What Is Coroflot about – Is Coroflot Scam or Legit? Know for Sure!!

By | September 23, 2018

What Is Coroflot About and is it a Genuine Site for Finding Work for all Creatives?

I have come across many job boards in my time, and even ‘legit’ job sites, riddled with scam artists trying to recruit new victims. This is why I am asking, as many of you are, What Is Coroflot About (www.coroflot.com) ? In this article you will find out ultimately if you can trust Coroflot.com or not. Simple as that. i will begin to find out who the owner is, website credentials, type of work on offer and how you can possibly take advantage of that. Those asking is Coroflot fake, scam or is Coroflot genuine and legit will have those answers soon. Below is my research to help you decide for yourself.

While I have yet to determine if they are safe or not, there is a way to get yourself and your talents out there online, on your own without looking for someone else to give you a job. The Internet has grown to almost a staggering 4 Billion Active Users a Week. Imagine tapping into that kind of traffic for what you have to offer. With a website – anyone can. You may read, for those interested, How to Get Started Online and for Free  with my #1 Choice Wealthy Affiliate. Alternatively, simply sign up to learn how to showcase your talents to the world HERE.




Your Only Guide to What Is Coroflot About.

Coroflot Site - Scam or Legit


www.Coroflot.com is the oldest jobs board online for creatives and was started way back on the 17/09/1998. The Founder Name is listed as Ludlum Eric. Their address is 561 Broadway FL 6, NEW YORK, NY, 10012-3918, US. That is a PASS for 100% Legit Transparency on owner details. Let’s continue on the search to answer What Is Coroflot About.

The reason why legit owner details is so important to find is because scam sites will, time and time again, do a good job in covering up who the founder is. This is so when they turn into a scam site, if they haven’t already, they are able to make off with the cash generated by its users. This is not the case with Coroflot, I am glad to say 🙂 .


What are they about?

They are a jobs board, as mentioned, for those of you that are the creative type. There are leading names actively seeking highly talented and creative people for various job roles. Much like other sites of this nature, you are to create your own profile page and basically put yourself forward and your talents to prospective employers.

This site hooks you up with people like yourself with the ability to network and make connections for finding opportunities in your area of ability. Below is the kind of jobs currently on offer (see date of this post) and will give you an idea of what to expect should you sign up with them.

  • Exhibit Designer for Catalyst Exhibits.
  • Industrial Design Director for Aquent.
  • Graphic Designer for C&G Partners, LLC.
  • 3D Production Specialist for Johnson Health Tech North America.
  • Digital Fabricator for Blaine Kern Artists.
  • Development Designer for MGA.
  • User Researcher for Echo User.
  • Web Services Manager for Advantus Corporation.
  • Project Manager for HL Packaging Group.
  • Industrial Designer for Motorola Solutions.
  • Assistant ProfessIon for Boston University.

The list is very long indeed. There is the kind of varied work you can expect to apply for within Coroflot’s jobs board. They are certainly high end roles and a great opportunity for those that qualify 🙂 .



Design Projects – Your Time to Shine.

In their Design Projects section of their site, are varied and unique projects, that their members are show casing. Should you be working on a unique idea, or a brilliant twist on an old one, you can add your talented work to your profile for it to be showcased. You are also given a section to speak about your project and how it came about. 


Below is an example of what is possible using this site for creative people:-



The video above depicts a magazine layout but in video format. Nice work. This is one example of a creative work by a member of the site we are looking at.


I believe now we have covered enough for you to understand what exactly they are about. It is simply for those that have a creative talent and want to find a good job in that area. For me, that is a worthwhile and profitable pursuit if you can find the work. Below we will now take a good look into their online reputation. Online reputation will tell us if their site is serving their purpose, as stated by themselves, on the web.

Coroflot for Creatives




Coroflot’s Online Reputation Report.

From this section of this article we will find out once and for all if they are to be trusted, and if so, are they helping enough people to find work in their areas of talent etc.


Our first port of call is sitejabber.com for user reviews:-

Unhappy Review

Happy Review

Another Happy Review


Even good and trusted companies will get bad reviews at times as you can’t keep everyone happy. There are other reports online as well but they are mostly positive, from what I can see.

To get the final word on their legitimacy let us head over to ScamAdvisor. They are one of the biggest websites that rates websites so help others know if you can trust a site or not. See image below:-






The Verdict!

Trust Rating for Coroflot!

They are Legit and Trusted Online with 100% Trust RatingCASE CLOSED!!


That wraps up all concerns on whether you can trust them or not. You may view the Full Report from ScamAdvisor HERE.


