What Is CottonZily – Is CottonZily Scam or Legit? – Scam Alert Warning!!

By | December 30, 2018

What Is CottonZily And The Fake Quilt Scam Network Continues.

Here is where you can find out quickly What Is CottonZily at www.cottonzily.com. Is CottonZily fake, scam, bad, dishonest, crooked or Is Cotton Zily good, legit, trustworthy, safe, real? This CottonZily Review is not only a warning not to by from them, to but to also inform, that it is part of a larger scam network of fake ‘quilt’ scammers online. To find out the extent of this network you may see our Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Review. People who were scammed are asked to report them below.

Also, a new Facebook Group has been established so their victims can upload the evidence of the fake, replica, potentially counterfeit or wrong items sent to them by CottonZily. That is the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company – Evidence of Scams. That was set up by myself after a request by a reader of this website to upload her evidence of what was sent to her. Anyone is welcome to do the same.

Many fake shopping sites are operating out of China. We shall individually check the details of the site in question. There are many other sites to beware of as well such as LaLalandy, CottonColor.Net, Skullnmore, CottonBlanket.Net, GeemaLand, HobbiLaunch, FarmZily, KenShinArt, NanaThread, Sleepious.com, EmmaCotton09, AmeliaCotton10, Sleepious.co along with many more. 

Know of another? Report them below – thank you.





Don’t Buy From Their Sites – Know The Full Truth On What Is CottonZily!

Right now you are aware What Is CottonZily and know it is not trustworthy. Part of a scam network that has swept across the States like wildfire. 100’s complaints on this website about their network collectively and at other places like the BBB.org. Already many of their sites have been reviewed and, so as not to keep on repeating myself, will do a cursory inspection to alert to some key areas.


CottonZily.com Review

Don’t buy from www.cottonzily.com!


They share an address with proven scammers. Founders name are not displayed anywhere online. BBB has found two contact names of Scarlett O’Quin and Glen Baines. Many of their sites go by a Salem Business Address. That has already been proven as a residential house. Attempts have been made to contact the owners of this scam network but no response.

However, mistakes can happen, and so if CottonZily is not part of this same network then we have two operations puling the same scam. But, for me, I am sure of it. Many groups on Facebook successfully promoting products that are not theirs. Many 100’s or even 1000’s of people have bought ‘quilts‘ that turned out to be flimsy rags, as some reports have stated. Even unwary customers have just thrown those ‘rags’ into their garbage.



E-Store Scam Signs.

As said, if you want to know the full story of their network, do see the links left above. Below are a few Scam Signs to help alert you to a fake shopping site. Let us see how many you recognize with your experience with Cotton Zily, for those that have encountered them:-

  • On CottonZily there is no products listed. 
  • NO Founder Name.
  • I can’t see a business address or an email address for customer support.
  • No Phone Number.
  • Need I say more?

It is likely you encountered them on social media, perhaps, on Facebook? Scammers have migrated to social media for some years now and they are in every niche ( area of interest). 



Other Names They Go By And The Real Quilts.

  • Printable Company Limited.
  • USACrafta
  • UmovieTee.
  • EMA Cotton.
  • ARA Cotton.
  • Cotton Blanket.
  • Weirdo Stuff.
  • Kathleen Quilt.
  • Joyce Quilt.
  • Amelia Quilt.
  • Ducha.
  • Duhu Quilt.
  • Amelia Cotton.
  • Elsi Quilt.
  • Elsie May Quilt.

And also:-

  • Amelia-Quilt.com
  • EmaStore10.com
  • EmmaCotton09.com.
  • EmaCotton.com.
  • EmmaCotton13.com.
  • NerdyJerky.Net.
  • BellaQuilt.com.
  • BellaQuilt.Net.
  • USCrafta.com.
  • AmeliaCotton10.com.
  • WeirdoStuff.com.
  • Ecrafta.com
  • HelloDobo.com.
  • DuhuQuilt.com.

1). Several people on Facebook have informed me that their quilt design images have been stolen and put up on scammer sites. One lady has taken measures into her own hands and spends some of her time tracking down these Facebook groups and alerting others. 

2). This lady, whose name I won’t mention without permission, informed myself that the materiel’s for the quilts cost $200 to make. It costs a further $500/$550 to hand-make the quilt. The prices of these quilts can run into the $1000’s depending on the intricacy of the pattern, materiel’s used and of course labor.

3). The cost of these quilts is around $60 from the scammers – and now I hope you see how impossible that price is – and the average losses, suffered by fraud victims, ranges from $60 to $120 (according to the BBB). How much did you lose?

4). Shipping Address is China, not the ‘Salem’ Address listed for so many of their sites. What you may receive is a cheap print. A ‘print’ where the color is poor and sometimes faded. It looks nothing like an actual ‘quilt’ which we know to be thick and durable.




Have You Got A CottonZily Scam Report / Reviews? People Are Welcome To Place Those Reviews And Scam Reports In The Comments  Below – Thank You.









Final Thoughts.

As said, there is much more information in the links left in this article and so becoming reduntant to keep on repeating every morsel of detail on their entire scam network. Where mistakes have occurred I will gladly correct where valid and not intentional. I recommend you report them below, BBB and IC3 and also continue your research to confirm or deny what is written here. Never take one sites word on anything. In my opinion, they are not a good site, and so they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

Those with questions, reports, views/opinions, additional data not covered herein are welcome to leave such below. I respond to all the comments left on this site. Do apply for a refund once you see that they are not good and not trustworthy. The other reviews on their network will inform you of their Scam Signs etc.



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