    If you insist on returning, the package will take a long time to arrive and easy to be lost on the long shipping way, which will waste a lot of time.

    Would it be a considerate solution that we refund $5 as compensation for you and keep your items?

    Hope you can consider it. If you agree, we will arrange compensation immediately.


    —————— email history ——————
    From: Mary little(m_little52@yahoo.com)
    Time: 2019-11-22 20:49:20

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Mary for taking the time to share your experience with CoyCora.com. While they seem to send out stuff to people clearly there are problems. Discounting by $5 etc is a common thing with sites that may not be 100% legit.

      Thanks again Mary.

    2. Chantal St-Onge

      Sam here I have measured all items before ordering from them. all came in too small. My order was $119 and they have offered me $7 for Refund, now it is $5. My original order had a couple of item out of stock and they only refunded me partially of the amount not the full amount. Just received another email from them for an offer for my refund.
      1-Would it be a considerate solution that we refund $5 to your payment account as compensation? Candice
      2-Would it be a considerate solution that we refund $7 as compensation for you and keep your items?Hope you can consider it. If you agree, we will arrange compensation immediately. Xili
      3-Would it be a considerate solution that we refund $15 to your payment account as compensation? Candice

      I will keep saying no for my refund this is been going on for 2 days. Please read review dont do like me.

  16. Tootie

    Being the stupidly trusting soul that I am, I ordered from them. The items came as advertized. However, they were way too small. I’ve tried to return them either for exchange or preferably for refund. After several emails with the company I got no help. Just a big argument. There seems to be no way to make the return or get satisfaction. Do not order from them!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tootie,

      So it is not you that is stupid but people who are too stupid to earn an honest living are the one’s that should bear such a feeling.

      Stealing from others is a subconscious admission that scammers are just too dumb to make it ethically and so must resort to archaic primitive methods to provide for themselves and their own.

      Thank you kindly Tootie for your report and I am sorry this has happened. I advise you contact your payment provider and put in for a refund and also cancel your card. This advice is given from what I have read from your report.

      Thanks again Tootie and feel free to let us know how all of this turns out if you don’t mind.

      Regards, Philip ~’Scam Witness’.

    2. Mary

      I ordered from them in n 10/27 after seeing emails finally received on 11/19. As with Tootie the large sweatshirt top was no it a large. I contacted them by email requesting where I could exchange . Today day received a email, from Connie, asking if I had followed the sizing chart and could I take measurements and send photos. I measured across the shoulder and the front of the shirt and said I could not send pictures. I copied their return policy from their site and sent the email back. P.S. the package came with no invoice.

  17. Barb A Dyess

    Thank you for reviewing cozycora.com – I almost ordered from it, but remembered to check for reviews and found THIS. I won’t be ordering!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Barb A Dyess,

      That is of course your right Barb A but I am waiting for peoples reviews of their experience before deciding if their scam or legit. However, and only in my personal opinion, I could never see myself giving over my payment information to a site of which I can not locate the business premises or ever know the founders name.

      Transparency is King In Business.

      Thanks Barb A Dyess for showing my site support by leaving this article on ‘CozyCora’ a comment. It really is always a pleasure to receive them and to connect with people from around the glob such as yourself.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness [Eire].


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