What Is CoolWallet.Club – Is CoolWallet.Club Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

By | October 29, 2018

What Is CoolWallet.Club – They May Not Be A Legit Online Shopping Store.

Have you made a purchase at www.coolwallet.club and now wondering What Is CoolWallet.Club? Is CoolWallet Club fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or is Cool Wallet Club genuine, real, good, legit, honest online shopping store? There are 1000’s of fake online shopping stores, and I believe CoolWallet is not a legit site, and since you are here then I am sure you either received a product other than what was advertised – or nothing at all. ‘Jeep’ is NOT THEIR BRAND NAME even though they claim it as their own. Must read if you have doubts about Cool Wallet.

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What Is CoolWallet.Club – The Lies, How They May Scam You And Their Online Reputation.

I wish to thank the Better Business Bureau for helping an unhappy customer explain their experience with the site under review. What Is CoolWallet.Club – they look to be just another online shopping scam. However, let us take a quick look at the evidence before this can be confirmed.

We first begin to try to find out owner information. All legit businesses are very – VERY– proud of their founder. There is normally an unending, almost occult like section, of how wonderful and amazing such people are. I am sure we have all seen such sections where the name, real world business address, contact info, what they are about etc and so it is very suspicious for this info to be missing where we this is found to be the case.



don’t buy from www.coolwallet.club.


Their site was set up online 09/10/2017 and set to expire 09/10/2019. The founder name is not listed when their site was registered. Their address California, USA. That is not a complete address and so, with out founder (no email or any form of contact support at time of site listing) and also the lack of real address, then we can say that we could be looking at an identity cover up. Look at their website for such information reveals none of this information.

This is now the start of of saying they are not legit and indeed a real online shopping scam site. As mentioned, no legitimate and respectable business will ever hide ALL this kind of information!




Problems You May Encounter – Scam Signs And Online Reputation.

Online shopping scams may look legit, and offer top brands at unreal knocked down prices, where the advertised product is not what you receive. Worse still, such sites may not even send you a product and may also simply not even respond to you via their contact support emails. Theirs on their site is sellers@coolwallet.club

CoolWallets Personalized Wallets are at a 50% Knock Down Prices and they also offer FREE SHIPPING! So, when they are offering that mark down and also free shipping – how are they making a profit? I mean they either have to manufacture the product, or buy them wholesale elsewhere (pay for that deliver as well) then we can see that their overheads would cost more than what their company would make on their products.

You should check out their SPECIAL OFFERS SECTION. This section has left me in no doubt they are not a real online shopping website and only a fake, fraudulent site. They offer both male and female wallets, but in this section, at the incredible marked down price but also they are offering BUY 1 AND GET 1 FREE!

SO! 50% OFF!



No company can operate with basically giving away their products because that is not a way to earn money, obviously!

Fake Product Offers!

fake offers – do note the $100.00 marked down to $30!

Surely, at this point, if you did not know they were a scam site then I hope you know now. I hope you know not to buy from this site as, granted, they may send you an item but its not going to be the one advertised.



Scam Signs.

The registered date of their site is, as said, 09/10/2018. That is very interesting because if you look at their copyright date at the bottom of their website, it says 2016 to 2018. That is just a lie. A deliberate one as well to make it they are older than what they are. The longer a site exists then it implies that they must be trustworthy to have lasted this long.

Bottom Right of their site you will see all the payment methods. None of those icons work and are only images. Normally, when sites have those listed then they typically lead to somewhere. Anyways, I will show you why they may not be approved by some of those payment processors.

No information on owner, real world business location, contact info. All bad news, as stated.

They have items that are too cheap to buy that are advertised at a high quality.

I don’t see a HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured). Now, when you send data over this sites connection your personal data can be snatched by online gangsters. When this happens this is know as The Man In The Middle Attack. Simply, when you send info then that info is encrypted over a HTTPS connection. When only HTTP then that data can be intercepted, un-encrypted – private data stolen and re-encrypted without sender or receiver knowing it has been hacked.

Their Privacy Policy and Security Page is nonsense due to the above paragraph. You data can’t be sent securely if you are sending over HTTP. So, you can disregard that page altogether.

