What Is CoolWallet.Mobi – Is CoolWallet.Mobi Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!

By | January 11, 2019

Very Quick Article on What Is CoolWallet.Mobi – Scam Reports Here.

Job Done on finding your answer to What Is CoolWallet.Mobi at www.coolwallet.Mobi. Is CoolWallet Mobi fake, bad, dishonest, scam, crooked, fraudulent or Is CoolWallet good, honest, legit, real, safe, genuine? This Cool Wallet Mobi Review is a warning not to buy from that site or CoolWallet.Club. Those that bought items may have now be running the risk of having your card info used for fraudulent purposes. Seek a refund soon as you can, and if you have time, please leave your scam reports below this article to help warn others – thank you.

Many fraudulent and malicious shopping sites coming out of China, so much so, that it has become a scam-monitoring point of concern. Many times fake sites like this have the capacity to product goods that maybe shoddy, inferior, counterfeit and generally worthless relative to your payment. Contact your payment provider to secure your banking data.

Images on their site are most likely not their own and only stolen from legit vendor’s online. This is common practice with scam sites, and used to make unwary customers make purchases, only to receive an inferior product, an empty envelope or nothing at all.



What Is CoolWallet.Mobi In Truth Really All About.

Already you know What Is CoolWallet.Mobi and also their sister scam site What Is CoolWallet.Club. There are many others and I wish to thank a visitor to this website for alerting us to the extent of their scam operations. Those that have data on other sites identical to ‘CoolWallet’ are welcome to report them below. Thank You. We begin now to find out the real world location of this online business, who owns and all attached contact information. Where it is obvious such information is fake or missing then we know that is not legit.


Fake Product Offers!

Avoid www.coolwallet.mobi!


Registration date of their URL was in 2017/10/19 and up to same time in 2019. 2 years is a long time for us but not for an online business. Typically honest businesses will register for many years and so 1 or 2 years is typical of fake sites, it runs to the same scam pattern.

The only address is California, USA. That is incomplete and another warning not to buy from them.

NO founder name and there is no email attached at their sites registration. That is peculiar and there is no reason not to submit such details. So far they have expertly hidden their online identity info and that is bad. We can now say they are already not legit as no good company would ever dream of doing this.



Scam Operations of a Fake Shopping Site – What Was Your Experience?

Many complaints online about people bumping into fake sites that are being advertised on Facebook and other social media platforms. The common misconsensus is that since they are on those platforms that they must be legit. This is not so. Social Media sites earn money from those ads, scammer sites earn illegally from unwary customers – but – its the customers that lose out on their own cash. And it seems not enough is being done about it. Of course you can always get a refund but sadly sometimes people are not awarded it. What has your experience been with a refund?

1). When you make a purchase on these fake sites then they have your banking information. That is part and parcel of their operations and that info can be used to sell on for future fraudulent attempts. Contact your payment provider to cancel your card and get a refund.

2). It is not easy to notice but sometimes they don’t even tabulate for taxes in your order and even they forget or simply don’t send you a receipt. These are basic requirements for a real and legit business and is something that should alert you to their real intentions.

3). Deliver Time can be excessively long and go as long as 2 months, 6 weeks but rarely it is not close to what they promise. They will ask you to be patient with them and maybe ask you to sympathize with them. Such communication is unprofessional and no real biz would have their support speak to their customers like that.

4). Insanely, with other scam sites of the same scam type only get an empty envelope for their order. I suspect that is only to generate honest tracking data. 

5). Customers who receive a delivery may see that their order is either completely wrong, low quality, cheap cloth, inferior and shoddy quality etc. Even though you still received a package you have still been scammed. When a site that advertises one thing, send you out something different, is still fraud.

6). Of course, the worst case situation, is that you receive nothing. Please do not forget to report them in the comments below, BBB.ORG AND IC3 – thank you. The more reports that exist online then the quicker we can get them shut down. This works so as to make many aware of a scam site, when the scammers see their income for that site is so low as to not make it worth their while, they will simply replace it with another. 

7). Since Hosting Providers do not appear to be enforcing verification of legit info then scammers really are making free illegal cash.


Scam Signs. 

  • Their site is identical to CoolWallet.Club. Where sites, have other sites but do not disclose that information on their site, then you can be sure that they are running a scam network. Each site will get its own wave of traffic, where unwary customers, are oblivious to their other sites in most cases.
  • 50% OFF and Free Shipping is too generous and so too-good-to-be-true offers are usually a sign of a scam. How can they be making a profit if they are giving it away with their offers.
  • Copyright date at the left bottom of their site is wrong. It says 2016 to 2018. We can go to WHOIS to see the correct date. Where a site lies about their date is only to convince people they are older than what they are. This is only to garner trust because then people think how can they be a scam if they are online for so long.
  • No identity information on their site and only contact data is sellers@coolwallet.mobi. That is highly unusual. They do not even have a contact number





Do You Have A CoolWallet.Mobi Scam Report? Please Report Them Below In The Comments Section Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Many identical sites online pulling the same ‘Wallet’ scam. Typically you will not receive what you ordered and be down cash. The item or goods will not be worth close to what you paid for them. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers


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That is all there is on What Is CoolWallet.Mobi. Be sure to watch out for their identical sites that we will be shortly exposing. We are taking questions on anything said here today, and just to say thank you for clicking on our article, you are welcome to take Your 2 Free Websites Below. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to your comments to come.


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