Can you really get a good job using their site? Those that have you are welcome to let everyone know below this article in the comments section. Those that have complaints or suggestions about the site we are investigating are welcome to place your comments below as well.








How to Tap-In to 4 Billion Active Weekly Users Online to Showcase Your Creative Talents!

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With enough passion and time you can also create yourself a full income from as well, erasing all need to ask someone else for a job, and allowing you to live a free’er life.


How does it work?

How do website owners pull in seemingly endless amounts of free traffic when all you hear about is people paying expensive advertising fee’s to do the same thing?

I have never spent a penny – not one cent  – NOT A DIME – on any traffic that comes or that has ever come to this website.

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Who is this for?

Anyone that has a creative streak running through their veins such as:-

Musicians – you could make a site to showcase your own music. You can also leverage your abilities to show others how to play the instrument of your choice.

Painters – I can’t paint, but it fascinates me how others can. Why not set up a site that shows newbies how to paint and charge a fee for courses in it?

Writers – least I forget, lol, but yes writers are ideal for websites! You can show others how to write articles, how to write books etc. There are always 100’s of ideas around any interest for a website.

Magicians – My personal favorites! But magicians are loved by everyone and so you could easily pull in a a captivated audience for your skill set. You could wow your readership while showing them how to do tricks for themselves. You could even create courses in this area to sell. The potential for any area of interest (niche) is limitless.

Poets – poetry is probably as timeless as mans ability to communicate. Why not set up a site and show others this elegant and highly sought after ability to help students in their studies, to help people understand poetry in general etc.

Everyone – that includes – ‘you‘.


Whatever your creative talent there is definitely a vacancy for you online. I KNOW I can show you how and it does not cost you a penny to get started. Any reasons or difficulties you may have encountered in the past to showcase yourself are now gone.

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Ermm, I have no Website!

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Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt Coroflot is a legit and honest site. You have the opportunity to create a profile with them, your own portfolio, and hopefully someone will recognize your talent and give you a shot! Of course you can always apply for the jobs listed and its more than possible you may be hired. I am not saying anything to the contrary. However, in my experience, I have found it more fun and increasing more fruitful to work for my self online. Sure, you have to do all the work but you get to keep all the profits as well. It does not get any better than that! 

Those that still have questions on What Is Coroflot About are welcome to ask me below in the comments box. I will only be too happy to help. Anyone seeking information on how to showcase themselves and earn online can read HERE for more info about online business and audience out reach. Thank you all for visiting my website and looking forward to your comments and workign with those interested in reaching out to 4 billion people online.


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6 thoughts on “What Is Coroflot about – Is Coroflot Scam or Legit? Know for Sure!!

  1. Danielle

    What is Coroflot about? – I am very much a creative type myself and Coroflot will definitely be something I would look at had I not been already busy with my own website. I write, paint (shabby chic) and I do parchment craft. Working with paint and colour and the serenity of it all is such bliss.

    It is an interesting idea to find a hub like Coroflot for creatives as creatives are always kind of quite specific in what they look for to showcase their talent.

    Having said that, a place like wealthy affiliate will give any designer or creative much more room and ways to showcase a talent. Looking for a job is one thing but actually having your own space online to meet like-minded people and grow in your artistic talent is a welcome alternative.

    I didn’t know about Coroflot, I came across your article when I was looking for something else.

    Thank you for the information and I found your post quite entertaining!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you Danielle for your lovely comment and I am delighted that you found it entertaining – it must be the ‘creative’in me hehe. I just believe that if you have an ability then you are actively setting yourself up to compete with others on Coroflot. That, to me, is unnecessary when you can have your share of 4 Billion People who would love to view our talents and even part with money for your unique content.

      But, each to their own. All I know is anyone can start HERE without parting with any money. Those, however, that go Premium for Just $19 will attract an audience quicker and earn sooner.

      Thanks again Danielle and perhaps you could give me some painting tips some time 🙂 – I have no idea how to.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. Danielle

        Shabby chic painting is easy – anyone can do it. Painting on parchment is a special technic but it’s fun.

        You are right, I should offer some painting lessons. 🙂

  2. Melinda

    I haven’t used Coroflot, but I can attest that Wealthy Affiliate is great. It helped me build my website. Because I had a monthly investment of $49, I had some skin in the game and stuck with affiliate marketing long enough to start making some money. I’m not full time yet, but I have learned the basics and will be able to make a full time income with my own blog in a few months.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Melinda,

      Thank you for your comment on this article regarding Coroflot. I believe they are genuine but also there are better ways. Nothing trumps having your own website and to that end do I make my recommendation for a more efficient, more streamline way, to reach a wider audience that would be interested in one’s own unique content.

      Thanks again Melinda for your comment :-0 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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