No Cookie Policy Page or Option to accept. So when you land on a site, no doubt you noticed on this one you will see a cookie option to accept, well – there is no option for that on their site.




Online Reputation – The Final Answer on Cool Wallet Club!

The Better Business Bureau (bbb.org) received a report about www.coolwallet.club by an unhappy customer. This is how I was alerted to their fake site. INCREDIBLY! – I don’t see any other blogger having reported on them yet even though they been online since 2017. In my experience, CoolWallet has dodged a gauntlet of online scam exposing websites which is miraculous…

This website is hailing out of the USA and know doubt is there intended target. The complain goes that a customer paid around $30 for a personalized Jeep Wallet. They received an item of a wallet – but on the one advertised! That is fraud! When the customer sought to contact customer service then the customer service were unhelpful and extremely rude, per the complaint.

After having read that complaint I just felt strongly I had to expose that site. I mean, they have the cheek to scam people but then to be rude to them as well is — well, this article is going to expose them real good indeed 🙂 .






That really is the nail in the coffin regarding their online scheme and its only a matter of time before they are shut down, or people simply stop buying from them, and so go out of business and close up.


Were You Scammed By CoolWalletClub Or Any Other Online Shopping Website? Report Them In The Comments Below – Thank You.





Final Thoughts.

Most fake shopping online stores are favored by scammers from China. So, most of these stores are from that part of the world. Just because this one appears to be USA based does not lend them any legitimacy whatsoever. Its important you leave your comments, experiences, complaints, stories, opinions etc below to help warn others. Per date of this post we are heading into the Holiday Season and so these sites will be in over drive to scam so many good people out of their hard earned cash. Please help spread awareness by sharing this post to help prevent this as much as possible.

Do you or anyone else have questions on What Is CoolWallet.Club? Maybe there is another online shopping store you are not sure about and would like investigated? All comments, question will be responded to. I hope this article has prevented you from buying from their website. As mentioned, you may receive an item but its doubtful they will send you the one advertised. Any shopping site offering high quality merchandise at low costs, including free shipping – and especially buy 1 and get 1 free – then you really need to do some research on them first. Don’t forget about my #1 Recommendation that can help anyone build their home based online business for a $0 start up fee. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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7 thoughts on “What Is CoolWallet.Club – Is CoolWallet.Club Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

  1. Petra Morales

    I wish I had seen this before ordering. I too ordered a wallet that was advertised as 50% off. Received a different wallet than what was advertised and the photo I sent in to be put on the wallet.looks nothing like it.
    When iI received the wallet, the package shows return address is in China. I wrote to them online using their Contact Seller option and did not get any response.
    So now I am stuck with an Ugly wallet that I didnt order and cant give as a gift.

  2. Charlotte Evans

    I wish I had read this first before ordering. I have not received my product with no way to contact the company. I purchased with a credit card which scares me I am angry and so disappointed. FB needs to delete them!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Definitely contact your payment provider to cancel your card for a new one and dispute all charges. Hope this helps Charlotte.

  3. greg


    and many many more

    all owned and operated by:
    Sandy XU
    3796 N Yosemite St,
    Los Angeles California 90001 US
    Phone: +1.2133571351
    Email: namenecklaceservice@gmail.com, xuqingyan889@gmail.com

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Greg,

      Very nice researching skills here Greg and thank you kindly for taking the time to share your own research with us all. Based on your comment we did our own review of MyPets.Gift Here. You may leave a comment there also where we have listed off those scam sites and also I believe we found a few more.

      Thanks again Greg and really nice work again.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  4. Malissa Jones Atkins

    I recently purchased from them via a Facebook Ad. It was shortly before Christmas and thought it was a great gift idea. I opened a dispute with PayPal and sent several messages to the seller. I look at the Facebook page for them and see others that are complaining. https://www.facebook.com/CoolPhotoWallet/
    I feel like this company is a scam and found this info posted on their FB page by a consumer that was also scammed:
    There, this shop was classified as fraud. With this email address wallet@supportvips.com there are many shops.


    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Malissa,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you kindly for your list of the same sites as CoolWallet.Club. Should you find more you are most welcome to report them here anytime. Thanks again Malissa for helping to keep others safe online.


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