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By | January 12, 2019

Quick Review On What Is Coolerones.com and Why You Must Stay Clear of Them!

Very good work on finding this swift review on What Is Coolerones.com found at www.coolerones.com. Is Coolerones com fake, fraudulent, bad, scam, dishonest and crooked or Is Coolerones good, real, safe, legit, genuine, OK, trustworthy? This Coolerones Review wants to warn you about them but also about their other sites. Those sites are, but not limited to, 1SuperShop, VsTroll, SetComing, Morderneo, SuperGoMall, Poisly.com, YouthForSome.com, InnovStylish, Rena1ssance, GadJetMart, and so if you were scammed by any of these sites then please do leave your scam reports here.

Click on any of those links and you will see identical and  sites or that are too similar not to be owned by the same people. There are the same errors and also they are using the same image products, that they do not have permission to use, to make illegal sales. They are after your banking information to make many withdrawals they are not authorized to do. They can send you your order but you may find that it is worthless to what you paid for it. Typically they maybe able to produce goods that are inferior, shoddy, cheap etc and so you still have been scammed.

The product may not come close to what you paid for it and so you must contact your bank to canel your card and also to get a refund. Normally fake shopping sites come out of China, and also, they cover up all of the information that you would expect to find such as owner name, location of their business and contact information. We will source our information online to help warn everyone about yet another one of their fake scamming sites.




What Is Coolerones.com About – Please Report Them Here.

The more scam reports that are found online about them then the quicker they will be forced to shut down. What Is Coolerones.com has already been answered and so we must dig a little deeper to prove our point. We start with their sites registration date, location, contact and owner name. As said, if or once we see that is covered up, fake or nothing at all then we should always stay clear of sites that do this.


Coolerones.com Review

Stay clear of www.coolerones.com!


Registration was in 2018/07/09 with a 2 year life span online. Why would a real and legit world business only decide to register for a mere two years? That does not make sense as businesses would already invested heavily up to that point and so 2 years is not nonsensical.

Actually, 1 or 2 years online is how long fake sites will decide to register a site, scam as many people as possible, and close down their site without warnings. They may close down their site tomorrow and so that makes them a very unstable site to do business with.

Their address is one I have seen registered for countless other sites and so how can so many online companies have the same address? Well of course they can’t and is how they are hiding their true location from authorities. That address is 14455 E. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, US. That is a scammers delight address and you should avoid any site with that as their registered address.

There is no email address and no founder name. Their phone number is +1.4806242599 and also I have seen that number used time and time again by seemingly separate online entities. That number is probably not operational as well. This is all very bad news and already we have enough to call them no good and nothing but cyber-crooks!



E-Commerce Scam Signs – This Is How They Do It.

Many times people will find these sites successfully marketing on social media platforms. In particular Facebook gets many complaints online about their members clicking on such links into order to buy something. Then when they complain about being scammed Facebook does not get rid of those sites. This is an impartial and said without prejudice but also something does have to be done about sites who allow such ads harm their members.

A). When you hand over your payment details now you are at risk of more fraud being committed against you. This is very unfortunate to say the least and you should contact your payment provider for a refund and cancel your card.

B). I wonder if anyone noticed something funny about their receipts, taxes and also about their tracking information. To many times unwary customers of scam sites won’t receive a receipt and may notice that taxes were not paid on the item. Furthermore you may notice that your tracking data is false!

C). Typically it is common to receive your package with a returns address to somewhere in China, Hong Kong, Bejing. Do you have an address to report here? You are welcome to leave that below in the comments.

D). Delivery time is usually very reasonable per their site but usual is about 2 months, maybe 6 weeks and maybe never. They will use every excuse under the sun to say why your order has not arrived yet like:-

  • Logistics problems.
  • Bad weather.
  • Bad orders.
  • Production problems.
  • Holidays.

D). Bla bla bla. All bogus. They ask you to be patient, to understand and also to sympathize with them for your order having not arrived yet. Either ways you should put in for a refund because you are probably going to have to anyways given the quality of the order maybe so poor.


Scam Signs.

1). They look the same as all their other sites. Some of them try to look different but too many things like the verbiage in their About Us Sections give them away.

2). When you land on their site you will see a slide image saying ‘Quiet Lavender’. That is the name of an older site, with many scam reports connected to it, and so they have not bothered to change that. When old sites shut down, they may just copy the code and paste it for a new domain, and so it is just laziness they leave in that error.

3). Their prices are far too cheap and also they are throwing in free shipping. That is their profit gone if they were serious and legit, especially, if they were indeed delivering to you the items they are promoting on their site.

4). The Customer Support Phone Number, top of their site, is 1 626 456 6688 is connected to other online entities and also there exists a RippOffReport connected to that number. Whenever you find such information it is wise to Google search it and see what comes up. If they are legit then you would not be seeing nothing but negative reports and multiple sites.

5). The copyright bottom of their site says from 2010 to 2019. However, you can go toWHOIS.com and type in the URL and you will see the correct date. They are only trying to convince you they are older than they are. The older a site then the more trust and authority is imbued into them from our perceptions, and so, that is a lie. Yet another scam sign.

6). In their About Us Section they call themselves ‘QUIET LAVENDER‘ once again. They know that only about 10% of people will click on those links and so very few will spot such errors. Of course this makes no sense when we see that it is different from their URL of ‘Coolerones’ and so another good scam sign.




Do You Have A Coolerones.com Scam Report? Please Feel Free To Share That Below In The Comments – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Too many signs that something is very wrong with site in question. Those that handed over payment details definitely need to cancel your card and get a refund. Also please do report them below, RippOffReport, BBB and IC3. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That is all we have time for today on What Is Coolerones.com. Those with questions, other sites that are scams are welcome to leave their comments below. I respond to all comments and looking forward to them below. Please take your two free websites below, without a credit card, as a thank you from me to you. Thanks for ‘clicking’ guys and take care until next time.


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