What Is Cooloul.com – Is Cooloul.com Scam or Legit? Read Here 1st!

By | January 15, 2019

The Truth On What Is Cooloul.com – Do Not Trust Them.

Well done on finding this short review to know What Is Cooloul.com at www.cooloul.com. Is Cooloul com fake, dishonest, scam, fraudulent, crooked or Is Cooloul good, genuine, legit, real, safe, honest? This Cooloul Review is to help you save cash by telling you they are no good. They have other sites defrauding people and they are Conglide.com, MyLoveGoods.com, SetComing.com, Skying.icu, Morderneo.com, VsTroll.com, SuperGoMall.com, YouthForSome.com, NuxtFit.com, InnovGoods.com, GadJetMart.com, LucuryBuy.com, Poisly.com, InnovStylish.com, InovGoods.com, Rena1ssance.com, Tylious.com with many more existing. Those already defrauded by any of these fake companies are welcome to report them below in the comments – thank you.

The sites that are fake shopping webpages are usually out of China. We will look to see if Cool Oul is from the same region. It seems such bad sites are able to produce low quality goods and send them off to unwary customers instead of the items advertised on their sites. They are an ever growing scam network that look like they are here for the long term. People who receive packages may find out that their order is wrong, different item, shoddy, inferior and even counterfeit goods received. In this case you have still been scammed.


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In Actuality What Is Cooloul.com Really All About – Report Them Here!

Cyber-crooks are after your payment information and so you must contact your payment provider to secure that data. Also, you must contact your bank for a refund if you have had any dealings with Cooloul.com, MyLoveGoods, Conglide, SetComing, Morderneo, Skying.icu, GadJetMart, VsTroll, NuxtFit, SuperGoMall, InnovGoods, YouthForSome, Tylious, LucuryBuy, Poisly, InovGoods, InnovStylish and Rena1ssance as they are all fake and owned by scam crooks. 


Cooloul.com - SetComing.com Review

See their old Site called SetComing? Stay away from www.cooloul.com!


2018/12/06 to the same date in 2019. Real companies will register their online businesses for years down the road, and so why a company that has seemingly already made significant real world investment in their real biz, would spend so little cash in order to make it online? This is only a sign of a deceptive site that wants to defraud for only 1 or 2 years and then run off with the earnings. Earnings that are not legal because they are fraudulently advertising items they do not own or have permission to promote.

Anhui, CN is their location, apparently. They is an address that is not complete. Incomplete addresses is a classic sign of a site being deceptive. Good sites do not have a problem to reveal their real location and so this is another tell-tale-scam-sign to worry about.

I do not see an email address registered at the point their site was. No founder name either and that is all we need to classify them as a fake site and one not to be trusted. There is no reason why they should be hiding such information unless they intended to only defraud people on a huge scale. Many complaints against their other sites for no product being delivered to inferior goods being delivered. You may never get what you ordered and only be worthless relative to your payment.


Let us take a quick look on their site as sometimes they will leave additional information to try to convince people they are trustworthy. 


There is a number of 1 626 456 6688. That number is connected to many other websites online. Actually, they own those websites as well and so we see a network in full swing scamming many unwary customers.

Support@cooloul.com is their email address – anyone get a response from this email?

They have 2 email addresses and that is Support@setcoming.com. ‘SetComing’ is the last website they were running and the scammers shut it down when its reputation became too bad. We have already exposed that site and you can see that review in the intro of this article above.

I do no see a returns address or founder name. I see no names or images of people, other than the advertised images, of anyone running that site. Let us know take a quick look into their scam signs.



Cooloul.com Scam Signs.

Many people are complaining that they have come across bad sites from advertisements from good and trusted sites. These sites include Facebook, You-Tube, Twitter etc. Just because you see ads on these platforms does not make any ad legit and trustworthy. You must always seek out reviews, where you see too many negative reviews on a company, then you should give them a miss as not everyone can be telling lies about the same website.

1). Did you notice they have been referring to themselves as ‘SetComing’ instead of ‘Cooloul’? You can see ‘SetComing’ in their sites tab, on their homepage and everywhere else on their site. This is just down to being bone-lazy! Scammers copied and pasted from the old site, changed the URL and logo, and now they have a new site!  With a new and clean reputation score online. Since it takes some time before scam reports surface, they are free to make easy and lots of free cash from unwary customers. They simply forgot or could not be bothered to cover their trail.

2). 2010 to 2019 is the date they have put on their site. That is not true as we have already found out the true date of their site. They are lying about this fact because they are trying to convince others they are more aged than what they really are. The older a site then the more trusted in peoples eyes they must be and so leading to more illegal sales.

3). Phone Number is connected to many other fake sites online. Just Google it for yourself and you will see.

4). Their retail prices are far too low to be believed. Then some of their sites want to give a way free shipping or at a price reduction on that. Again that is only a way to lose big revenue if you are already asking for the minimum amount for purchases.

5). About Us page on their site is identical with their other sites.

6). No returns address, or any address, on their site along with no founder name.




Do You Have A Cooloul.com Scam Report? Please Leave Those Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.















Final Thoughts.

Their website is a pure scam and I knew it the moment their homepage loaded! We have already exposed many of their fake sites and ask you to please report all new sites not listed here. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers for the long term. Please do take the time to report them below as complaints did make them shut down their old site, as mentioned in this article, thank you guys.

That is just about it regarding What Is Cooloul.com. I thank you kindly for stopping by to see our research and hope it has saved many from their obvious scam. Those with additional data are welcome to leave that information below. Anyone with data on scam sites are welcome to leave the URL’s below so they can be exposed as well. Thanks again and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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4 thoughts on “What Is Cooloul.com – Is Cooloul.com Scam or Legit? Read Here 1st!

  1. F Michaels

    I ordered a recycling device from Cooloul that has never arrived. I shouldn’t have been so gullible.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi F Michaels,

      Not your fault and it is something that happens everyday. You can simply contact your payment provider F Michaels and put in for a refund. I wish you well and thank you so much for taking the time to leave your own Cooloul.com Scam Report. ~ Scam Witness.


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